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  1. Mulligans changes the balance away from Strategy, towards Tactics - The game moves a little bit towards more short-term thinking. To me, the 'problem' is that mulligans seem like an artificial fix, even though it's neither good nor bad. Sure, it allows you to get away with more things. Things can move towards more variance, instead of streamlined precicion in deckbuilding. Good or bad is relative. It makes tournaments less 'hardcore' and more 'accessible.' Not a fan of the whole process, but accessibility is also a useful trait for a game.
  2. I completely agree with Magnus Acarnus' reasoning. So, you managed to weather an assault for 60 minutes. There is a good chance that you would have done that twice. You at least get the win for it. Assuming you play your entire deck, and your side of the game takes 10 minutes to deal with, that means in the most extreme scenario (3 games are played) you are spending 12 seconds per card avarage thinking about them and handling them. A good number of them are resources. If you play a deck of 50 cards, that means that after resourcing, you'll have 42 cards in your deck. Drawing 2 per turn means that the game ends in 21 turns latest. That gives you 28.571 seconds to deal with your turn. Including setup time, that's an average of 25 seconds to handle your turn, when all 3 games are played. Say the time limit is increased by 50%, so you'll have 30 minutes per game. Then you can spend 18 seconds per card per game average. And then there is a 5 round extention (no time limit!) at the end of the time limit. Even if the game ends in a draw, that's still a result. You're equally matched and get points accordingly. Yeah, so not everyone is a cardboard ninja with lighning quick moves. Still, results are generated, even if some of them are draws. With "game agnostic Swiss" it shouldn't favor one playstyle over another, especially if the "stories won" tiebreaker is gone and strength of contest is used to determine an overall winner at the end.
  3. I'm certainly not thrilled about the official tournament rules. Good thing the definition of 'official tournament' is quite murky so when there is a tourney, I can pretty much ignore these 'suggestions.' "We have not changed the maximum time limit for Swiss, nor have we done away with the mulligan rule so players will still have ample opportunity to for their decks to click without having to worry that a second, let alone a third game, having to be played in order to gain the win." This explanation seems to be particularly weird. The point of playing a game is playing a game, right? This seems to be more like an apology for playing the game. "Sorry you have to play, but you can also roll a dice or something. God forbid you have to play more." it almost says. Uhhhm ok. That's a unique position to have there. I prefer my Swiss to be as game-agnostic as possible. Strength of contest as a tie-breaker, instead of some in-game element. An average of 20 minutes should be more than enough to have an outcome in the game, so 60 minutes for a maximum of 3 rounds, and a 5-turn extention period seems more than enough to me. Mulligans promote some less-efficient deckbuilding. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Might introduce some variance, but I tend to go for the hardcore approach. All in all I think I'll choose my own format if possible.
  4. Konx said: I think you should expect a revival of my Hastur/Cthulhu control for the next time we meet It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone if I mention what you will have to expect...
  5. Konx said: - Hastur: Infernal Obsession While a good card, it does little against a sneaky Descendant, since it's gone once you can play Obsession. That said, Performance Artist, Power Drain and Ward Philips are hilarious is the face of token payment...
  6. Kerrigan said: I was actually thinking of coming over there, but I'm a fairly new player, and have only tried my hand at deckbuilding a few times as I'm still in the process of picking up cards. So far I've only played it casually with some friends, and not that often either. That, and it's a two hour drive for me. You would have been most welcome. Every journey starts with the first step, right? There where players with varying amounts of experience, and prizes for everyone, no matter how badly it went.
  7. Tokhuah said: Do my eyes deceive me? An AP with stellar Syndicate tech that not only includes a great support card but also a 3 cost Character with investigate and deck manipulation!?! Nice AP overall with a potential to open new vistas of antedeluvian deckscapes filled with unmentionable horrors. William Bain stays like his CCG blackborder counterpart. 7th house loses the "It does not ready during its controller's next refresh phase." clause, slightly weakening it but... still an awesome card.
  8. Dam said: What's your take on mono-Syndicate? Even though you lost 3-0 it seems to have been a close game. Dam said: What's your take on mono-Syndicate? Even though you lost 3-0 it seems to have been a close game. My version still needs some tweaks, but generally, I like the consistancy of it all. I lost to Vincent because T1 he got Things in the Ground, with a Dr. Carsons Treatment on hand, outpacing me significantly. But Syndicate has a flat, consistant succes rate. My focus was on the Exhaust suite, not the skill reduction suite, but that side of Syndicate does have some potential, as it turns Tear Gas into removal. As Konx said, with 7th house back (even though it's a lighter version than the CCG version) it's going to be a reasonable choice. My deck performed as I expected, and I was either able to win quickly, or not at all. That all despite that it wasn't the optimal built, which would have been able to deal with some problematic situations (like Prize Pistol) which made it hard for me to win. I also saw quite some lunatics on the table, so I really start to like Tear Gas again. It went out of my deck due to the Dogs (on which Tear Gas does nothing) to make place for Finchington, but due to the errata and subsequent meta changes this is bound to be reversed again.
  9. Well, if I was the Red from the South Pole, I'd be the hooded one. I hear back in the 1930's that place was pretty much frozen, so a hood makes sense. The sextant, South Pasific? The girl in the white dress seems like Athens indeed.
  10. MarthWMaster said: They all seem to be wearing vastly different articles of clothing, and for all the differences and quirks that various Omniscient Councils of Vagueness have between one another, a common theme that they nearly all tend to share is a sense of uniformity, not just in color scheme but in dress code as well. It could be that these are all the Red-Gloved Man's equivalent agents from different parts of the world. This would explain the gloves seen Behind the Door: all New England agents of the Covenant wear the same type of glove. Anyway, if this is the case, it would tie in nicely with the "international" feel Ancient Relics is wanting to evoke. The locations we'll are confirmed as: "The Valley of the Kings, Hong Kong, the Yucatan, the South Pole, Athens, and the South Pacific" So, yeah, that makes sense. The question is: Who is who?
  11. No idea, actually I thought the arc had finished with Behind the Door: It shows the key and reveals there is more than one "Red Gloved Man." And now, indeed, the rabbit hole seems to go far deeper. Six locations, six "red ones" and six "keys." Some answers should be unavoidable. Although it probably raises even more questions in the process...
  12. carbonmatter said: So we've played maybe a half dozen games using just the core set, and I've had my entire board wiped in 3 of those (living Mummy, etc.)Followed by my opponent winning all the stories unchallenged. Wipes can be brutal, but there are some ways to get around this. Performance Artist (Core Set F87) can render a Mummy or Rift useless. Power Drain (Core Set F100) fills a similar role, and can even stop Catastrophic Explosions should they happen. Alternatively, if they wipe the board, you can try to give them a taste of their own medicine by removing whatever they have left, so they can't commit unopposed. Just look for a couple of cards that can give you the opportunity to respond out-of-turn, and try to predict when a wipe would be beneficial for an opponent, so you'll keep a domain open.
  13. When I first saw it, I thought: "Wow, this is better than Panic!" Then I figured it really isn't. Panic has the "commit, then Panic" trick. Also, it has problems against toughness and invulnerability. While the effect is more permanent than Panic, it goes both ways. All in all I think it's pretty well balanced against other cards, like Panic. That is, a card at the top end of the curve, but ultimately not something that is more broken than other stuff.
  14. Tokhuah said: @Marius: this better not be an April Fools joke... The way I look at it is there is one Domain that needs to go x4 anyway to play High Wizard of the Order so using Southside Speakeasy for an opportune Valone or Panic fits right into the strategy. With the aide of Syndicate debuffing his ability can tager virtually any Character. Also note that the card targets "X or lower", which is better than the typical "lower than..." limit. No drain a domain cost as part of the ability = On an aesthetic level, the art is sublime. The shadowy character lurking in the blue green mist creates a mood of deadly threats. No, it's no joke. That's why it was posted a day earlier, to avoid it being posted on april fools. It's a seriously powerful criminal, but that happens when it's at the top of the resource curve for the faction.
  15. I've always found the "number of stories" rule a bit weird. Some decks are about establishing control first, or use an alternate win condition like Yog Milling for example. Or set up a combo loop. Or simply rush. Personally, I prefer "Strength of contest" although this has an element of randomness to it.
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