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  1. The larger scale FFG games tend to incorporate fringe characters and units as either rebel or imperial units. Jawas don’t have an army, jawas die to storm troopers. A jawa or two can provide some intresting encounters for a skirmish however. ffg already has a Star Wars skirmish game with a huge variety of models.
  2. Thanks for the show! I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  3. snap some photos of that dwarf army!
  4. Dragon lords would make my year!
  5. The FFG minis are great but I’m really not into the skeleton and daemon armies thematically. so I’m thinking about making some proxy armies. for the demons I’m going to replace them with gator men and various swampy things. I figure reptiles can replace sacrificial blood magic with cannibalism. The skeletons will be replaced with Rat Men. Because they are numerous and weak. instead of raising the dead they will simply rally more rats from the hordes. Also so if FFG does not announce a L5R compatable game soon I may build some of warlord’s test of honor range into an Asian army.
  6. a local store owner tells me the unit packs sell poorly and the unique characters sell very well.
  7. rune wars is also very conservative with how they put out upgrade cards. there should be very few "buy for the cards" situations in rune wars. they have even gone so far as to put unique cards in multiple expansions. but thats getting a bit off topic.
  8. I wonder when I will get the stuff I won from watching worlds?
  9. Skirmish is an integral part of their development cycle and arose naturally from their own needs to test models. It’s highly doubtful that they would stop supporting this mode of play in product releases because it’s sort of a side product of the way the game is made. In addition to the cost problems of playing skirmish there is also a massive visibility problem. Almost no one knows it exists and the few who do may not even try playing it. A friend of mine had all the IA stuff and sold it, he did not even think to try playing the skirmish mode and regrets selling it. Comparing costs isn’t the right kind of reasoning. An Armada starter and an ISD is an amazing product that delivers exactly what you want to play that game. the IA starter and current big box is a great product if you want campaign mode but if you want a skirmish game you are getting a very weak product. The map tiles are bad for events, the models in the core set are also kind of garbage for skirmish. FFG is has set up the IA product line so that only one player in five should ever buy anything for the campaign game. If they promoted and supported skirmish better then they could sell things to every player at the table.
  10. When I bring up the cost of skirmish I mean. You need $160 in product for just the map tiles used to attend an event. Not even considering the costs of models or cards. It would be like if you needed the asteroid tokens from the raider to play at any x-wing event reguardless of your faction.
  11. Skirmish mode is killing its self. No other FFG competitive game has players spending $160 dollars just so they can have the maps need to play. Only armada and rune Wars even come close to that level of investment. what could be a cheap acessable 2 player game is buried under a product model that makes it impossible.
  12. I think June was the last time they had a news article. They may be letting it rest a while and pick it back up with a second edition. My my point is FFG rarely ever attempts to replace a product line that is actually working with a different incompatible product line. So long as the product still sells and they still have ideas for it they keep it alive.
  13. just want to drop in and say the best way to balance a campaign game is arbitrary handicaps. you want an exciting fun game with an unpredictable ending right? campaign is not a competitive exprince. so arbitrary handicaps where the losing side gets more oomph next game are a great way to do this. it's been so long since I played campaign I need to re read the rules to come up with a good suggestion.
  14. I wish FFG would say it but at least we have confirmation from one of the game's old Devs that IA is not being replaced by legion. https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2017/10/1/episode-14-interview-with-kurt-larson FFG produces and sustains many product lines with similar themes and components. Destiny did not stop Star Wars LCG. Armada did not stop x-wing. Rune wars did not kill Descent The endless variations on Arkham horror have yet to kill the original board game. The new baby sibling does not mean our parents will forget about us forever and no love us anymore. IA is important, they use it to sell cheap miniatures of popular characters at amazing margin. IA has incredible momentum and install base. They simply need to give the baby more attention right now because it still poops it's pants .
  15. having it as part of a website that also let users share the cards and prep printing sheets would be amazing!