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  1. TylerTT

    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    I’m guessing we will get squadron packs for the old factions that let them catch up
  2. TylerTT

    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    Things could be temporarily faction locked for hyper space format.
  3. TylerTT

    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    So far it appears mostly true? BT-1 and 000 were in the scum conversion kit but are being released for imperial players in the decimator. it looks like the b-wing has an upgrade cannon not seen in the conversion kit. But perhaps will be available in other rebel products?
  4. TylerTT

    "limited edition" ships?

    I don’t think this is a slippery slope where things like black one get exclusive releases. Setting up a cool unique paint application is not free. This here is just swapping one color for another. Also they would be silly to release a highly desirable product as a limited exclusive. Event exclusives are common and publishers do them to help cover the costs of attending shows. They are a bane to collectors everywhere. but that’s collecting man. It’s a silly habit.
  5. While I do not expect much in the way of physical products I think the game will have a long healthy life of me digital adventures and occasional card packs like we have seen with descent.
  6. after experiencing the map rotation of SW legion. I kind of like the seasonal objective sets. it keeps things fresh and gives everyone a thing to build for.
  7. I want the game to have more battle cards and some that make heavy units more important, because not seeing air speedys makes me sad. But the current initiative winner = supplies all battle cards means adding any more battle cards to the pool gives that one player too much control over the match. So is there a better way to do battle cards? Should the battle card set be predetermined (9 cards) and change from season to season? should each player contribute two battle cards of each type and use the resulting set of 4 of each type of cards to pick from?
  8. TylerTT

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    He has so much armor ignoring garbage I don’t want to hear it! he is likely the reason we all have a poor opinion of the heavy choices.
  9. TylerTT

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    That you consider surges necessary really undermines your entire argument.
  10. So long as everything is available within a few waves of each other it’s fine. They said there would likely be some generic cards that are limited to specific faction products but only for a wave or two untill they have a good in faction ship to give out the generic.
  11. TylerTT

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    Also no game like x-wing has attempteda re-boot this deep. Perhaps the best comparison would be Star Trek attack wing but man that game is nothing to write home about. There was no perfect way to move to 2.0. Cut them a little slack.
  12. TylerTT

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    They are working on converting epic. Let them take their time so it’s not rushed and full of errors like last time please.
  13. Bingo! also my guess is they want the hyper space format to grow a bit slower. i could see a rebels themed pack with a red blade wing and Phoenix squad a wings. I could see a resistance pack based on the new tv show It will be intresting to see if they hold true to their “you won’t need to re buy ships” given b-wing and decomator appear to have new upgrades.
  14. The squadron packs look like a great way to inject a bunch of cards into factions line of products. So do you think we will see the currently faction limited generics in squadron packs? What kind of squadron packs do you do you want to see?
  15. We have a quartet of Chewbacca FFG clearly plays fast and loose.