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  1. Bad example... the faq does cover pds fire and direct hit... let's change my example to a normal combat round hit from an enemy unit.
  2. Does the Nano tech protect a Warsun/Dreadnaught from someone playing a Direct hit AC? i.e. War sun moves into a system with an enemy PDS. The PDS fires and rolls a hit. The War Sun's controller (who has the nano tech) assigns a hit to the Warsun, and the PDS's controller plays a direct hit card hoping to destroy the WS.
  3. Zapranoth said: A toad can not have items. A toad can not have followers. A toad cannot gain spells, nor cast them. So if you turn into a toad, you cannot pick up anything until you're un-toaded. Your followers sit on the space and anyone who comes along can take those, too. Same with your gold. You keep your spells but you can't cast them and you can't gain more. If you gain craft or strength points, you LOSE the extra points you gained (while a toad) when you un-toad. So, it's all bad, being a toad. I can't find anything in the FAQ/rulebook about not being unable to pickup objects or followers as a toad. I guess the toad card not having the object and follower boxes implies you can't have them, but that's not as strong a case as the rulebook stating you can't gain/cast spells. Is there a FAQ i'm missing?
  4. Which would take priority: A guarding melee hero spending his guard order to attack a skeleton that has stepped next to him, or a skeleton exploding? It may be a moot point since the skeleton could poke the hero two steps away to make him lose his order. As far as countering this OL skeleton suicide bomber strategy.. Shields will help. Giving melee heroes a magic/ranged weapon with a green dice (crossbow), should let them kill a skeleton a step away, with little to no fatigue to add power dice. A walking stick will also allow an attack against a skeleton before he can explode. Depending on which expansions you're using, you may not have a walking stick though. This won't cancel his strategy, but it should help.
  5. In Sea of blood encounters: Can a flying hero (Zyla) move through water without having to pay the fatigue/wounds? Since water isn't an obstacle (it's terrain), and since heroes can't have soar, I suspect the terrain effects them normally. Is that correct?
  6. Read through the new SoB rules, a few thoughts and questions. I'm still digesting it all, so some of these things may just be things I've missed. Boat can't turn, I suppose it makes sense. Because it could only be oriented at 90 degree intervals (square grid), it turning would be rather silly. When SoB was announced I had visions of the boats trying to out-manuever their oponnent, getting them into position for a broadside. Oh well; I'll get over it There are still some outstanding issues I see. Soar is still weird; Why would a figure (razorwing) swoop? The rules prevent prevent a soaring creature from being the target of an attack, but it is not prevented from making one itself. My new questions/concerns mainly involve the new ship section. Ship movement. When are/can cannons on ships placed/moved? A shiny new dragon fire cannon can be countered by the opposition staying on the other side. Are the placed -- When they're purchased? -- The overlord would have an advantage since he can react to the heroes placement. If this is the case, It follows the Overlord would get to place his cannons when the encounter begins. (Maybe, they gun layout is specified on the encounter description/are picture?) When they become relevant? -- When the encounter begins does the overlord or heroes place their cannons first? I suppose the advantage gained by either side might be minor.. but I would like it to be clearly stated Swimming- I suppose a figure can remove his armor to lesson (or remove) the armor penalty, that doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is simplier. How is armor that provides variable bonuses (Wizard's cloak: +2 Armor vs. Ranged/Magic. +0 Armor vs Melee.) Resting, Although strange, I suppose a swimming figure could rest in the water. Moving into new water space required the fatigue or health payment, but staying put (treading water?) is payment free. A figure could rest, then on the next turn recover fatigue, remove his armor and move as far as his fatigue/movement allow. Entering ship from the water? Can a figure enter their or the enemy ship from any adjacent square? The rules don't mention this, so I assume so. While swimming to enemy ship this seems a worse idea then swing on the rope.. swimming might be the only choice (monster may block the swinging movement), or a hero falling in (knock back, failing to swing) might need to swim back on board. That's all for know, to many questions can flood a thread with too many answers
  7. Extra blood tokens for the blood squids attacks? Can make out the gold chaos beast Gold level card in one of the pictures, same stats as RtL. Can also mostly make out the daggertooth shark stat cards. Oddly they look like Lt cards instead of normal monster cards.
  8. James McMurray said: Sleeping heroes have 0 armor and you always have to roll every attack die, so punching with a melee character is a bad idea. Even a punch without power dice won't always be your best bet, since you'll be doing 1-4 damage if you wake them up. You could instead kill the enemies and block line of sight to your sleeping friends. In the hammer bros encounter, the two monsters are too tough for a single hero to kill by himself in a single turn; At least for our town weapon toting crew. A single red die will usually do less damage then a monster rolling his full compliment too. In our scenerio, the ogres not only rolled the red "punch" die, but a green, yellow, and black as well; and that's not including any threat the OL wanted to spend to add/upgrade more power dice. It seems to me, being ambushed really on takes a few attacks or health away from the party. It would be more interesting to me to drop the sleeping aspect and instead have the heroes skip their first turn (monsters would go first). As far as encounters in general, I'm looking forward to Sea of Blood. I image there's no ambush type situation since the first few turns would start with the two ships approaching each other. Since it is a "stand alone" expansion, meant to be played without the tiles and tokens from RtL. I would bet that it doesn't include a encounter starting/ camping area tile, or any of the outdoor tiles that RtL does.
  9. We finally played the first session with this party, things went pretty well. We moved to the Thelsvan Highway, encountering the hammer bros on the way. The locations abilites had us suffering two wounds when placing an order. We were also ambushed. Heroes who failed to roll their way awake just dodged to wake up (suffering two wounds, which would wake them up anyway). We failed to kill one of the brothers twice (undying can be a moral breaker.) We then fled since our heavy hitting heroes were getting low on health. We then entered the dungeon. First floor was the collapsed towers. Things when well, tahlia spent the first few turns in town shopping, and visiting the temple. Kirga's skill was very usefull since all the rubble makes covering LoS tricky. We then called it a night. Didn't draw what the next floor would be, the OL did get evil genius into play. No one died (yet) so we're currently ahead in conquest 6-1 (which is really meaning less at this point) We randomly picked this party, I don't remember which heroes we rejected. The four piles were strange, the pile we chose tahlia out of had 2 other beefy melee people in it, the stack with steelhorns had the teleporting mage (thorn something?), and lyssa. We choose him since we didn't want lyssa, and took landrec out of a different pile. We don't like having two mages; the last time we tried the campaign was a disaster for the heroes. Being ambushed in encounters seems to not have much effect, since the heroes can punch (red dice attack) each other awake. The encounter location essentially negated Tahlias skill. On the plus side being ambushed removed the trees from the starting tile (they were covered by the campsite.) The party shows promise so far.
  10. Borrowing others' classifications: Mage: Landrec w/ Prodigy: 4 surges on a magic attack? That means guaranteed blast with the town blast room; that's good. Ranger: Kirga w/ Master Archer: Kirga is a solid archer. Doesn't have the fatigue or speed to keep up with the "real" rangers, but his spawning ability can make up for that. Tank: Tahlia w/ Tiger Tattoo. Tahlia is a keeper. My usual complaints with her, speed and fatigue, are offset with tiger tattoo, If a different hero picks up leadership, she'll be a handfull. "Runner": Steelhorns w/ cleaving. I use the term runner loosely, his speed is only 4 afterall with low fatigue. He will be interesting to see in-game. Cleaving with a reach weapon may make his skill more useful, 3 fatigue may not. I see the parties biggest weakness being their low speed; especially landrec. In my mind's eye I see him dying and being unable to return to the action for several turns. Assuming we can keep him alive his automatic-blast can give the overlord a headache, once he dies though... I dunno... As far as additional skills to pickup, leadership and spiritwalker are no-brainers. Vampiric blood, and weapon master might also be good. What do you think? Is this a terrible party?
  11. In the past, I believe we always played with his skill requireing him to move as a rook. Moving diagonally doesn't seem to "break" his ability though, I suspect this time we'll let him run like a queen (lol!) and be able to attack. The last time we played we got into a disagreement about him running, "moving" to town (via a glyph) and using his skill to attack. It seems it only makes a difference if his target is not in a "straight line" from the glyph or is further then 4 spaces away from the glyph (fatigue not withstanding.) I'm planning on posting the party we drew for out campaign; I'm interested how other people rate its strength. I will do so in a new thread, since that's a little off topic.
  12. shnar said: Very nice I haven't studied all the Lts, I didn't realize there were two "dragon" Lts. Are they both for that dragon Avatar? -shnar The figure he's painted green is Kratz; he's one of the beastman's Lts. I've always thought of him as a filthy, larger razorwing
  13. We're about to start a new campaign. One hero we selected was steelhorns. His skill is: "Steelhorns can make one Melee attack when he declares a Run action. He must move in a straight line and end his movement after making the attack." I'm a little curious how other people interpret his skill. Assuming he declares a run action: how do you interpret: "straight line": Can he attack if he moves like a rook? a bishop? a queen? "must move": Can he only move? Could he attack after he drinks a potion? opens a door? jumps a pit? hands a hero an item? "end his movement": Can he spend any remaining movement after his attack on actions other then movement? could he drink a potion, trade an item, re-equip, etc..
  14. I agree. If I remember the mimic card correctly, the contents of the chest (whatever they happen to be) are distributed when the chest is killed. A hero doesn't have to land a "killing blow" to get the contents, the mimc/beast man simply has to be killed (by anything - pit/aura/boulder/etc..) I don't think the rumor would change this fact.
  15. This is a little off topic, but how does the simplified treachery compare to "complicated" treachery in-game? Having all the expansions, we've never used the simplified rules; All I can do is guess: Since generally an overlord is more powerful with more cards in hand, more threat, more powers, etc.. I can see that giving the overlord a head start every dungeon can sometimes be better then him having a few superior cards. It seems that simplified treachery can also help against a "blitzing" hero party; since the Overlord will have more resources in the first few turns of a dungeon. Then again, a second dark charm or a crushing blow can make much more difference in a longer dungeon. What do you think? Specifically, if you've used the simplified treachery model, has it made as big a difference as I think it might?
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