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  1. The game’s objective set heavily favors troops. Untill that changes I don’t think we will see much of a change in list building.
  2. TylerTT

    Making T-47 Flyable

    This has everything to do with the objectives in play. So many objectives reduce the role of vehicles.
  3. TylerTT

    How much do you expect to spend?

    I’m going to use the starter decks for my custom archon triad format. Separateing decks into three house sets and allowing new decks to be made by only combining three unique house sets. the starter ensures you have one of 6 of the houses to start with and hopefully you pull the seventh.
  4. TylerTT

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    Don’t feed the troll
  5. I love the idea of trading your copy for another. I love the idea of doing this over and over again. i want every copy to have a guest book. Everyone who plays signs in.
  6. TylerTT

    Future expansions

    Dianoga disagrees.
  7. TylerTT

    Future expansions

    I get the impression that they will avoid that if possible. Much of what rotation accomplishes is already accomplished by not allowing players to construct their own decks. in a normal TCG you get rotation in part to help clear out old cards to clear up space for new cards that may not be as good. in key forge you dont worry about old cards being too good because they are stuck in old decks.
  8. TylerTT

    Future expansions

    I dont think they know if rotation is needed for this game. Making everything balanced all the time is impossible. Balance is something that changes across player skill level and time.
  9. TylerTT

    Future expansions

    Power creep is a huge topic. There is intentional power creep meant to make old products obsolete. Or in video games new elements are often introduced over powered to encourage players to use them and once the players have the required skill and the devs have enough data the elements are rebalanced there are also many things that cause unintended power creep. The combinations of old and new elements become too large to test. The new elements feel balanced at first however the old elements are played with more skill then the new and eventually once the skill gap closes the new elements can prove much stronger. Keyforge dodges the combination bloat as they control precisely how old and new sets combine.
  10. TylerTT

    Replacing MTG for middle class casuals

    Don’t feed the troll.
  11. TylerTT

    Future expansions

    The comments from Richard Garfield and second hand reports of FFG staff indicate some vauge ideas of how the game will grow and expand. Thats understandable! Such a new product means any plans put down now may not match reality down the road. currently it looks like Richard wants both new houses and original houses in the future products. What that means exactly is a bit tricky, would the original houses have new cards? While mixing sets should happen I feel like doing it too soon would feel bad if I pulled old cards mixed with brand new cards. Also a mix of new and old cards Would be a very different value proposition to the purchaser then the first set with 7 original houses. I think mixing sets should happen in some sort of special mega anthology set release that comes out every few sets and like a magic core set reprints a bunch of out of print cards in new combinations. Personally I want to see some sets that like magic’s “blocks” have very strong themes that tie the factions together. The first set establishes a nice fun anything goes feel. This leaves it open to explore neat themed sets down the road. I would love to see L5R clans get a keyforge set all to themselves.
  12. TylerTT

    Interesting Garfield comment

    That’s a huge thread. What exactly was about organized play? btw I’m guessing “constructed” organized play will resemble conquest format for hearthstone. players bring a handful of decks and then play against their opponents decks needing to score a win with each deck to progress.
  13. I’m not comparing this to the LCG model. I’m comparing it to other TCGs where a $40 base set is ludicrous.
  14. TylerTT

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    If I had not enough product to meet demand I would make sure stores that did not do everything possible to devalue my wears got it first, deep discounters can wait. i think FFG was gun shy on selling folks a package of moisture vaporators. And underestimated demand.
  15. TylerTT

    How much do you expect to spend?

    The more I think about it the less I want a starter box.