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  1. Hello guys, I delayed too much the buy of the lost legions pack (never thought that it would sell out so fast!), and now I can't find one on the net. Anyone has a spare one to sell me, or know where I can find at least one? I remmember a fellow in this forum who had a store in Germany who said had intention of selling them here in Europe, ring any bells? Thanks
  2. I hope there are no problems if the winner is from overseas.
  3. I feel very dissapointed with Fantasy Flight Games. It's a bit weird to end a game after only 6 months: A) The first set wasn't even complete. B) Lots of people were waiting for the other factions. C) Current armies were still too small. No way anyone could have a big and diverse army with just 3 warpacks for each faction. I can't say "thanks FFG" for releasing the Lost Legions pack, because I can't stop thinking we've been buying and promoting a game for a company that didn't believe in it's own product. The LL pack is just a way to get rid of the stock they already produced, and one much better than destroying the figs. If they can sell 14 figs for 10$, maybe they should have thought of selling the warpacks cheaper, that would have helped much to sell the game,
  4. Got a question: Can you combine the three human factions altogether? I have a Brotherhood/Capitol/Bauhaus army, and now I'm wondering if it may be illegal to combine the three of them at the same time. Thanks.
  5. Lord Tengil said: oh, cool! I havent thought of that... Gives some interesting options. Allthough, playing an unmixed faction is by far the coolest. I can't decide for any faction, so tomorrow I'll be playing a mix of human factions against fellow forum member MarceAndrade's Brotherhood ^^.
  6. Just to make sure: The Capitol gold Rangers allow other RANGER units to roll +2 green dice. The Bauhaus Venusian Rangers do have the "keyword" RANGER, so they should get the bonus too, don't they?
  7. We got in wave 2 (except for Ilian) in Spain last week. Bought my first Vulkan today ^^. Marce, ¿que ejercito usabas tu?
  8. Thanks, CT! I'm looking forward to finishing my exams and playing in all those maps we're getting now ^^. The dots and the lines for terrain are two big, but otherwise, the map it's pretty cool ^^.
  9. Pretty cool map, dude. Lots of thanks! I'll try to print it in a few weeks when I finish my exams.
  10. When I explain the game to new players, and I strongly recommend to do the same, I don't say anything about the dice names, 'cause it only adds confusion.
  11. Thanks, mate, but I was thinking in maybe buying in dollars. 16€ + S&H is not a good trade for me, but thanks anyway. (Yeah, kind of weird having wave 3 but not all of 2 :S)
  12. Well, it seems some things doesn't change, and we are still waiting here in Spain for the wave 3 packs (and, of course, forget about Karak & the golems). Are you having problems in other European countries too? It's ridiculous that we have to wait more than a month for each new release, and it's even weirder if you think of the fact that the packs doesn't need any translation at all. If there's such a delay with just the figs, then Karak, who needs translation for his cards and all, will arrive here by April or what? For those of you who order on-line: where do you get the figs? I've been looking in a few pages, and the S&H costs were too high in the page. Thanks
  13. What's that "Vassal module" you're talking about?
  14. Just curious. Haven't played 10/10/10 yet, and I'm wondering how much time do you guys use for a game like that, so I can decide when will be an apropiate time to play a 10 game. ^^
  15. It'll take some time for the game to stablish itself and leave behind all the problems the original format is producing. Be patient.
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