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  1. Want to get this if it supports multi player -- local play (multiple ipads connecting to same game on local network) or online. Thanks for help in advance!
  2. Ok, thanks for the quick response guys! Appreciate it!
  3. Overall, I never really liked the 'choose' a quest as the campaign 'map' mechanic but whatever--not really the focus of this topic. I am starting a new campaign next week (not sure which one yet) but I don't understand WHY there is a choice for the winner of the previous quest to choose the next quest. What choice is to be made? Yes, I understand literally what the choice is--you choose quest A or quest B for the next quest. But are some quests better for the overlord and other quests better for the heroes? You can't really tell at first glance of the quests. It seems like it would really require people to be REALLY familiar with the game to choose the right quest. I mean maybe I missed it somewhere but are some quests better than others for one particular side? My point: lets say I start a new campaign and I, as the overlord, fail the first quest--that means my heroes choose which quest to play next. Lets say they are all new or learning descent--how do they decide? Do they really need to read both quests and then choose one? As new players should they just pick randomly? Do they look at quest rewards? What do I tell them on HOW to pick the next quest. In fact, I am pretty familiar with Descent, and I don't even know what to look for. I think I am missing something. Can someone give me a cheat sheet or quick rundown on how you determine whether a quest is better for one side or the other--or what you are looking for when you 'choose' the next quest. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey, i spent 15 minutes looking for a thread on the differences between 1st and 2nd edition so please dont shoot me...my search-fu must be bad today. I have 1st edition...need to decide if i should buy second edition. Is there a list of changes from 1st edition anywhere? And if not can someone summarize? Thanks!
  5. So, while i picked up Battlelore Second edition and love it...i also picked up Diskwars: warhammer. uh...Diskwars plays faster...and gets the same 'tactical' feeling that Battlelore gives...i wonder if they realize they are cannibalizing themselves by supporting to VERY similar games... Maybe they are bailing on Battlelore for awhile and pushing Diskwars...i mean they did come out around the same time and Diskwars has 2 expansion packs already...
  6. Awesome! Thanks, i guess i am not as stupid as i thought Thanks again for the replies! (for some reason: Advanced quest cards, rumors etc are all really hard for me to understand..everything else is actually pretty easy )
  7. Ok, I think i'm stupid but I really don't understand Advanced Quest cards. I would like to ask a yes/no question and based on the answer it will prove if I understand them or not. Question: If I want to play Trollfens or Wrym Mini-Campaigns (stand alone and NOT incorporated into a larger campaign) then the Advanced Quest Cards are NOT used? Correct? I see, in all of the Trollfens 'Victory' Conditions for any quest an Advanced Quest Card comes into play. If I am playing a Standalone mini Campaign you don't need to do this step, right?
  8. Hey guys, Have any of you heard what the future of D2E is going to be? So far they have been pumping out expansions that follow the same formula (which is all goodness by the way) of x quests, y heroes, z tiles etc. All of this building on the CORE set of the game. Which is great and needed. However, in D1E, they pumped out a few expansions with lots of crunchy bits and then revamped the quest system with Road to Legend. Do you guys think or have you heard if they are going to introduce NEW stuff instead of just expanding on the core set? BTW I love D2E, love the agent packs (re packaged threat) but not sure how many more quests, heroes and tiles I need. Was hoping to get some new mechanics as in: Power Dice for monsters and heroes (like 1E) a better travel system or advanced campaign system Act III crunchiness Crafting You could do anything with it since D2E is pretty solid at the core. It just feels pretty 'sterile' compared to 1E. I mean come on--in 1E you had tokens for: Summoning circles, organs, bone piles, mushrooms, fountains, altars, rolling boulders, dart traps, elevated terrain, barrels...etc etc... I do LOVE all the balance changes of 2E but it is definitely a much more sterile game than 1E. Thoughts?
  9. No line of site for spawning… No Conquest points… This ain't your Daddy's shotgun, cowboy!
  10. Thanks everyone for your opinions! I really appreciate the feedback.
  11. Ok, thanks guys for the response! So my summarization is correct but perhaps it would be worthwhile to do noble interactions every once in awhile, thanks!
  12. Sorry for the weird question/analysis but bear with me. I found great value in Signs of Faith, Winds of Magic and Omens of war for these reasons alone: SoF: Disease rules WoM: Corruption Rules Omens: Severe Injuries It seems all of teh 'core' rules features of the above sets could easily be incorporated in 'almost' every game session or potentially every game session. Meaning, that 9 times out of 10 in a give session 1 or all of teh core rules listed above would most likely see some game time. So due to my cash strapped mentality--i found value in getting these expansion sets because those core rules were worth teh price of admission alone since they were used often in any game session. However, when i look at Lure of Power the core rule set that is included is Shame. For those that have bought it, are the Shame rules worth the price of admission? Are they used as often as Disease, Corruption or Injuries? Are they as good? What is teh compelling factor to Purchase LoP from of 'core' rules set addition. Yes, each pack has additional comps (monsters, Careers, talents etc) but if I only would only buy for the core rule piece is LoP worth it? Thanks any help would be appreciated. I am debating the purchase of LoP (to conclude the god packs) or Black Fire Pass (black fire pass seems situational as well BTW hence i haven't purchased yet). Help? Thanks!
  13. great work man! Great to see support of my two favorite things: Warhammer FRP 3rd edition AND windows phone 7!
  14. I notice most expansions have additional components from multiple areas (insanities, wounds, mutations etc). However, we have never gotten extra disease cards from anywhere? Am i missing something or is nurgle getting neglected by FFG...
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