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  1. We were pretty much in agreement that once per game would be useless, but we weren't sure it wasn't supposed to be that way. Thanks, all.
  2. So, I used to spend a lot of time here, then I didn't for lots of reasons, but this has always been a good place to get answers if something strange ahs come up. Some friends and I were playing a game with the Dunwich Horror expansion, with one of us playing via Skype with a second copy of the game. The copy at my place says Leo Anderson may use his special ability once per turn; the copy of the game on the other end of the video conference apparently says he can only use it once per game. Was there a change I need to note in my copy, or is there some erratum in a subsequent printing of the expansion? Thanks.
  3. It could also mean: "Each turn draw and resolve 2 Mythos Cards. On the first Mythos Card, only open the gate listed." I suppose it depends on whether you think the idea of the scenario is to ramp up rifts (double monster movement) or to turn the King in Yellow Herald into a true harbinger of doom (We had something like five Yellow SIgn tokens, and tons more monster surges) and make the game overall harder. The way we played it is, as I stated, the way you play if you fail The Great Ritual, and it's also one of the original suggestions from back in the day to make the game harder, back before there were expansions to kick you repatedly in the teeth until you looked like a fifty-year-old hockey player with no dental insurance. Basically, it's about as well-written as the rest of the scenarios in the league have been. We'll try it again in a couple weeks--hopefully by then there will be the requisite clarifications posted. I hope so, as the way everyone seems to be playing it looks at least a little easier.
  4. The group I play with tried ti last night and it pretty much sucked, mainly because we were playing it according to what seems to be the intent, as opposed to what's actually written on the scenario sheet: First card: Open gate, place monster. Second Card: Open gate, place monster, clue token, move monsters, card effects. Just as if you'd already failed the Great Ritual rumor. We at least mildly botched the strategy, but we never really had a chance to go fo Exhibit Items, and Dunwich got ignored, as nothing at all happened there. Kingsport did its usual job of pulling an Investigator in and rendering him irrevelant for the duration of the game (at least until Final Battle). I presume we'll try the scenario again--the only other one we've had to do that with was Masquerade Party, and that was just that we had some Investigators get eaten, so we tried it again to se if we could avoid that. I wasn't too thrilled with it, overall, but then I'm pretty much the exception in not really liking Kingsport much--I think the only worthwhile element in the expansion is the Epic Final Battle ruleset and am convinced it's the way the Final Battle should have been from the beginning.
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