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  1. In my gaming experience, I've come to realise that I generally encounter 2 main types of NPE, both of which have been talked about in length here: 1: Poor deck management: This to me is when a player builds not a whole deck (regardless of the game being played) but opts to put in one or two cards- such as the angel combo pointed out earlier. This is not gaming. When the game asks you to build a deck of 40 or 60 cards, building a deck of 2-4 cards and filling the rest with other cards designed to stall play long enough to play said "game winners" takes away the entire experience of gaming, which starts at deck building, not with the first hand of the game. 2: A-hole gamers: There's a few different types I've encountered in my days, and some are worse than others. There are the players who are so arrogant that they would rather talk down than talk to their opponents. Being better at a game means you should be trying to help those who are worse, not demeaning them. Also, any player who intentionally tries to draw out games and take away the experience itself. I'm not referring to stall decks, which is a viable and occasionally fun deck style, I'm talking about the players themselves, who dispute every decision made in the game, just to draw it out more. I'm a firm believer in being social and talking while playing because gaming is a social event, but when some people make it their personal mission to interupt the flow of the game to argue or stall, it kinda ruins the experience IMO.
  2. @ Fieras: Thanks for the rundown on all the houses. I'm most interested in stark, but since I'm getting the core set I'll have all the other houses to play with except for Greyjoy and Martell right? Unless I've read wrong somewhere. I'm also interested in playing Targ, pretty much the only houses I'm not that interested in are Greyjoy and Baratheon, and my presumptions are based more on my feelings towards those houses from the books rather than how they play in the game. I imagine once I play a few games my opinions may sway. Thanks for the quick rundown on houses mate
  3. Great! I've ordered the core set into my local store, so I should have it by next week. Once I've played a few games I'll look more into the chapter pack to see what I'm looking for, though I imagine the Lords of Winter box will be on the top of my list... Winter is Coming!
  4. ahk then, thanks again guys. I'll brobably get the core set so my mates can play as well, try get them hooked
  5. thanks for the info guys! Just to clarify, i'll need the starter set in addition to the Stark expansion right? Stark isn't stand alone?
  6. Hi everyone, I've played several ccgs in the past, and the lcg format really appeals to me. I love GRRM's series, and my favourite houses are Stark, Barethorn and Targaryen. Any suggestions on what would be the best to buy, apart from the core set to build fun decks around these houses, primarily Stark? Cheers everyone for any help/ suggestions.
  7. Aussie Always been a huge fan of the series, read it many a time. I'm looking at getting in the core set soon and seeing who I can get hooked in my area to play! Fingers crossed!
  8. Heeeey everyone, I'm alive! Whats been happening lately? Things still truckin along?
  9. @truffles: you know what makes that song even better? The film clip! COTE: by karnivool Can't wait for the new album to come out, absolutely dying waiting for it!
  10. Faux Semblants- Amesoeurs A sweet song off an album by a post-punk/black metal french band with a chick lead singer, which they completed and releases after they broke up. Their first and last album, but one to be remembered.
  11. Lips like morphene - Kill hannah the acoustic version, very nicely done, complete with a shaky doo-dad in the background.
  12. whole lotta love The mighty LED ZEPPELIN! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  13. I'm alive, if a little busy with a lot of stuff going on right now =] Congrats thiroxin (spelling probably failed, my bad mate) on your efforts, 4th is a great effort!
  14. Song- Timothy Band- Jet Kinda really old skool sounding even though its not really that old. go figure...
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