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  1. TylerTT

    Scum yes or no.

    Yeah I remember all those Wookiee Warrior squads in ROTJ.
  2. TylerTT

    jyn and new troops

    Lando is totes a commander. Dude owned a city.
  3. TylerTT

    jyn and new troops

    In x-wing they added two upgrade slots to all the ships and the slots were never printed on the unit cards they added modification upgrades and title upgrades. i think they could do the same in this game by adding an upgrade type to all commanders. Something where they get to take supporting characters there are lots of great supporting characters in Star Wars that don’t quite fill a commander or operative role. Like R2-D2 or most of rouge squadron.
  4. TylerTT

    Points are up

    why not all of the above? nah I'm sure its just too little development resources stretched too thin.
  5. TylerTT

    jyn and new troops

    I think they could add a "possy" upgrade slot that like modifications in x-wing is something all commanders can take but in multiple. a possy member would make a comander into a small unit of unique fighters that activate at the same time. some characters could also have cards for them to be heavy weapons or personal upgrades.
  6. TylerTT

    Scum yes or no.

    Boba fett is not organized crime. he is a legal bounty hunter that at times takes jobs from organized crime. In many of the books the empire and organized crime are often bedfellows, many organizations have worked against and with the empire on occasion.
  7. TylerTT

    Wave2 Open Boxes

    Does this guy not understand why its great that the reprinted ship packs don’t have exclusive content from the conversion kits? What a wet blanket I hope he never unboxes one of my products. and a fascist to boot! At least he has a good camera layout.
  8. TylerTT

    Wave2 Open Boxes

    The new fire spray is way better then the old one. Imnvho
  9. TylerTT

    FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks

    I am thoroughly roused!
  10. TylerTT

    Scum yes or no.

    Non combatants or totally unaligned forces would make for good neutral units that defend objectives on the board.
  11. TylerTT

    Scum yes or no.

    When it comes to galactic civil war, organized crime was partnered with empire in most cases. where as freedom fighters and frengers partnered with the rebels. If they get into these groups I would expect them to be allied factions with enough to field on their own but would likely be mixed with a main faction. the frenge speeder bike gang in solo would be a great rebel allied force and they could have a commander a troop unit and a support unit. clone wars era has many local armies fighting with either faction.
  12. TylerTT

    $30 for an Arc-170 seem crazy to anyone else?

    The line is changing. Higher on the low end and same or cheaper on the high end. The jump from 20 to 30 feels really bad as it’s the worst proportional change. The arc is such a beautiful ship. paying $20 for a Jedi star fighter and droid fighter is so lame. The droids should be 20-30 for a pair.
  13. If you take palpatine in a list and he or whatever he’s aboard dies then you lose. an empire that can not protect the emperor deserves to die. And palpatine ensured the empire would die when it failed him
  14. TylerTT

    jyn and new troops

    I’m all for them taking a light touch to differentiate factions that are mostly humans. Just slightly more interesting then a historical game. once we see droid armies I expect things to get wacky.
  15. TylerTT

    jyn and new troops

    I want the rest of the characters in personnel pack that also works as a full unit