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  1. If you are concerned about over doing bad guys I'd ease in to combat. Start with a little mystery that leads to one low level critter and see how that goes. Choose another critter that looks easy but use 2 or three and slowly get an idea of where your pc's sit compared to enemies. It should also give you a nice idea of what you like and don't like about the combat system so you can adjust enemies in the future to make them more or less of a challenge. As far as the actual adventures go they won't differe in content too much from any other game you've run just in the dressing. instead of finding the lost hermit in the woods they may need to hack a web site (though the nice thing with is game is they may in deed still have to find the lostermit in the woods heh)
  2. So, I still don't quiet get this. What makes CGDB more 'official' than any other place? I have been unable to locate any sign or branding by either FFG or Azmodee and none of the their videos, blogs, or podcasts have anything to do with any official channels. Mostly just seems the community has decided it is official and ran with it.
  3. Not that it matters a lick but if duelist training read 'treat the following action as though it were printed on the character' then he could copy it as the rules appear to be written. Same as blank means he can't. shrug. I'm not a judge, and I'm not 'official' but that is what I get from the rules. Not trying to argue and I'd respect the ruling either way at an event.
  4. I am aware of that post but I also know that some places do not consider that web site official so was just reminding, if in doubt, check with your event judge.
  5. Page 3 of the rule book under blank treats the card as if it has no printed text. If we are effecting said card as if it had no printed text, then there is no printed text to copy. While 'printed' does refer to the text on the actual card, as stated, in this case we are instructed to treat it as if it were blank.
  6. That would seem to contradict the rule book. Worth checking with your event judge.
  7. Never suggested stalling or wasting time. I've been looking into defensive wins and with what I have seen this far it is quite difficult. The one avinue I hadn't persued yet was defending to time. Did not mean to suggest anything distasteful. Just exploring all the options.
  8. Considering a deck build designed to go for Modified wins. Has anyone given this a try yet? I did a few searches and din't find anything about it so figured I'd ask. The new rules make it a little potentially a little random but outside that could it be a functional strategy?
  9. As it was explained to me the cuts for worlds are based on points so much as win loss record. If that is the case is a 'modified win' form a game that goes to time still considered a win for advancement purposes?
  10. In SW there was a default for some of those stats. usually either 2 or 4. I think crits were 4.
  11. Might be worth taking a peak at Forbidden Lands RPG on its way from kickstarter. It is based on the mutant year zeron system which I find thematically very similar to genesys. For that matter MY0 isn't a bad source either if you wanted to take a look at how they do things it is just a post-apok setting.
  12. Darksyde


    Hmm. From what I recall from the movies I think Shriekers would be minions. I'd probly separate the blasters in to minion juviniles and adversary adults. The classic graboids is an interesting critter. I think I would go a little out of the box and treat the tenticals as a minion group and if attacked the real body then treat it as an adversary/boss type.
  13. Hmm, not sure I like crab getting the first maho for this edition. I realize it may fit with old story lines but it didn't make sense to me then and doesn't really now. I guess I"ll have to wait and see where it goes. In the current fiction they are about to get support/supplies from an up and coming clan but all of a sudden that isn't enough so /witch hunters/ are now dabbling in literally the very thing they were formed to eradicate. ? oh well.
  14. I wouldn't call it contriversial but I think some of us (I'm guessing gm's) kinda default to limiting things in some way that improve two different things with one stat increase. It isn't always needed but sometimes it can make some skills just way more 'powerful' per point. At least that was my motivation. Not that I see anything instantly wrong with your original plan it was just the first thing that popped in to my mind. Kinda of the same thing when you pointed out you didn't want someone good at mecha melee to be good at hand to hand melee which is understandable.
  15. What about leaving melee as melee but limiting it's max stat to drive/pilot?
  16. Edited after doing some checking. They have made the default fantasy stuff kinda crazy dangerous so +5 seems reasonable. just watch out for Brawn becoming a high stat for everyone since it does so much.
  17. You can definately set just how 'steampunk' you want it to be by how much you make 'jacks' prevelent. little dog walking jacks, wood cutting jacks, etc. Could be fun.
  18. You could also give them increases to mental stats while being controlled by a warcaster/jack marshal. It seems like they can be given a routine to just repeat like an automated worker with no controller (in the fluff not the table top game) but I might be recalling that incorrectly. You can also work up to 'war jacks' from general purpose jacks which are arguably common in the grand scheme of things.
  19. I think I would do up a different critical table for them to keep in-theme with robots. Also you need to decide how important hit location is to you. You can either ignore it and just put things in the crit chart or if you think it adds that just right amount of flavor to your game you'll need a hit chart of some sort.
  20. Mine as well. It has been on my 'run some day' shelf since 1st edition. Over the years I've gotten 3 games started but 1 or 2 sessions in they had to stop for various reasons. Maybe someday!
  21. Hmm, that one is kinda interesting. For the scenario you describe you're only going to end up with a difference of 2, /maybe/ 3? in the stat so without going out of your way to re-create the always misses with the hits but doesn't damage I'm not sure it is doable in the core attributes/skills of the game. However, I do think there is room to put those types of qualities on weapons and equipment. It would be more work but if you stick with light weapons they may have some built in hit bonuses but a damage penalty (takes two extra hits to up damage) while large weapons are the other way round. It will be interesting to hear what you come up with and how things go. I've still got my set of 3rd ED I've been meaning to run for years on the shelf! Have fun and keep us updated!
  22. It will be interesting to see your take on threaded items. Finding out knowledges to upgrade your items/weapons was one of the favorite things about earthdawn.
  23. I highly recommend taking a look at Coriolis. I rather dig their space combat and the system is similar enough to SW/Genesis that it would be an easy conversion to Genesis dice in my opinion.
  24. You could just up the difficulty of non-specialty types of magic by one and/or give your specialty magic a free advantage. Make it something you pick in character creation. Mark your specialty magic. That way everyone still has access to all the things but they are automatically better at what they specialized in. Possibly add in a way to add specialties, once for each dot of intellect, make it a talent (+1 specialty), or perhaps let them pick one every X talents?
  25. Not sure he'd be great in a 'defend-to'win situation. Remember he kills your own guys as well! I agree though. he's a neet card but I don't get any anti-shugenja/phoenix vibe. I was expecting something a little different but I'm not mad at it!
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