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  1. Han Solo Red or White Defense Die?

    I’m guessing han always shot first before melee range. and the princess likely has self defense training.
  2. Looks like Veers arriving separately...

    My only hope is this means they have fast tracked Leia and will be releasing snow and fleet troopers after the new commanders.
  3. Commanders 2nd Generation - No Pierce Immunity

    I’m guessing Lightsabers are what grant immunity to pierce.
  4. My spind on the Legion.

    http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sandspeeder kenner made up the idea a while back. The lego toy is a reference to the unreleased Kenner toy.
  5. My spind on the Legion.

    The “sand speeder” a great toy concept!
  6. New Imperial Assault Announcement

    IA is a very different game. im still very interested in playing more of the app and will likely return to skirmish mode once the shine wears a bit from Legion. IA has everything in the starwars universe legion is only imperial and rebel ground conflict.
  7. New Imperial Assault Announcement

    This must mean “LEGION IS DEAD!!!!!!”
  8. One thing to remember is you only get two of each command card at each number of pips. So you can never have a hand that is more high pup or low pup than another player.
  9. First Annual State of the Meta Address

    We have yet to see the official tournament rules. For all we know it’s possible they will have something like the hardcore format from warmachine or terrain sets for competitive environments like in rune Wars. So it’s possible there will be a meta of sorts.
  10. Tyrants of Lothal

    I’m arguing for the inclusion of both things especially in games for a wide audience. Using a known character is a great way to help new players young or old get into character quickly, yet most Licensed RPG’s deny players this ability and leave a most precious resource untapped.
  11. Tyrants of Lothal

    That’s the typical argument but I think it’s the wrong idea. Kids role playing on the playground do not invent their own ninja turtles. They pick one they like and have all sorts of knowledge in how to play as them. People do not buy starwars action figures and kit bash them into their own Star Wars OC. They buy characters they know and have stories they can build on. From the dawn of story telling we have shared characters, creating new stories for them. There is no lore to break.
  12. Imperial Wave Three

    tarken and scouts.
  13. I can hate what a publisher does and still enjoy their stuff and still buy it. I just think its a bad thing to do.
  14. That doesn't make it ok! We are currently in a miniture's game forum and representing the character on the cover with a chit is stupid. it's garbage and I hate that FFG still does it. if you want the sales from having a real character on the box of a miniatures game then put that character's miniature in the box. or perhaps FFG is admitting that their fan fiction characters made for the campaign are not as appealing and they should let people play campaign mode with the characters they like.
  15. Tyrants of Lothal

    I love it! While I think FFG will likely never understand that people want to play a campaign with the actual show heroes and that licensed RPG's that forbid this or do not support it are backwards anti-inclusive games. At least they are allowing some allies in each mission. And I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of app updates are coming for this content.