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  1. The core sets and deluxe sets are great products. The packs are not that great. FFG says as much in their advice to new players with the new netrunner core. Summarized their advice was "Buy the boxes first because they are actually good products. Buy the packs when you realize there is one or two cards you need in a pack and hope to god they are still available. I'm much less against the 1 of 2 of and 3 of in core sets than I used to be. As the ability to sell 3 of a thing makes the thing much cheaper to everyone involved. Economies of scale and all that. I think FFG's best release lately was the destiny 2 player set. Everything is a 1 of. Just buy two if you want two. I only bought one and I'm tempted to buy another. for that matter I think requiring decks larger than 30 cards is poor design. 2 copy max with 30 card decks is my new favorite thing. Hearthstone and destiny are great examples of how you can avoid so many variance reducing cards and deck shuffling simply by reducing the cards needed to play.
  2. I think it's allways been pretty fun. Granted I never really compeated at the top teir stuff so yeah. The most boring matches I have watched streamed were before the half points for large ships was added. Recently there have been a few boring games streamed where the ships mostly circled the board (fair ship rebels vs scum I think) The two problems plauging the game for me at the moment is the poor victory and scoring methods along with the preponderance of special rules.
  3. This whole thread is about how the LCG format could use a change. I think the new core shows FFG is responding to the need for things to change. Things like the new core set are what I was trying to ask for. They already knew endless cycles of packs were unsustainable thanks to AGOT 1st dying. The new core shows some of their plans to change the LCG model. A way to help replace players that naturally burn out and leave. Magic the gathering is strong because it can constantly replace the players it loses. FFG needs to solve the back end of that puzzle.
  4. More trim than a barbershop floor. purple and gold look great!
  5. It's pretty dead in the store I visit. Down from about 14 at Leuge nights to about 2-4
  6. The old ship models are also pretty fugly by new standards. Compare the mounding and paint of your latest T-70 x-wing to your first T-65 they have gotten so much better at making ships!
  7. The App will more than likely be an entirely different kind of game. Old missions are likely not compatible.
  8. The design space is showing some limitations! They will keep introducing new things that expand the design space. new maneuvers using same templates. new ways to add and subtract dice. Thanks to the rules reference cards in the ship expansions the game is endlessly mutable. The real trick is keeping the game from collapsing under it's own weight. But I think power creep is doing a good soft rotation. I sure want to play more with the old ships though.
  9. Or I'm just a realist. Something needed to change. It was obvious and FFG is trying something. That's pretty cool.
  10. Better sculpt and new paint job would get me to buy more x-wings.
  11. It depends on what you want. If you want to play in a competitive enviroment you need to pick up and play the competitive stuff. If you don't then buy whatever! most everything in the game is fun to play and interesting if you don't also play against competitive stuff. TFA core set has a better playing damage deck. regardless the best second purchase for either core set is Heroes of the resistance. it helps your core set x-wing and the falcon and upgrades in it are great. imperial veterans is the best thing to buy for imperials and guns for hire will be the best thing for scum (most wanted is good but requires more purchases to use fully.)
  12. I have a small collection set aside to sell off. Full starter and everything. Never thought to eBay it. I wonder what it's worth. X-wing original core set YT-2400 freighter Tie advanced x2 Tie interceptor Tie phantom Tie fighter X-wing Rebbel Aces Millennium Falcon
  13. It's useless to argue this further. All it does is keep it on the top of the forum.
  14. Campaign expantion that fixes everything is my hope.
  15. Imperial veterans is also a great call. Tie defender and the bomber are fun ships. the most important advice I can give you is to buy the latest version of any ship first. They always include extra upgrades to make buying the previous version better.