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  1. Missouri Valley, IA havent actually played yet but looking forward to it, i read the novels and decided to buy this, the boardgame and Battles of Westeros.
  2. pwvogt said: Congratulations on getting into a very rewarding and deep universe and epic! Just so you have even more to look forward to: I thought the second read through was way more rewarding than the first thanks, i love the books. its just one of those books you cant put down.
  3. i just got the game a couple days ago, but here are my faves 1 Elves: as stated a couple posts above me, the 1-2 punch is really cool, and i also like the pegasus riders. and my favorites in fantasy books are almost always elves. 2 Undead: my favorite color is purple, and i like the special ability of the Necromancers 3 Uthuk: the Minis look awesome and the flesh rippers are pretty cool ( and is it just me, or do the flesh rippers sort a look like Alien? ) 4 Daqan
  4. i will deffinitly pick this up, i just got into the world of AGoT (i just bought the first four books, the boardgame and the LCG. and im loving them all)
  5. their supposed to be for monthly raffles, but i dont know if they are doing it any more.
  6. thanks for these Mateooo
  7. i just recently played a game with the demo decks from the minisite, and i just ordered the core set a few hours ago. and i have a question about the Lord Eddard's Chambers card, and the Queen Cersei's Chambers card, they both say "you may choose to play this card as an attachment to your house card" my question is whats the difference between playing it as an attachment to your house card or not? thanks in advance
  8. well i cant find people around my area (Missouri Valley, Iowa, USA) to play games with, but i will still get the game. well at least i have my dad lol
  9. i agree with most everyone else, this is some amazing art, you defenitly have talent.
  10. i have never heard of this game or seen it (after all i only started playing boardgames back in 06) but i t sounds fun so far and anything from FFG is usually amazing so ill be picking up. how about everyone else?
  11. ok thanks for the reply. hmm i think ill hold off on getting this one for a little while then
  12. does this game work well with 2 players thanks in advance
  13. setup time isnt bad at all for me it is about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the scenario
  14. i dont get the runebound feeling either and personaly i think it is fine as a four player game (mainly because i only have one person to play games with lol) and i cant wait to get it
  15. ive never played any warhammer fantasy roleplay or 40K but i have played warhammer online and i would have to say i like tzeentch
  16. agreed this looks like a neat game. i will most likely buy it but i wont know till the rules are up
  17. to the original poster. welcome to the forums i recently picked up the game myself and im having a lot of fun with it
  18. i sure hope they will reprint the stuff cause im new i just got runebound 2nd edition (im loving it! ) and i plan to get SoAK soon the website i usually order from lists SoAK as restocking
  19. heres the link www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp
  20. i just picked this game up a couple of days ago ive only played a couple of games but wizard is my favorite. and when me and my opponet play i deal out 3 cards to each of us and then we choose 1
  21. both sheets have a german page and an american page just open the sheets up and look through them im sure you will find it
  22. im defenitly going to buy when it comes out it looks great
  23. as kaufschtick said the intro says that you will need the maps cardboard cards and plastic pieces to play that scenario i took a look at it for myself. but im still getting the map pack
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