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  1. TylerTT

    The Next LCG

    Here is my pitch Co-op mode is a team of players fighting a scenario deck. competitive Two teams of two players fighting each other. I want netspace to be a specific “faction” like shpears the in LOTR. Net space - Runners Sneaky stuff - Espionage Fight stuff - Tactical ops
  2. TylerTT

    Hopefully 200 points = the end of zero point cards?

    The doubling of points bares no relation to 0 cost cards. in 1.0 upgrade slots raised the overall cost of a ship. So taking no upgrades was a disadvantage. 0 cost cards allowed the designers to help off set that disadvantage. If that changes then I would suspect 0 cost cards to be rare? Whats not to like about 0 cost cards?
  3. TylerTT

    The Next LCG

    I did and the game has kind of a weak narrative compared to a co op LCG.
  4. TylerTT

    The Next LCG

    I need co-op cyber punk heists.
  5. TylerTT

    To buy or not to buy Legion

    Personally I went rebels because I already have lots of imperial guys from imperial assault. oh and fair warning. Legion models are larger then IA or wotc they are a heroic 1-48th scale
  6. TylerTT

    To buy or not to buy Legion

    Legion has less going on special rules wise then IA or modern x-wing. They are currently very conservative with the number of special rules they allow core units to have. The combos are all pretty obvious. Here is an example. Rebel troopers are “nimble” so if the spend a dodge token when attacked they get a new dodge token. Leia can use her “take cover 2” special action to give two units a dodge token. therefor it’s best to use Leia early in a round to give rebel troopers dodge tokens. Like any wargame with terrain and LOS there are all sorts of nuances to how the table and figures interact, that’s about the hardest part of the game to grock and about the weakest clarity in the rules. If you want to give the game a shot using your old minitures the maneuver tool and dice are available separate. The only thing you would need to proxy from the core set would be the order cards and the objective/scenario decks. But you may be able to buy those off of someone splitting core sets.
  7. TylerTT

    I have no move, and I must scream.

    Right before the announcement I had actually just used a trooper unit that never moved in the game and I put them there for that express purpose. The extra range and standby range would have been perfect. i frankly can not wait for the gun towers.
  8. It’s the leeks that are proving their numbers untrustworthy.
  9. The conversion kit is not about building hype! its about maintaining customers, it’s about soothing fears. They have not done a good job of that as there is currently a bit of confusion of if their initial numbers were trustworthy. I’m not asking for spoilers I’m asking for a clear idea of value and content.
  10. TylerTT

    Jedi - Sith - Gray factions?

    The current trend is that pilots who work multi faction do so with unique cards and powers for each faction. the addition of subtitles to the pilot cards Is a clear indication they plan to do more versions of the same pilots for various factions and ships.
  11. It lists the dials only! The number of generic pilot cards in the kit does not match the ships and the total configuration of the base tokens are unknown.
  12. What FFG or ANA may not quite understand is this new product launch is different than a normal product. This is about what players have already invested and how that investment carries forward. Not about building hype for something new. Details about overall content and functionality are critical.
  13. TylerTT

    The Next LCG

    I want a sci-fi co op.
  14. For example I think a conversion kit that was just generics could be made as a cheap way to solve the large collection problem. maybe that will be part of the epic conversion kit?
  15. To be clear I do not want to proxy anything. The cards are a critical part of the interface and My proxy comment was to counter the argument that failing having all the components for an official list I could just proxy the cards I’m missing. I’m quite happy FFG is doing the conversion kits. I simply want to set my expectations correctly and know their reasoning behind the kit content and what the future of conversion kits look like.