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  1. bnorton916

    2 Player Strategy

    There are some 2-player rulesets for TI3. I played psicoma's ruleset. It changes the game, as it becomes more chess-like. You lose all the diplomacy of a larger game. That being said I personaly found it very fun and it is quick to play. Bill
  2. bnorton916

    The Yssaril Tribe:BANNED

    Count Jondi said: bnorton916 said: I dislike your comment because it lacks any reason, arguement or content, you're stating that the only way to stop them is to take them early on without having any logic or reasoning behind it, and went out of your way simply to insult my comment. Frankly I don't really care what you think, but you should think about taking part in a cohesive discussion instead of simply saying that you can only stop Yssaril through early attack, and that my comment is, and i quote "lame". [/quote Your comment said nothing another than you were sick of people commenting. Then you said just attack yssaril early and they can be stopped. Then you said I added nothing to a cohesive discussion because I said you had to attack yssaril early to stop them. That is the whole point! They are so strong you have to attack them early, as they are very difficult to stop in the end game. Almost, every game I have played with yssaril they have won. I think the only times they didn't was because of new players. Heck, I have had games were I knew yssaril was going to win, everyone else knew yssaril was going to win, and we could do nothing to stop them. Don't take the "lame" comment too personal, I was just playing off you initial statement. Bill
  3. bnorton916

    The Yssaril Tribe:BANNED

    Saikoro said: Are there any other TI3 groups that has come to this conclusion? I've been thinking about ''nerfing'' them like having to pay a Command Counter from Allocation in order to execute your racial. I havent think about how to deal with the ''Skipping'' yet. But for now they are out. Skipping by paying a command counter is worthless. No different than activating a system to delay(ok it is slightly different if CC exhaustion comes in play but you get what I mean) If you are going to nerf them, let the CC be worth something. Look at someone ACs. Bill
  4. bnorton916

    The Yssaril Tribe:BANNED

    Count Jondi said: I would like to state that im pretty tired about people whining about the Yssaril tribes. You're arguement for their objective stalling is flawed on the premise that simply waiting out everyone gives him free rain of the objectives. It is not necesserily automatic for the Yssaril player to do this. You can simply put him out of the position to claim objectives freely through action cards or a precise attack. the two carriers starting with xrd is very potent, but (as another commenter established) ther low production hinders them from building much during the first turn. Most other teams have something in my opinion,That when used correctly can be equally, if not more powerful than the Yssaril. And really as a final statement if the Yssaril are kicking your ass every time i'ts more likely that you as an opponent are not potent enough to play against them rather then any "over-powered" advantage brought by their racial abilities and starting posistion Yes, you are right. No race is overpowered, and if you say they, the you are you are just a bad player(and whiny). The only way surefire way to stop Yssaril with a good player is to jump them early in the game, normally with two races. Why do you think they changed Winnu's racial tech? Because of the skipping ability. I would also like to state I'm pretty tired of lame arguments like the above you posted with regards to yssaril. Bill
  5. bnorton916

    Your favorite race?

    Yssaril is probably my favorite because of the action cards. I enjoy finding different combinations to use them. But they are so strong I never play them. Bill
  6. bnorton916

    Dreadnaughts, can they be better?

    Sounds too strong to me. They would be built alot. Mindnet building them at 4 would be a no brainer.
  7. bnorton916

    Four Player Pre-set Map

    This forum is just not well designed. Can't even cut-n-paste cut-n-paste into it easily. Try http://www.simonkamber.dk/ti3/
  8. Are we still debating the usefulness of DNs? I thought this was over long ago?
  9. bnorton916

    free setup

    shoak1 said: Also, to add: many people don't understand statistics, and believe that by eliminating more and more variables, ie making a perfectly symmetrical map, making house rules to even out things, etc, that they make the game more balanced. It actually has the opposite effect. Roll 100 dice and you are much more likely to have a combined total close to average than you would if you rolled 3 dice. So making this whacky map, keeping dreadnoughts as they are, and not modifying those unfair techs and races, actually serves to HELP balance the game. Think of it this way - remove enough variables and you are left with whoever goes first winning. Add a bunch of chaos and unfairness and the players who can best respond to new situations and who have the best head for strategy will probably win. Of course in a multi player game the very fact that you are the best player is what will make you least likely to win, since everyone will see you as a threat. So at the end of the day just use rules that are the most fun, and I would submit that a free setup board is DEFINITELY more fun How does keeping DNs the way there are balance the game? Don't get me wrong I agree with some of your points, just don't understand that one. Bill
  10. bnorton916

    Four Player Pre-set Map

    Head over to http://www.simonkamber.dk/ They might have some over there. Bill
  11. bnorton916

    Twilight Imperium fan video

    War Suns. We need War Suns next.
  12. bnorton916

    Twilight Imperium fan video

    I was nervous to follow the link but it was actually pretty cool. For a first video it was pretty well done. Bill
  13. bnorton916


    SexyMike44 said: Back to the topic. The rules are not clear to me. There is just no mention that 1s always fail. so you have to ask yourself/others is that intentionally not in the rules or an accidential ommision? Why would they mention that ones always fail, 10's always hit? Because some other games in the past have done this? This would mean that every dice rolling combat game is ambiguous, if they don't explicit mention this rule? I can think of plenty of examples that don't mention this rule because ...... they don't use it. Bill
  14. I don't play much face-to-face but I know people in the past make stand up numbers to show order of play. This seemed to be even more useful when Naalu played. Bill
  15. bnorton916


    It is not a rules question. The rules are pretty clear. It is an automatic hit. Just like the Jolnar can automatically miss, when fighting the Xxcha. To say that a 1 is always a miss and 10 is always a hit weakens the Xxcha, Norr and strengthens the Jolnar and the rules never address this. It doesn't needed to be faq'd no more than saying I rolled 2 10s so that means I get an extra hit. Bill