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  1. Is Eldritch Horror - Mountains of Madness still available? Shipping to 46303.
  2. Tim Uren is the project lead on AH so he was the right person to answer. What I am confused with as well is the ability to select the "Innmouth Jail" Encounter while in the "Jail Cell." this doesn't make any sense to me. That bypasses the "horror" of having to face the potential of getting devoured with the Jail Cell ability. If my sneak was low, then I think taking Innsmouth Jail would be the safer route to go. Or does he mean that you can opt to take a "normal" encounter by just drawing one Jail Cell encounter? Which again, makes no sense since you automatically get to draw one card no matter what. This seems a case of too much clarification now making it a bit confusing.
  3. It is just two completely different mechanics though. The Arkham arrest is merely a delaying tactic. You lose the rest of this turn (no encounter because there is no Jail specific encounters) and then move to the police station But you lose the rest of this next turn as well so you skip the encounter again. Then you are free to move on the 3rd turn (or stay and have an actual police station encounter). It is just a nuisance. Innsmouth is actually a dangerous place. You get thrown in there and you have a chance to immediately get devoured. You have a better chance of escape, of course, but it is highly up to luck at that point since you typically won't have adjusted your speed to give you more cards to draw. And even if you are lucky enough to escape on the very turn you get thrown in, you are still delayed, meaning you have to spend one turn on Sawbone Alley. If Martial Law has been declared, there is a good chance you get thrown right back in. I am not a huge proponent of the rule of thumb that you "do what hurts the investigators most" but I do think that is the driving principal here. It is more harmful to an investigator to lose a turn in Arkham. It is more harmful to an investigator NOT to lose a turn in Innsmouth. And this follow the thematic slant of Innsmouth perfectly, I think. If you skipped an encounter and lost the next turn, that is two chances to revise your Sneak during Phase 1. It is also a lot more time to get other investigators in Sawbone Alley to increase your chances. Finally, if you applied the Arkham rules exactly as written, the sequence is actually you would have an encounter the turn you are thrown in jail (remember, it only says lose next turn - you are assumed to lose this turn because there is no means to have an encounter anyway). Then next turn you skip an encounter. Finally, you would go back to having an encounter. That makes no sense but is RAW. So I don't think the omission is an oversight at all. I believe it is written as intended and the jail mechanic is completely different. The reference to Arkham Jail is to be clear it doesn't apply and then they go on and explain how you deal with Innsmouth Jail: delay, lose 1/2 money. That's it. The cards take care of the rest.
  4. I am still of the opinion that the Jail Cell rules for Arkham are different than the Jail Cell rules for Innsmouth. In Arkham, it clearly states you lose the rest of this and the next turn (no encounters) whereas in Innsmouth it reiterates the loss of money and being delayed but says nothing about losing your turn. I believe this is intentional and forces you to have an Encounter to see what happens in the cell right now. You may get devoured before you have a chance to reset your skills or get people to you. Arkham Jail Cell is a completely different mechanic that delays you this turn, prevents you from having an encounter (since there are no Jail Cell encounters), and then forces you to skip your next turn as well (moving you but also denying you a Police Station encounter).
  5. ***LAST CALL*** We have hit our goal to get the price break for the Normal dice. I don't think we are going to wait any longer on the Cursed or Blessed to reach their next threshold. So I am looking to close this order out within the next day or so. If you are interested, this is your last chance to get in. This will be my final order and no one has yet offered to step up and take it over for future orders. If you want in, let me know and I will hold it open until you make a final decision. Otherwise, this is probably going to close within the next 48 hours or so (I might wait until the weekend to get everything together but just in case…don't wait!)
  6. I don't know if we have anyone that is international and hesitant because of the hgiher USPS costs. But we have two people trying to do a group order for Czech Repiblic and Australia. We also have an order for Israel that I can ask if he wants to doa group order there too. The point is the higher international shipping would be split and then they would have cheaper "local" shipping, hopefully bringing down their overall costs.
  7. dwightsboardgame said: Shub-Niggurath said: Been using these for years - highly recommended. (I did get the green & bone FFG ones too, but much prefer using the Chessex ones) Interesting to know. Initially I wanted to get the Chessex ones, then with the recent price increase the FFG ones seemed to become cost competitive. I'm still on the fence. Yeah, that is why I want to get as many people as possible on this order and help push the price back down. Plus it seems like a great time to step down so I want to make sure as many people get the chance as possible in case someone else doesn't come along to pick it up.
  8. Yep 9 orders averaging about a 1,000 dice an order. We should push well above 10K total dice this time around. Yes, there are a few workarounds needed but since the dice give you the same odds, most can be worked out. Like others have said, if you need a 1/6 chance of something, just roll the cursed die and if the "6" comes up, you hit your 1 in 6 for better or worse. The Blessed dice have half the faces so very easy to just flip and see what you would have rolled using the "any 2 opposite sides add to 7 rule." However, for very specific needs, just keep a few standard 6-siders handy. For the vast majority of rolls though, these dice work great. Nothing like the instant gratification or utter devastation of seeing the results with no mental math going on.
  9. I don't usually announce this here, but this will be my 9th and final group order of the special Chessex dice custom made for Arkham Horror. If you are interested, please hop over to the BGG forums for more details. I am going to hold this open until about the middle of this month or until we have our minimum order. Dice come in one of three colors: Green (normal), Blessed (blue) and Red (cursed). Only the successful sides have a marking and number. All other faces are blank to easily determine the results of the skill checks. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/11875881#11875881
  10. It has a slight lead. Definitely coming down to the wire. Vote closes at 7:00 pm Central time tonight. Favoritism aside, I close it down as soon as my computer says it's 7:00 so we'll see who has it at that point.
  11. Rasiel said: You forget that most people on BGG are euro-games oriented players, so it is unlikely to see some coop random ameritrash succeed against them. Actually, the call out to Arkham fans has given it a 30-point lead with 12 hours to go. BSG is within just a few votes of taking the lead. I think the 2 FFG groups are feeding off each other and may make this work for at least one of them. Rallying the troops is what helped Twilight Struggle finally knock off Power Grid 2 years ago.
  12. Dam said: ColtsFan76 said: WotR, not so much, so you can look down on me for that too. I knew of your dislike for WotR. IIRC, and a bit ironically some might say, I believe you mention the rules being too difficult? No, not the rules being too difficult. From the read of the rules (which I have read multiple times like any other ruleset), I thought I would like the game. I just found the game play to be unintuitive. Neither my wife or I enjoyed it. I will admit it has been a long time since I have played it so I may very well try again in the near future (part of the problem being table space in my old small house with even smaller table). So maybe someday I shake my hatred for this game I wanted so much to love.
  13. Dam said: ColtsFan76 said: I love Carcassonne And to think I used to look up to you ! AH, like WotR, willlose, leaving no games I would even want to try (AH and WotR being the only two games I've played). I like a lot of games and love a few. Carc and AH are on the short list. WotR, not so much, so you can look down on me for that too. On the flip side, it is good to see FFG have 3 titles this far at the same time. I don't recall a time that ever happened before. Next year should eb good for it to as quite a few of the rookies were FFG titles this year.
  14. For those on BGG, AH is currently losing to Carcassonne in the annual Geek Madness. I love Carcassonne but this is the farthest AK has made it and I really want it to go as far as it can, being my favorite co-op and one of my topmost games of all time. It is so close and just needs more votes in the next two days to push it to the next round. So head over to the link below and thumb the post please! javascript:void(0);/*1301184544048*/
  15. For those on BGG, you might want to lend a hand (or thumb!) to BSG. It is losing to Puerto Rico at the moment with about 2 days of voting left. I'd like to see my favorite co-op in space move on, especially against this title. javascript:void(0);/*1301184477483*/
  16. Thanks! We actually made it to the next (and final) price break category. So Cursed dice are now $0.45 Normal $0.90 and Blessed $1.35 each.
  17. Long time no chat. I am taking over the Chessex order for custom Arkham dice over on BGG. I am still working out the details and have left the orders open until Monday, July 12th before closing it off (date subject to change). These dice will be as follows: All dice are etched on 1, 2, or 3 sides; all other sides remain blank: Scarab-Scarlet w/ Silver Elder Sign etching + #6 etching; 1-side - $0.50 Scarab-Jade w/ Silver Elder Sign etching +#s 5 and 6 etching; 2-sides- $1.00 Scarab-Royal Blue w/ Silver Elder Sign etching + #s 4, 5, and 6 etching; 3-sides - $1.50 All prices in US dollars. I have to ship them all to my address so postage will be costs from my house to yours. I prefer USPS Priority and my ZIP is 46303 to help you estimate costs. Money will be paid through PayPal (unless we need to work out something else) and will have to have a small fee to cover my expenses through PayPal. Any questions, best to ask me over at BGG or send me a message through the forums (as I don't check these forums any longer). BGG thread is here: javascript:void(0);/*1278527286555*/
  18. amikezor said: This starts to be very frustating... Where can we get this "unpublished faq" that many people have looked at ? Even if it is a unfinished version, I would be thrilled ! :-)) I would post it but 1) it has conflicting answers and 2) I heavily modified it to make it more cohesive. So it really isn't for me to do. I shot off another email to our contact within FFG that has been working on it. That was yesterday morning and still no answer back.
  19. phobiandarkmoon said: Rules as Written, the corruption tokens stay too, but as there's no purpose to them any more we usually take them out of the region so we don't run out Actually, RAW state you remove the corruption tokens. otherwise, you risk running out. Page 21: Once these points are awarded, the ruination card is turned facedown in that region, marking it as permanently ruined (see “Ruined Regions” on page 25), and all corruption tokens are cleared from the region.
  20. It is in the new unpublished FAQ. If you search through a deck, you must reshuffle it.
  21. The new FAQ is suppsoed to shut this down. If you are delayed, you can't move, can't use movement points, and can't use movement spells.
  22. Yep. A nuke of a combo if you can get the pieces to put it together.
  23. In the meantime, it is here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/393861/battlelore-for-troll-and-country (sorry, the link isn't working in this stupid forum)
  24. haslo said: Yay, the answer came really quickly this time over It appears that the case about the 2 hits to be assigned to two figures, one with 1 defense and one with 2 defense, is special. You can only assign fewer hits to a unit than are necessary to kill it if you have no other options (including other options that involve killing other units). Each assignment is considered sequentially, thus it is valid to kill a 1-defense figure with 2 hits and then have 1 hit left over to assign to something that it won't kill. I agree with this but that was not the situation posted above. The situation above was that you would assign these two hits in such a way that NO figure was hit and that is against the spirit of the rules. In this scenario, you ARE assigning a hit to a figure so that it is killed. Then you are left with additional hits that have no legal targets. The point of what I said above is that if you have something to kill you must kill it. But assigning the hits to something that can absorbe it (like a greater daemon) just to avoid killing cultists or warriors is illegal.
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