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  1. Jesus why unpainted?!

    I have been wanting to try out sculptamold. but first I’m going to make a play mat by shaving and painting some faux fur.
  2. Jesus why unpainted?!

    The prices on hobby paints are quite ridiculous these days. The best you could ever get would be for FFG to make a premium line of pre painted figures. Like dust tactics premium or their in house and rather poor looking horror line. They obviously have good reasons to offer the product as is. Maybe preprinted human figures are not covered by the license. I know that feels like a weird carve out but the Star Wars license in America is pretty prickly. For example Ban-dai ships can be sold in America but not the ban-dai character figures.
  3. I have done the miniatures game thing before. Even spent a few years painting for commission on the side. My main problem with legion was doubling up on the subjects I already have covered with Imperial Assault. But I’m guessing the scope of this game will be far more limited than IA I’m honestly quite impressed with the value of the core set and posted this because I loved how cheap it was going to be. the dice pack is the most annoying thing about the game but everything else is good enough that I don’t mind how they have it worked out. Now the real question is when do they make Ewoks.
  4. Me and a friend are splitting two core sets. I'm taking the rebels and he is taking the imperials (we each get to keep a Luke and Vader) I already happen to own an imperial army from the Wonderfull imperial assault game so I have no need to collect and paint a second. Add to the doubled core set a t-47 airspeed and with upgrades I'm well into the 800 points required for a full game and I pick up some of the unique upgrades from the t-47 package. the only upgrades I know I will be missing are the ones coming with the fleet troopers. $120 is more affordable than I thought this game would be. ++ Standard (Rebel Alliance) [800 Points] ++ + Commander + •Luke Skywalker [160 Points] + Corps + Rebel Troopers [82 Points]: MPL-S7 Ion Trooper, Rebel Trooper Rebel Troopers [72 Points]: Rebel Trooper, Z-6 Trooper Rebel Troopers [88 Points]: MPL-S7 Ion Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Targeting Scopes Rebel Troopers [40 Points] + Support + AT-RT [80 Points]: AT-RT Flamethrower AT-RT [80 Points]: AT-RT Flamethrower + Heavy + T-47 Airspeeder [198 Points]: Long Range Comlink, Mo/Dk Power Harpoon, •Wedge Antilles + Command Cards + Command Cards: •Ambush, •Son of Skywalker, ••My Ally Is the Force, ••Push, •••Assault, •••Return of the Jedi, ••••Standing Orders ++ Total: [800 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  5. I will be cutting my own clear acrylic bases for at least my Bandai proxies and hopefully for my FFG stuff if clear is allowed for tournament play.
  6. Rules this week potentially

    Let them be wrong about things. The more whining when stuff like this happens the more likely they are to never give us hints about things in the future.
  7. One FFG air speeder and one bandai airspeeder. I doubt I would ever run two in an event so one official and one awsome is good enough for me.
  8. 28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    I would not trust that video. He measures the top of the base as 25. However the top is meaningless. the bottom of the base is actually 27. legion looks to have very large figures. According to his comparisons Vader is larger than a primarus marine and troopers are as large. I think in 40k fiction those are the 10 foot tall ones?
  9. New Units release dates

    The deep piscounts come from individual stores dropping the line or a distributor that was recently cut out of FFG product when they went exclusive and does not care if they devalue FFG’s miniature game as they no longer get to Carry any FFG product.
  10. Is IA going to die?

    As IA still sells well enough that they consistently need to reprint product and felt the need to raise the price I have to assume the game is a long way from dead.
  11. Official Base Sizes

    Is that confirmed?
  12. Official Base Sizes

    I’m cutting my bases from clear acrylic.
  13. Official Base Sizes

    just got the base size confirmed on the Bell of lost souls stream. 27 MM
  14. Official Base Sizes

    27mm! Why do companies think they have to be special snowflakes when it comes to base dimensions? This is as annoying as the 32mm base from GW. FFG should finish the job and burn all my 1 inch grid maps and tiles. actually I suppose 27mm will still work. But still! Annoyed! ( I’m not as angry as that comment may sound but I am that particular about base sizes! )
  15. First I think FFG is right to give these support kits to stores with large orders. If a store wants special treatment then they should work for it, committing to a large stock means they are are going to do their job in promoting and demoing the game. It also means they will actually have the product needed to support a community. For the March 8th early kit I think 20 core sets are the minimum order.