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  1. Please forgive me if I missed this elsewhere; but is there a way to edit the 'notes' fields on the character sheet in the character generator?
  2. I am having a bit of trouble. I have successfully installed the Web Version on both my desktop and laptop and have moved the data folder to a dropbox to keep them sync'd. So far everything is working great. The GM also wanted access, so I forwarded him the install file and shared the dropbox folder. He installed the Web Version on top of an older build, and now the installation on his computer is jumbled. The version number of the application is the same as my computer, and he has the data path pointed to the dropbox folder. When I have it check the Data Info it matches my own. However, he does not appear to have access to the modified data files, and when he attempts to open a character file, it says that its the wrong version. I have attempted to clear the cache, I tried to hand clean files from AppData, and even uninstalled/reinstalled. Clearly I am missing something - does anyone have any suggestions on how to help my poor DM?
  3. I am currently about 200xp into a game and we've reached a significant milestone in our game. The GM is now allowing each player to develop and adopt a custom tree based around their character concept. In my case I want that to be Echani Martial Arts. I have been thinking that I would like the style to be a bit like Jeet Kune Do, and Capoeira in visual style. Mechanically, I want the talent tree to reflect on EMA's ability to effectively dispatch opponents, defend themselves, and the predictive nature of the style. I was hoping that I could invoke the forum's cooperation and general wisdom to bounce ideas and request suggestions to keep they talent tree balanced and focused. Some of the common mechanics that I was thinking about were: Defense: Dodge, Defensive Stance, Grit, Toughness Offense: Feral Strength, Targeted Blow Reading / Predictive: Rapid Reaction For the capstones, I was thinking about Dedication, Sixth Sense, Superior Reflexes, and a custom talent which allows an opposed roll to 'read' the opponents to learn their strategy and perhaps expend advantage points to ask specific questions?
  4. Serrasin

    Minor Gripe

    Ah ha! I just hated having that 50xp hanging there after leveling and such. I know its trivial and nit-picky.
  5. Serrasin

    Minor Gripe

    Why are atribute advances the only thing you can purchase with xp that are in multiples of 50 and not multiples of 100. Its really frustrating (imho) and seems out of place in many ways. Ok, Im done and feel better =-)
  6. Even of the OA controls the moritat, one would assume that the members, the avarage moritat, does not know of anyone from the OA by name or face. It also would seem difficult to control theme 'from the top' when the moritat is described as being cell structured, which would preclude having a centralized point from which to monitor and control the organization. Speaking of which, how do you think the moritat rituals and training takes place? Do they have a formal 'killing art' that is passed down from teacher to student, or is it more haphazard and just 'gettin it done'? Do the moritat ever have any large conventions or gatherings for special occassions, such as for a ritual or especially tough taget to take out for just one individual or cell? I know that there isn't much official lore on the cult, but I would really like to explore some of their inner workings a bit beyond 'fanatical death cult'.
  7. There is a little bit about the cult and organization, but it leaves allot open to interpretation. I was hoping that someone else out there had some nuggests of information regarding the cult and their practices, or perhaps some interesting perspective. From what I can tell the Moritat is a rather secretive cult, so while there may be rumors that the Moritat exists, to most, a moritat would be unforgiving, blood thrist, and agressive, possibly even a little crazy to eschew the us of firearms. That being said, I find it hard to believe that they would advertise membership much, sticking out and making a scene isn't really an admirable trait for an assassin, and that much of their rituals, prayers, and sacrifices(?) would be done in relative secrecy. I only ask because I am currently playing a Moritat and my GM and I are looking for ways to make the cult a bit more poingant, but without going overboard or without veering from the canon too much. Additionally, just how close is the Moritat to the Officio Assassinorium? I would appreciate any thoughts, or feedback, or even resources.
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