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  1. Doc Savage

    Upgrade cards

    I can understand tournaments requiring FFG ships and manuever and range sticks, but cards? Don't see how that would be necessary. Other than damage, there's no hidden info that proxies would ruin, right? They're not going to require official play matts are they? or shield chits? or target locks? Non-unique cards should be allowed to be proxied with the requirement that you have at least one of them, but I suppose that the balance of cards is limiting on purpose...
  2. Doc Savage

    New avatars?

    If we could add our own, my avatar probably wouldn't look too different. Wore a brown fedora to work today. I don't smoke, though...
  3. You could also google "laser cut aluminum" or "laser cut steel". There are a large number of companies that would be happy to do that for you. I am fine with the cardboard, and if they get too worn, I could always buy another base set. Given the price of expansions, the cardboard is basically free... and who couldn't use more ships... Pete
  4. FFG's chart shows Wave 1 and base game "At the Factory," so they'll be back. Be patient. I know I'd like a few more of those ships, too.
  5. I will check mine tonight. If they are rotated, I think I will drill the D shape hole in the J peg attached to the B Wing and glue it to the regular peg so that it is straight. When the ship is off the base it will permanently have a long peg attached, but that doesn't seem too bad. the glued together peg will probably be a little fogged. If I do this, I will post results. Pete
  6. The two games share many core components and mechanics and even the dice. I would think it shouldn't be too hard to combine them as a game. While the ship scales may not be compatable, as games, you can probably mash them together if the shields and damage are remotely similar. I'm sure there would be some weird issues, but so what? It sounds like a fun excercise.
  7. Really nicely done. You make the mini from scratch?
  8. Hrathen said: Emrico said: Also with the Assault Missiles and the sky falling… i know the card comes with the Falcon. I assume that Slave I could have one. I can't tell for sure, but it doesn't look like the A-Wing gets the card. How many people are going to buy multiple Falcons or Slave I's (if I'm correct in thinking it does not come with the A-Wing) to get enough cards for these to be game-breaking? (Our group only plays with cards we actually have). It will definitely make enemy units try to approach from outside the front arc of the ship! Jim But that actually makes the missile worse. If the Assault missile is really tons better, then someone will show up to a tournament with a bunch of them. The fact that most of us can't do it but some one will is actually a problem for me. Well, like all things, the market will establish a price for these Assault Missiles cards. What do you think? $2? $5? How high can they go? Not higher than $30, because you could just buy another Falcon for that. People will also find strategies to counter them. Maybe there is a card in one of the other wave 2 ship packs that we haven't seen. If it is too powerful it will probably get banned or limited for tournament play. - Pete
  9. Emerald Knights in Burbank has been having regular Tuesday night events - but I haven't been able to get there for a few weeks so check out their website calendar to be sure…
  10. FarkonGnome said: Stone said: Cool. Thanks for the post. Can you take photos with some of the models next to them for scale. Here you go: The one on the left I used glue to put together, and the 2 on the right I used tape. I'm going to redo them and just use glue base don the finished product. (I"m using toothpicks for the turrets for those curious) Thanks for posting those. I am making a paper model of the taller towers and I will post a link to that when it is done, but while working with these, I found that filling the sections with uncooked rice made them much sturdier… I've been using the brush on superglue to hold them together…
  11. Game on tonight - TUES OCT 16 in Burbank - I hope to be there…
  12. Doc Savage

    Gaming mats

    XorKaya said: Doc Savage said: Here is my Death Star / Star Destroyer / Hi Tech mat. Printed 3x4 at gotprint.com (deleted pix) Couple of questions Doc. Where on the site is the mat option? I can't seem to find it. Also, where did you get the texture print for this? On the gotprint site go to banners. I made a 3x4 banner (there are brass grommets in the corners) Matte finish. I find glossy to glarey for gaming. The Deathstar surface graphics are by Jedilaw. The graphics can be found here. You will see that I stitched a bunch of these together to make this mat.
  13. The store Emerald Knights in Burbank is having open play of X-Wing on Oct 9, 16, 23, 30. Games begin at 6pm. I will endeavor to get there as early as I can, but it is a work night… and I work on in Culver City. I will be bringing a nice play mat so come on out. Pete
  14. As you can see, my starter set X-Wing came with a battle damaged engine…
  15. Doc Savage

    Gaming mats

    Here is my Death Star / Star Destroyer / Hi Tech mat. Printed 3x4 at gotprint.com
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