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  1. ok. well in regards to you question. My cousins and I play with some "house rules". but thats another story. With dealing out Aliens. I see how many people are playing and the deal using only the red light powers first. so that everyone will get a Red to try to make it a bit fair. then usually deal 5 more flare cards to each player with all of the cards. so each player will get one (or more depending on the amount of people playing) red powers and the five of the rest. they then choose their power and pick a flare to add to the deck. (if you play with that varient.)
  2. oh hey man. soo sorry about that i was busy for a while and didn't have a chance to get on the forums. I'm sorry about that. i sent you an email.
  3. BDC sorry about the soul eaters but i can still sell you the Triton CnD and oath keeper for 30. email me Dmaster254@gmail.com
  4. ok. Champ. i will send the cards in the next few days. and i will add the signed card aswell. Thirroxin: how much are you offering for each card individually? is it $15 for each? Nobody: ok its good with me email me dmaster254@gmail.som so we figure out the final details. BDC: the soul eaters are taken by Nobody but you can make an offer on CnD.
  5. k. so Champ: email sent Nobody: thats fine. i can wait. the total would be all the cards you stated in the above post minus the CnD. does $35 sound good for them? To everyone interested in the SRUs. they are going to the person who gives me the best offer. the deadline for offers on them will the Friday the 20th.
  6. Champ, $12. if ok with me. Morbidsanity, you will have to make an offer on Chip n Dale and triton. also Roxas and Nobody are interested in them too. so they will go to the best offer. Also Nobody. after hearing what Champ said. i'll lower the price down to 35. IF that is reasonable with you.
  7. ok. I've been out of the game since set 3 came out. Im not sure on what would be good prices so bare with me.if they seem too high. just tell me. Also if a few people want the same card. it will go to the one with the best offer. Nobody: Holloween Town Sora $5 MerSora $5 Soul Eater X3 $12 ($4 each) Oathkeeper X2 $2 Disney Castle X2 $6 Destiny Island X2 $14 Moogle X3 and $6 Promo Riku Foil $10 Non Foil.$5 Chip n Dale. Offer. Total: $65 Roxas Chip and Dale Offer King Triton Offer Foil Riku lvl 2 $10 ( Nobody gets it first if he wants it.) TheChampIsHere Bambi lvl 3 SR $4 Bambi lvl 4 SR $4 Parasite Cage SR $7 Aladdin lvl 2 SR $4 Genie lvl 4 SR $5 TOTAL:$24 OK. like i said. these prices can be changed if they seem to high/low.
  8. so after spending hours and atempting many times to get intrest in the game where i live. i have no choice but to sell my collection. i will only accept cash. nothing else. You will send the cash first. and once i receive it i will send the cards. I will not scam you. i have a good trade record on the previous site. all cards are x1 unless other wise noted. I would like to sell most if not all the cards as one lot. the SRUs and a few of the rares can be bought seppartly. all cards will go to the best offer. NEW: I will through in some random commons and uncommons with your purches for free. the amout will roughly depend on how much you spend. SRUs King Triton HAW Chip n Dale PROMOS LVL2 Riku NF x2 LVL 2 Riku F LVL 1 Simba NF LVL1 Tink F LVL 1 MerSora LVL 3 Htown Sora LVL 1 Cid NF LVL 1 Tigger NF SR's Hook LVL 3 tink lvl 1 Goofy x3 LVl 2 bambi LVL 3 bambi LVL 4 Bambi LVL 2 Yufffie LVL 3 Jack Skellington LVL 7 P cage LVL 2 Aladdin LVL 4 Genie LVL 1 Beast LVL 2 dumo LVL 4 Dumbo Rares PLAYERS Riku LVL 3 ATTACK Soul Eater x3 Oathkeeper x2 WORLDS Disney Castle x3 Destiny Islands x2 Wonderland LVL 2 x3 Deep Jungle LVL 2 x3 Halloween Town LVL 2 Halloween Town LVL 1 x2 FRIENDS Moogle x3 Leon LVL 4 x2 PEter Pan LVL 3 Beast LVL 3 Jack Skellington LVL 3 Yuffie LVL 2 Ariel LVL 1 x2 Ariel LVL 2 x3 Ariel LVL 3 x2 HEARTLESS/VILLANS Wyvern x3 Wizard x2 Wight Knight x2 Aquatank x2 P cage Hook Behemoth x2 Pot Spider Ursula MAGIC Stopga I also have at least one of every common/uncommon from set one and two. If you are intrested in any of these just ask.
  9. hey this is Dmaster from the old khtcg forums just saying that i'm back. and yea. thats about it. haha
  10. Video game: Call of Duty or kh Movie: The Lord of the Rings Card Game: V.S. system and kh Band:.......idk AC/DC
  11. importing is not too expensive. it is just more of a pain then anything.
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