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  1. Ignore me some more. There is no choice. I really read the undefeated stuff wrongly. Very wrong. I get it now. Thanks for helping me thru the stupidness
  2. Ignore all the above from me! I had it my head that undefeated encounters did not get experience. I don;t know why I thought that. Now I see that you do, and is but a choice of the known enemy on a spot, or take your chances with the new one. Either gets you the token. Thanks for the answer.
  3. Sorry (would love to be able to edit a post) Point is that when an adventure encounter is undefeated, it is no longer tied to the experience counter. So the token stays and we now have a "roaming" encounter present in the space. When you move into such a space you have the CHOICE of attacking the undefeated card OR flipping one as your adventure for experience. So in my question, it appears to me that you can exploit that when chasing the red cards to save travel time.
  4. You can get 2 red cards from the same space exactly BECAUSE of the undefeated encounter track. I encounter the Adventure spot. Escape the battle. Now there is a red card on the track. Next turn I simply step back into the space. Now I choose between the adventure counter OR the undefeated encounter. So I choose the undefeated encounter and win. Now my next turn I don;t have to go across the board, I just stay here and encounter the adventure spot. If I am buff as I can do the above again andnow I have my 3 red cards for victory in 4 turns.
  5. Have not played in awhile but todays game raised this main question; If you fail to defeat a Red Deck encounter, does it go on the Undefeated track or is it shuffled back into the deck? I escaped my first one, and suddenly realised how much time this could save in travelling for Red adventures. Simply escape the first one. Step back in on next turn and defeat him (sounds easy ) Than stay there to draw the next Red card. Is this is at it should be?
  6. Aye...seems to be the only question really. The rest seems quite straight forward. I would suggest that a final encounter would NOT count as a win as written...close those gates or lose! But can you spend them? That has arguments for both sides. I sure hope it comes down on the "spend them" side
  7. While I was snitty over there...time to be helpful here There is no anomoly as far as I can read it Under "declare commanders" it only says that if a Baron has more than one noble in the area he must choose one to lead. As the rule explaining that ONLY unexhausted nobles (and the armies they lead) may participate in a battle, it is not neccesary to state that again in the declare commander area.
  8. Seriously? A character that NEVER has to have a dice rolled against him except in the ONE instance where he is attacked by another character? Seriously? And he can just waltz past EVERY board enemy??? Seriously...what ARE they (you) thinking? He is no longer an "assassin" he is some sort of mythical titan! Dragon of 7 is a 50/50 shot on his first draw? He makes the Warriors 2 dice choice power seem silly by comparison. A pit fiend is ST 4...so the Assassin has NO concern what so ever in this space! Dosen't even need to roll a die himself! Seriously, what is the point? Or better question, what has been done to balance this no dice power?
  9. ozjesting

    The Druid

    He recieves his spells first. As soon as he arrives. But remember, you can only cast as many spells as you possessed when the your turn BEGINS. So while the full book of spells will perhaps offer some better choice, if you only had one before arriving you can still only cast 1. And if you had zero, well that fancy new scroll set will be of no use to you this turn! The Woods give nature boy an advantage, but not a full book of instantly all usuable spells
  10. talismanamsilat said: igfa_277 said: On page 10 of the rule book it says, under the Attacks section: A battle occurs when a character is attacked by a creature whos Strenght is given, and a psychic combat occurs when a character is attacked by a creature whos Craft is given. It looks to me like the assasin has been nerfed, he will never have a chance to attack a creature, as they are always attacking him. This rule is only a general rule to show new players how battles are resolved. The Assassin may assassinate any Enemy, whether or not he just drew it or landed on it. Edited for formatting, the text box program in this forum is terrible. Surely you wish to change this thought Ell. There is NO way the Assassin was meant to get his ability ALL THE TIME. Simply no way. Face-up cards can be snuck up on and thus we have the Assassin in his glory. Off the deck (drawn enemies) are a surprise and he battles them in the normal fashion. Same as encountering other characters. If Assassin steps in on a player he can hit them hard, but if they come up behind him normal fight. Same assassin power as always. And you can't assassinate the Guardian. He sees you all! Oh, you can't assiassinate the pit fiends either in case that come up too.
  11. As one of the instigators of the original World Game I am glad to see it lives on! I hope to join in for one come the New Year. By than I am sure we will all be upgraded Merry Christmas to you all...and lok forward to the fun in '09!
  12. I iron it for big days when it will get played a lot. (medium heat, iron the BACK of the mat!) I just store it in the box. If me and the boy just get it out for a quick game it is fine with a few ridges for a bit of "terrain". If it is too creased we just move bugs back to the flat bit before shooting. I also use a length of polar fleece under it to give it some bounce. On its own it is too thin to get any jump in the bugs. One day I will find the perfect rubber type mat (think yoga mat) and paint the lines on there
  13. Wu Ming said: That's in liine what what I was feeling as well I just thought I'd check. Also I few other questions. If you are using the Warp Gate Special Terain, and the Warp Gate Tokens fall on Resources do the warped bugs capture said Resources when they replace the gate token? Also can you 'warp' bugs that have already been activate dthat turn, and could a warped bug also use its normal move (eithier with an Extra Shot or a Die Result.) Also do 'warped' bugs count as 'having moved' for the purpose of abilities that state "after this bug has moved you may...." This is a great game and I hop FFG gives it a bot more attenion, it moreso than (in my opinion of course) there 'family games' like Black Sheep or Rattle Snakes seems to be the most all around acessable game for players of varying ages. Thanks for you answers ozjesting, hope you or other's can continue to help clarify aspects of this game for me. No, you can't place a bug onto another piece ever (see "special rules in book) even in warp mode. Yes, warped bugs who have yet to be activated may take a normal turn if you still have access to them after a warp throw. It is sort of like the Carriers ability in the Blue army. And I agree, great game that deserves a bit more attention, and at least one 4 army expansion!
  14. There is also the false reasoning that this game came down to "one dice roll". It was the LAST roll sure, but every other roll up to this one affected the game and hass to be counted. So maybe the players who lost actually had some GREAT rolls earlier that put them in position to feel "cheated" when that "one roll" went against them. But it is never the case. You have to take the game as a whole, and so be it if it does indeed hinge on the last roll. There is always a "moment" in a game that is close be it beginning, middle or end. In this case it was the end...just LOOKS more dramatic.
  15. Not always I allow 15-45 depending. If a guy is hot it will go quick. Start missing easy short shots and it can blow out a bit. I also assume we will play a best of 3 anyway
  16. No edit function? I forgot to add that webbed is webbed. No use of that bug period until unstuck!
  17. I play that if you activate a bug that is that. While the rules use the word "move" I believe that "instead of move" powers still count as its "move". So in your example the repulser is no longer available in any other way. I adore this game and glad to see others taking it up. Hope many more get into it thanks to the sale! Have fun!
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