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  1. I'll be in room 1 the rest of tonight.
  2. I'm thinking of running a swiss tournament and cutting to top cut for anyone interested. Prizes are TBD but I have many extra promos I will probably throw out as prizes. I'll take the first 16 to sign up. Post here if you're interested. Contestants: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  3. I've started to hear about Gen Con this year and it's got me excited! I was thinking about setting up a tournament just for fun with some of the other veterans players' help. I have a ton of extra promos that I can give out as prizes, so we could run a swiss game or two over the four days of the convention. Also, if I can get to the dead TCGs table in the Exhibit hall, we could be able to set up a draft if we got the right boxes. I'm not sure that a draft is a good idea, though. I'm not positive I'll be able to get the boxes and I don't know for sure how much they'd be. I'd like to hear some thoughts and inputs on a possible swiss tournament at Gen Con this year. I don't know about you, but... I, personally, think it would be wicked
  4. TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE: It's always a better idea to contact me by email for trades or anything because I get on pretty inconsistently.
  5. You picked a bad time to buy the starter deck hahaha. The game's marketing director just made the announcement that they were killing the game.
  6. UP TO DATE AS OF 1.1.10 I'll take care of this thread, don't worry. Am I doing something wrong, amphillips?
  7. Darkwing Duck said: interested in your awakening sora so send me an email with a price or an updated list of your wants and ill see what i can do. imadepoopypants@yahoo.com My updated list of wants are right on the first page
  8. RoxaSoraX said: what would you want for 2x Agrabah lv 2 set 1 2x Large body set 4 All Dusk you have Do you have 3x Fat Bandit Set 4? If I were to trade my Fat Bandits from my personal collection (not up for trade), that would make 2 rare and 5 common. Would you trade Cloud for these cards?
  9. TheChampIsHere said: Please look at my trade thread, I'd be willing to trade you cards, and some money for your Awakening Sora. I have only one and I realize that it was a very lucky find. It took a lot for me to even list it up here seeing as I have only one How much are you willing to trade for it?
  10. Card_Breaker said: Is your Awakening Sora foil or not? There is no such thing as a foil Awakening Sora to my knowledge. The non-foil one was never even supposed to be in the packs.
  11. I guess I'll try it out: alexmight@yahoo.com
  12. Fate said: demonofturks said: Fate said: demonofturks said: Fate said: What do you want for your Snow White card (Foil and/or Non-foil)? Unless you're willing to trade for Sephiroth, put what you're willing to trade that you have that I want No Sephiroth available for trade. My offer for both your Snow White (Foil version and Non-foil version): 70/91SR Donald Duck Level 3 x1 77/91SR Ariel Level 1 x1 22/128R Moogle Level 1 85/128R Disney Castle Level 1 121/128SR Clayton Level 8 x1 15/91R Alice Level 0 x1 16/91R The Cheshire Cat Level 2 21/91R Pinocchio Level 1 25/91R Wendy Level 0 34/91SR Genie Level 1 39/91R Aeroga Level 5 47/91R Lord Fortune 56/91R Crescendo Level 5 60/91SR Jafar-Genie Level 8 83/91SR Owl Level 0 89/91SR Monstro Level 2 1/162U Sora Level 1 2/162R Sora Level 2 3/162SR Sora Level 3 11/162SR Mickey Mouse Level 1 12/162SR Minnie Mouse Level 1 43/162SR Jack Skellington Level 4 x2 Ok, I'll trade both of my Snow Whites for that. Email me at: alexmight@yahoo.com to finalize things. I've sent you an email a few days ago. Have you reply to it yet? I'm sorry I didn't get the email. I might have accidentaly deleted it. Can you resend it?
  13. Getalinks: How did you get the Belle promo? Has it been released?
  14. Hey Fate. If you still need a snow white, i have 2 foil ones and a non foil one up for trade. i'm in a trade with someone for one of each, but, if they don't respond, i'll have those to trade. if they do respond, i'll have one foil left.
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