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  1. I also don't believe this will happen. But if it does, then I think, some rules can be modified. But I heard, that AH is not very cooperative in selling a license for a boardgame, which doesn't be anymore produced.
  2. Hello! I would like to see a reprint or new version of BAHOTH. I think there are many fans of the old game who would like to see it. Greetings, Kasi
  3. Hello! Does anybody knows, if there will be a scenario editor with dotf and normandy implanted? Thx, Kasi
  4. kasi36


    Hello! Battlelore is also in my game collection. But beware: It has a little more luck factor than TOI. I still have begun to paint the Battlelore-Figures. Wings of War i still don't have but it's on my wishlist for further boardgames ;-) One further point: Don't be afraid of the rules of TOI. It seems first complicated, but if you played one or two games then you will find much of the rules plausible. On FFG support are a few scenarios who aren't as big as the scenarios in the booklet. Maybe you will try this first. Have fun and very playful christmas :-) P.S. sorry for my bad english, i was not the best in school in languages :-) But I don't have trouble to understand the english boardgames that I have.
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    Hello! Don't hear on these negative commentaries! You've bought a really good strategic (tactical?) boardgame. Yes, it's a little tricky to put all those little miniatures in the base. And specially the first scenarios are a little unbalanced. But I don't think that the most battles in WWII were balanced. If you want more balanced scenarios then you could download it right here from FFG. My Tip: Work through the manual, play one or two games... Then you know, that TOI is a really nice game with more potential (and as the next step I think you will buy Days of the fox). Greetings from germany, Kasi
  6. Hope there will be more informations about this expansion soon... Can't wait to know more about it!
  7. Hello! 1. I am very interested in Normandy and informations about it (maybe the rulebook of this expansion online?) Then i know, what the game components are and which rules comes forth with it. 2. I looked at the description of the Designer Series and read about the mega-scenario. Because i won't buy a second box, i was not interested in this scenario, but if this scenario can be played with the terrain-expansion, then i would be very appreciated :-) Hope more informations about the upcoming products will soon be online Greetings from Germany, Kasi
  8. Hello! First i must apologize my bad english because i am from germany... I have too Battlestar Galactica now and i find it a very brilliant game. But two things i am a little bothered: 1. There is not as much material (specially the plastic figures could be more... Maybe Cylon Basestars?) 2. The Skill cards could have been more varied. Only two different skill cards for each skill i find a little too few. So long (greetings from germany), Kasi
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