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  1. Antigoth said: Jypsy said: Personally I would be incredibly hesitant as a retailer to stock a relaunched UFS unless I had guaranteed sales. This isn't like Wizkids where the playerbase was there but some parent company said "let's pull the plug" leaving people standing with money in hand waiting for the new set. And the next set produced, waiting on a dock in China. Wait.. UFS's next set is already produced or did you mean Wizkids' stuff?
  2. Of course it takes long.. especially if Steve is trying to pull his last string to turn UFS into an LCG... it'd be great since FFG had announced that all their LCG Battlepacks going forward will have 3 copies of every card printed for that expansion. So, if UFS gets it's relaunch as an LCG then the BPs for them would have 4 copies of each card?! *crosses fingers* Final Round <Steve Horvath + James Hata vs FFG + economics> FIGHT!!! P.S. The next challenger in line is Jasco Games should Steve/Hata pair get KOed.
  3. ah.. never thought about it that way but what difference if it make if FFG had rights to use it? I'm not sure of exactly what restrictions were with those contracts but a TV commercial would pay off if done right.
  4. Oops.. realized afterwards that a player was still logged in on my pc. The post above is mine.
  5. Tagrineth said: James says an LCG model isn't exactly feasible due to the licensing structure of the game. If UFS continued under FFG as an LCG, it'd have to be ShadoWar only. That's what I'm pushing for! Hell, I don't care if it's just ShadoWar for the time being. The other licenses can go.. then the company that have the licenses won't make anymore $$ from UFS and will hopefully lower their fees to make it cheaper.. ideally. But this game can survive on ShadoWar alone. There are endless possibilities of characters if enough creativity is put into it.
  6. This topic was inspired by the many posts of players who suggested for UFS to become an LCG and to drop the fighting game licenses. I love this idea! I'd totally buy the products and would continue to promote this game. Just before this sad announcement this week I'd just recruited 3 new players to UFS and 8 players into Kingdom Hearts. Imagine this.. UFS LCG main set containing: - $39.99 each - 72 never before seen cards (8 characters) - 4 copies of each common - 3 copies of each uncommon - 2 copies of each rare - 1 copy of each super rare UFS LCG battlepack containing: - $10 each -18 never before seen cards (2 new characters) - same deal with rarity spread - new battlepack every month until next main set No need for any foils and the game plays exactly the same. Players can trade what they don't need from the main set to get what they need after buying only 1 main set and players who must get 4x copies of every card can just spend $200 and get it all rather than the $200+ for singles or boosters boxes. Cheap and effective. We need to make this happen. Let FFG see our resolution by simply posting here with your support!
  7. 1st off, I know this game has halted productions. This is for new players who have just started and still want to play casually despite the game being discontinued. Q: Can a player voluntarily discard a friend or magic/friend card in play anytime he/she wants? This question was brought up because of friend card effects such as Beast. Thanks.
  8. We should turn UFS into a LCG and print only Shadowar cards and cards from licenses that we still have until the license expires, assuming all the licenses were paid upfront already. After that it'd be just Shadowar.. not a bad idea until the economy improves and the sales go up do we get new license(s) if any at all. Well, that's just a dream. I'm hoping a big company picks it up and continues the game. I will still play it casually with my players who still want to play.
  9. YuGiOh Magic the Gathering Battle Spirits Warhammer Invasion LCG Pokemon ... looking into Naruto again. I just got started on Kingdom Hearts but we all know how far that went.
  10. Hi, New to this game and have a few questions about Magic card plays in Kingdom Hearts. 1) Can a player play Magic card(s) despite who's turn it is and what phase they're in? I'm under the assumption that Magic cards can be played any time as long as the required Magic lvl is reached among cards I control. Thanks, Thai
  11. New group starting up at my shop here in Lafayette, LA. We're starting off decent with 7 players and expecting another 2 locally. Any players around the area or within driving distance want to join up and play? We're expecting to play on Thursday nights at about 6:30pm. Anime & Games Central 141 Arnould Blvd. Lafayette, LA 70506 (337) 456-6887 ~Thai
  12. The moment he cheated against me at the PotM event I've lost all respect towards him. So... I'll be sure to remember to bring my cam next time I'm at any big event.
  13. Hi Guys, We will have Warhammer LCG League play at our shop every Saturday starting November 14th, 2009. Location: Anime & Games Central 141 Arnould Blvd. Lafayette, LA 70506 (337) 456-6887 Contact: Thai Dinh I hope to see all those who are interested to stop by and visit us. Our players are mature and friendly and our store is a great place for anyone to come and learn not just WHI but any other popular games such as MTG, UFS, Pokemon and YGO. ~Thai AGC owner
  14. I'm gonna step on the side with the players who agree that Kilik is very very strong. It a gray-card character which I hate playing against.. guess I'll make good use of Rasotep when I do side him in.
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