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  1. I think this in my head anytime someone in a better place complains about some trivial hobby nonsense.
  2. this game was more or less made second edition proof thanks to the living rulebook and their pretty liberal use of points and erata to balance stuff. if this game adds scatter im out. extra steps in attack resolution are a big rabbit hole I dont want them to go down. look at 40K's 6 dice rolls to resolve a single attack once all the special rules get stacked on top of each other.
  3. I know it’s not advertised to standalone but if I wanted to try out the game with just the campaign box would it be functional if I used my own tokens and trackers?
  4. Yikes what a thread! So much angst. if you do ever wish to give legion a shot I would simply put your current bases on top of your legion bases. Use blue tack for non permanent. And don’t bother for casual games. It’s just 2mm diff.
  5. I never even bought Wookiee’s because they weren’t a part of the rebel alliance. Even the new republic wouldn’t send help to free them after ROTJ. It was chewy and Han calling in a lot of favors and like one or two other named Wookiees that escaped. the Wookiee unit is clear Ewok erasure and I won’t stand for it!
  6. this is bad juju. makes FFG reek of death even more then they have been lately. I mean it's probably fine. but YIKES. getting back into legion just rolled down my priority list
  7. star wars is ridiculous, the force is literally pants on head deus ex machina. oh yeah but that one thing that you dont like is totally what made it bad. bring on the battle bears! im pretty sure the upper managment at FFG has changed enough that whatever sour old man who hated Ewoks is gone.
  8. so the computer terminals are an interesting item. when I saw they had separate screens I thought, "oh man you could light those things" infact the way the kit is designed im sure a skilled modeler could light the whole thing and it would look amazing. but they didn't do the smart thing and cast the computer screens in clear plastic. so its kind of an oddly engineered kit. but well nobody is Bandai on their first try.
  9. It’s hard plastic right? Use a welding glue.
  10. I think it was a bit over built in places. For example the bottom of the roof. The way every wall is a super thick plastic box. Most plastic terrain kits have thin single part Wall assemblies. The detail parts I have no problem with. This is an officially licensed, top quality model kit. the market is already flooded with cheaper simple unlicensed kits of the same subject matter, so this one stands out in that market. im fine with the official terrain being fancy high end kits like the crashed AT-ST and the escape pod. However I do think they need more stuff like the barricades and cheaper simpler stuff.
  11. Hey can we get some plastic Ewoks at some point. come on I have been waiting for years.
  12. in terms of product releases I feel the model is GW. GW only provides a release date two weeks in advance. they do this because thats the only time you can really put a date on it and GW is adept at handling their own distribution and logistics. FFG spreads their product releases so thin across so many lines that doing this would lead people to think all their games had died. and they are just now trying to figure out self distribution. so we get vague dates.
  13. Thanks for doing this AMA and The live streams in general. Openness is reassuring. Is it true that Fantasy flight works years ahead on their game lines? If so why does the end of active development on a game line take so long to filter out to your fans. When so many games die these silent deaths It causes me to doubt the future of all your product lines and makes me ask “is the game I’m about to get into secretly over?”
  14. i'm not saying the imperial droids should function like their rebel hero counterparts. just that the characters are identical models and it would be cool if they included generic imperial profiles for them.
  15. the imperials have plenty of R2 and protocol droids. so I'm asking why not add profile cards for imperial R2 and protocol droids to the drop pod expansion.
  16. nice work! this is how I wanted these subjects to be covered in the game. my thought was to simply give the neutral units a standby token that could be activated by either player. using the stuff already in the game.
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Wave-Materials-HT389-Fine-Nipper/dp/B014F9PQ6E/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr1_1?keywords=wave+materials+side+nipper+for+plastic+gate+cuts&qid=1564668754&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr1 I suggest a fine pointed single side nipper. A bit delicate but absolutely amazing in practice.
  18. lol competitive legion has like 6 units any way.
  19. If I understand it. Sprues make extra parts cheaper to provide and/or easier to pack. so sprues make it cheaper to give player optional bits. Never underestimate what hurdles will get in the way of a player ultimately getting a game to a table, time spent clipping parts is not free. It's not invalid for sprues to be a thing that makes someone say, "ok this is not for me". but that doesn't mean FFG should not make minis on sprue. I'm guessing the players gained rather then lost for FFG is much better moving to higher quality hard plastic sprue minis. a large hobby skirmish game already requires lots of player effort that extra bit of effort is well worth it for a hobby modeler and may be what kept more hobbiests from investing. Pre assembled minis like the Deep cuts line from Wiz Kids or CMON games are very popular. FFG already has Imperial assault for preassembled Star Wars characters and two pre painted spaceship games for Star Wars. going harder on the hobby side for Legion makes perfect sense to me.
  20. I saw a shelf in the background of a the Sam Witwer visits fantasy flight games video and thought I would try to make them clearer and see if anything was new. Im sure much of this is not Star Wars and maybe some of it is unreleased rune wars stuff and some may just be for building demo tables like the house but maybe you can recognize something. apologies if this was already posted I have not been on t he forums much
  21. Tell that to me. Someone who waited years for Ewoks to get into IA. Nope. I’m guessing FFG management hates Ewoks.
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