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  1. Can someone please tell me who thought it was a good idea to schedule a regional the Saturday after Thanksgiving?!?
  2. If one variant of it isn't a squad 4, weapons team, double offensive retro, a bunch of tables are going to get flipped in frustration.
  3. I think you've got the right idea but I have a few critiques. First, I personally have a dislike of two ships builds but think of taking out some upgrades for a corvette for something (plus you have some extra points). Also keep in mind that having only two ships means that most everyone will be able to stall you out via more activations. Second, I don't think engine techs on a ship that designed to be spamming squadron commands is a super effective use of 8 points. Third, I would also consider taking independence off as most of your stuff is speed 3 and a 1 boost to speed (in exchange for attaching) may not be worth it. But you did a great job with objective choices!
  4. I'll make a note here that I attended a store championship yesterday and one of the players ran the Clonetrooper5 build. Out of 9 people, he didn't place in top 4. I know it's just once instance of this, but it isn't a guaranteed win in my area at least.
  5. My personal opinion (and experience) is that you're going to get torn up without any fighters at all. I'd say throw the Corvette (and Torpedo frigate too because it's not going to get a big boost from Ackbar due to it only have blue dice) and upgrade all the Assaults Frigates to A's (for the extra blue dice) and take gunnery teams so you can fire out the same side to another ship or to squadrons. The assault frigate thing is an opinion but I'd say take out the Corvette for fighters at the very least.
  6. For a rebel fleet, it needs more B-Wings. But in all seriousness, do take TRC on the corvette and good choice of objectives though I consider taking hyperspace assault instead of fleet ambush.
  7. My goal is to play tactically. If I need to play defensively, then I play defensively, if I need to go heavy on offense, then I go heavy on offense, etc. That being said, as someone who usually plays Rebels I try to go into battles with a defensive mindset. But I absolutely love fighters so my favorite (and most successful so far) lists are heavy on fighters.
  8. In an age when being able to use your brace is the difference between survival and defeat, how useful have you found Walex Blissex to be? I see him as a major help against big ships with Intel Officer but I've seen most people run Needa on ISDs, so he Blissex worth the 5 points and an officer slot? On a more personal note, I'm running an Independence B-Wing bomber list in an unfamiliar meta in a few weeks, and I'm considering moving Keyan Farlander down to a regular B-Wing Squadron in exchange for Walex Blissex. So that's my interest into this question. What are your thoughts either from the Rebel or Imperial side? (or both I guess)
  9. I'll chime in and say that option two is your better option in my opinion. Those Intel Officers are going to be nice because braces are very critical against a lot of black dice. Also, you'll be able to tie up bombers better with option 2 and I can see this type of list as being weak to a heavy fighter/bomber list.
  10. I cannot believe I fell for that. Look at what you've reduced me to FFG.
  11. To me, a big part of the cost of upgrades is not the cost itself the but opportunity cost of choosing one thing over another. Sure, APT is only 5 points, but that means I cannot take ACM or anything else to increase my battery of black die.
  12. The biggest issue that I see is that Nebs only have one evade, so one accuracy and your advantage is gone. I'm personally a fan of using an Assault Frigate II with Electronic Countermeasures in Mon Mothma lists.
  13. Hello everyone, Although it can be hard to analyze fleet building in a vacuum, I wanted people's opinion of my bomber heavy list to see if it's a little too bomber heavy (i.e., needs more anti-fighter support). Here's the list: Total: 395 MC80 Command Cruiser (106) Garm Bel Iblis (25) Walex Blissex (5) Boosted Comms (4) Electronic Countermeasures (7) Independence (8) Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) Yavaris (5) Nebulon-B Support Refit (51) Salvation (7) Keyan Farlander (20) B-wing Squadron (14) B-wing Squadron (14) B-wing Squadron (14) YT-1300 (13) Scurrg H-6 (16) Scurrg H-6 (16) X-Wing Squadron (13) Objectives: Precision Strike, Hyperspace Assault, & Superior Positions. Other words of note: I'll use Garm to give the Independence and Yavaris squadron token on round 1. I usually stick both H-6s and the X-wing with the Yavaris and the B's and YT-1300 by the Independence. On round 1, I use the squadron command with token to slingshot all B's and the YT-1300 towards some ships with the idea that the YT-1300 should soak up most of the anti-fighter damage being directed towards my B swarm. In the same manner, I use the X-wing to guard my Scurrg H-6s. I know I'm probably vulnerable to getting tied down to a few too many rounds and I've only play this set once against a no squadron build (which this list annihilated). Any thoughts or critiques would be appreciated.
  14. I'm pretty sure he'd last longer then he would against that Death Star. Never tell me the odds! You guys are all my heroes. 10/10, would Star Wars again.
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