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  1. I can confirm that someone got decked at St Albans because I'm the one that decked them. However it was largely a result of my not realising that there were unrezzed cards in archives as they weren't turned sideways as they should have been (and I wasn't paying enough attention), so I was frantically running R&D trying to get the last agenda I needed to win. Under normal circumstances I can't see this being a viable win condition (yet).
  2. Definitely not. I play/have played a lot of CCGs/LCGs competitively and I wouldn't go anywhere near anything offering cash prizes. It brings out the worst in the players involved and that filters down into the rest of the tournament scene, even those events that don't offer any kind of prizes.
  3. With regard to the strength bonuses on Crypsis and other icebreakers, check p16 of the rulebook (under the heading "Increasing an icebreaker's strength"). This strength increase lasts only while the current piece of ice is being encountered, unless otherwise noted by card abilities.
  4. I've found it to be fairly useful late game, it's situational but anything that saves you a couple of clicks has got to be worth considering. Though I'll admit that it's most useful in the first couple of turns.
  5. qwertyuiop said: Depends on if there are any awesome ewoks in the EU? Moving forward to EU seems more logical than going back to the prequels. Hopefully, that's a legal possibility. I don't know how I feel about NJO, though. There's an Ewok bounty hunter (who's name escapes me ATM) in the EU. Plus Rogue Squadron disguises Wedge as an Ewok (well, sort of) at one point. Can't think of any others.
  6. Have you purchased more than one game system from FFG? Yes If you answered YES to #1, what are they? The most notable are Netrunner, Warhammer:Invasion, Chaos In the Old World, Blood Bowl Team Manager, plus a few others that they don't produce any more. Are the games good quality materials? ( do they fall apart, fade, damage easily? ) Some of the miniatures in Chaos in the Old World broke as soon as I got it (a couple were broken in the box). Never had any other issues, all the card components are good quality. Are the games well made 'games?' ( do they require a lot of errata, are they usually broken right off the shelf, do the rules make sense? ) Warhammer:Invasion has quite a list of errata, it's a good game with some badly thought out cards in some of the earlier sets. Other than that I've got no complaints. Blood Bowl in particular is one of the best games I own. About the only thing FFG produce that I really don't like is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I don't like the rules, the mass of components needed to play an RPG or their interpretation of the background material.
  7. alpha5099 said: qwertyuiop said: Vader is super efficient, R2 or Han feel like the combo style players, and Yoda feels like the story archetype to me. Watch FFG throw us all for a loop by labeling the archetypes as jawas, sandpeople, and ewoks,. My three favorite Star Wars races! I would be so happy if they named the archetypes that way. Don't even care which kind of playstyle "Ewoks" are, I would play nothing but "Ewok" decks. I'm serious too, I love the Ewoks, unabashedly and whole-heartedly. I know they're pretty unpopular with a lot of fans, but I'm really hoping that FFG has some Ewok cards incoming. Definitely want the option to build an Ewok deck.
  8. dboeren said: The person vs. ship combats are a bit goofy, but no more so than what you run into in a lot of other games. In the Call of Cthulhu LCG the police can arrest a tentacled monster from another dimension and put it in jail, how does that make sense? No, this isn't a killer issue for me. What I'm more concerned with is that from what I've seen so far the gameplay doesn't impress me that much and the deck building I think I have to say *IS* an absolute killer for me. It looks to me as if FFG wants to position this game as being a casual LCG, for the wider public of gamers who may find building decks from scratch to be kind of intimidating. Hey guys! Come buy our game where the deck builds itself for you, all you need to do is choose a few buildings and the deck magically appears. I can see that, and it's completely worth doing too. For one thing, the casual audience is pretty big. For another, this game won't cannibalize sales of other LCGs as much because of less overlap in the target groups. I've heard the argument that at some point FFG can't do too many LCG's simply because most people can only afford the cost and time to collect X number of them, and eventually you're just moving players from one game to another. Aiming this at people outside the normal demographic solves this problem. But, as a member of the hardcore LCGer's crowd, it's not for me. No problem, I've got Call of Cthulhu and Netrunner to keep me busy until the next next LCG game comes out. I really don't get this argument about deckbuilding. If anything, I think that this approach is even more challenging than the standard method where you get to pick every card. You have to balance so much more when picking cards by pod like this, you can't just pack your deck with the perfect mix you have to take the rough with the smooth and play around it. Deckbuilding may be quicker, but I think it will actually take more thought and skill (both when deckbuilding and playing). Now if that's too difficult for you and you'd rather stick with the traditional deckbuilding approach then that's fine too.
  9. PasteE said: The status for the product is "at the printer" and if you take a look at the upcoming products page you will notice there are a number of new Star Wars card sleeves slated for a December release. I would say it's a pretty good change that we will be seeing this sometime in December. It would make sense for them to release it in time for Christmas if possible.
  10. Apologies for the necromancy, but I was wondering if there was any news on the next tournament?
  11. Well, for what it's worth the only reason I'm considering picking up this game at all is that they changed it from co-op/solo to PVP.
  12. Syphus said: ChaosChild said: Past information on releases from FFG has confirmed that as far as they are concerned, Q4 runs until at least February. It seems there's a distinct overlap between Q4 of one year and Q1 of the nxt. Or possibly just production delays, as happen all too often. It doesn't make good sense to have Q4 mean a different thing than the general meaning when you are talking to the public, as opposed to talking about your fiscal year. Regardless, I'd like to see the first one released before we start discussing the second one. There's a preview up at the moment for pack #4 in the next cycle for Warhammer:Invasion, the first pack in that cycle hasn't hit the shops yet. Since all the packs in a cycle are designed and printed at the same time, FFG tend to show previews quite some time in advance.
  13. I'm in Peterborough, but I regularly travel to Nottingham to play CCGs (specifically UFS). Happy to meet up for some Netrunner next time I'm in town.
  14. Past information on releases from FFG has confirmed that as far as they are concerned, Q4 runs until at least February. It seems there's a distinct overlap between Q4 of one year and Q1 of the nxt.
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