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  1. Thanks for doing this AMA and The live streams in general. Openness is reassuring. Is it true that Fantasy flight works years ahead on their game lines? If so why does the end of active development on a game line take so long to filter out to your fans. When so many games die these silent deaths It causes me to doubt the future of all your product lines and makes me ask “is the game I’m about to get into secretly over?”
  2. i'm not saying the imperial droids should function like their rebel hero counterparts. just that the characters are identical models and it would be cool if they included generic imperial profiles for them.
  3. the imperials have plenty of R2 and protocol droids. so I'm asking why not add profile cards for imperial R2 and protocol droids to the drop pod expansion.
  4. nice work! this is how I wanted these subjects to be covered in the game. my thought was to simply give the neutral units a standby token that could be activated by either player. using the stuff already in the game.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Wave-Materials-HT389-Fine-Nipper/dp/B014F9PQ6E/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr1_1?keywords=wave+materials+side+nipper+for+plastic+gate+cuts&qid=1564668754&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr1 I suggest a fine pointed single side nipper. A bit delicate but absolutely amazing in practice.
  6. lol competitive legion has like 6 units any way.
  7. If I understand it. Sprues make extra parts cheaper to provide and/or easier to pack. so sprues make it cheaper to give player optional bits. Never underestimate what hurdles will get in the way of a player ultimately getting a game to a table, time spent clipping parts is not free. It's not invalid for sprues to be a thing that makes someone say, "ok this is not for me". but that doesn't mean FFG should not make minis on sprue. I'm guessing the players gained rather then lost for FFG is much better moving to higher quality hard plastic sprue minis. a large hobby skirmish game already requires lots of player effort that extra bit of effort is well worth it for a hobby modeler and may be what kept more hobbiests from investing. Pre assembled minis like the Deep cuts line from Wiz Kids or CMON games are very popular. FFG already has Imperial assault for preassembled Star Wars characters and two pre painted spaceship games for Star Wars. going harder on the hobby side for Legion makes perfect sense to me.
  8. I saw a shelf in the background of a the Sam Witwer visits fantasy flight games video and thought I would try to make them clearer and see if anything was new. Im sure much of this is not Star Wars and maybe some of it is unreleased rune wars stuff and some may just be for building demo tables like the house but maybe you can recognize something. apologies if this was already posted I have not been on t he forums much
  9. Tell that to me. Someone who waited years for Ewoks to get into IA. Nope. I’m guessing FFG management hates Ewoks.
  10. Do some research and you will find a very vocal group of people who don’t like the last jedi. Where there are scientific papers discussing how bots boosted the traffic of conflicting opinions. there is no way of knowing how large the group of people who did not like TLJ is. Anecdotes do not apply. I bought the $80 dollar godfather board game for $25. Therefore godfather must be a bad movie that no one likes.
  11. thanks for keeping up on this. you are the hero FFG needs but does not deserve.
  12. My thoughts on OP Mostly Valid criticism served poorly was likely in the army or is a pedantic tactical guy who buys everything marketed as tactical. Look the coolest clone troopers ever got (the whole clone wars for that matter) was the 2003 Tartakovsky "Star Wars: Clone Wars" TV series. Those clones were professional and if I were a sculptor looking for pose reference I would look to it for help. But it’s also SCI-FI and I’m sure there are different doctrine on gun discipline. Like for example where do you point your gun in a 0 G fight? How do you change trigger mechanics to ensure that works and how do those changes effect how people hold guns in the future.
  13. Fan models, props, cosplay and garage kits have historically been hand waved by movie studios because they are often done by people in the special effects houses. They would essentially have to tell on themselves. this is doubly true for Star Wars where fans in costume end up being hired by LF for events. But that was a pretty small market. Star Wars has been getting pretty good at providing official licenses for small artists and such and I think platforms like shape ways could make a good play for opening up licensing to creators.
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