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  1. 25. The players enter a corridor lined with serene looking marble statues, as they advance about halfway down the corridor the power cuts for a moment as the lights flicker back on the players realise to their horror that the statues have all moved and look set to attack, their serene faces warped into viscious snarls. The players better leave before theres another power cut... 26. As the players pass through a corridor they note various windows(viewing ports? on a ship??) dotted down the hall, every time they approach one the lights flicker and for a few moments they hear a terrible scratching. As the lights come on part of a message has been scratched onto the glass... From the outside! The more windows they pass the more complete the message becomes and the more distressed the glass is... Somthing like: "You'lll....Seee....Whhat...I...look...like....Whhheeen....The....Glass....Breaks" / "Can...you...breathe...if....one...of... thease...windows...break?" Que a hasty run to the end of the corridor followed by the sickening sound of shattering glass, decompression and demonic laughter just as they close the door to the corridor behind them.
  2. 299 dollars? I suppose thats in line with what people were saying Still It's a fair whack for a game I'm not sure I'll like. The paintjobs do look amazing though from what I've seen online, I'm really torn on this one. I suppose theres no hope of a mass produced pre-painted set for around the 200 mark :/ I almost wish they would throw in somthing extra into the box for that price, now we play the waiting game.
  3. I think that the master officer of the fleet looks fairly suitable for a rougue trader, maybye convert a bold pisol and powersword onto him? As for the astropath... I think he's spot on: www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp
  4. Hey, my advice would be if you've got all the books why not run a "Haarlock" themed campaign? Seeing as you have a number of haarlock adventures already? I would suggest running a number of other adventures as well, the great thing about the harrlock legacy is that you can pop your antagonists pretty much straight into most of the adventures in some way. Maybye play edge of darkness first to get into the swing of things (If the plot is a bit much to remember you can always cut back on the whole logican thing and just blame the whole series of events on the crazy Dark-Tech woman). Then play the adventure found at the back of the core rulebook (Illumination) the great thing about this adventure is that the bad guy (the demon, “dancer at the threshold”) can be killed over and over again (within reason) and because he's a demon he can keep coming back and possessing someone different. Just bear in mind that the final encounter can be a real pig unless your party's figured out his weakness. Have you got the G.M screen? The adventure that comes with it (maggots in the meat) Can be a fun little jaunt and is open enough for you to start adding developments to the story. (I'm a really big fan of the slaught (maggot men) ). Be warned the Slaught ifiltraitor at the end is a little difficult to deal with for most parties (What I would be tempted to do is have him taunt the party and then run off at the end of the adventure. You can even have him jump off the windmill and hit the ground below with a horrible noise only to have him get back up and run off, or slither or whatever). House of dust and ash (found in the back of Disciples of the dark gods). If you play the aforementioned adventures you should have a pretty nice cast for the auction, nonesuch (who can be the slaught infiltrator who ran off last mission) and the dancer at the threshold can have a massive throwdown when **** hits the fan during the auction. When/ If the party survive you can have them miraculously picked up by one of your I.Q's trusted advisers only to have him betray the party and hand them over to agents of the beast house!!! Que Tattered fates ( or you can simply conclude the adventure when they escape and run the transition the way tattered fates suggests). Tattered Fates (Pretty self explanatory. But take the time to read through the book (because the plot will develop over a number of adventures) esp. the red cages section flesh out those encounters you want to run). Damned Cites (Same thing again just follow the book after reading it a couple of times and try not to give away the identity of the heritic too early!) Then maybe buy dead stars or write your own conclusion. ( I don't have dead stars either but It looks great!) Finally feel free to add your own adventures or charecters into the mix! We'll I hope thats helped you out a little. I'm sure the other guys on the forum all have their own ideas too, It's a pretty good community on the boards here. Give us a shout if you have any more problems/ questions. P.S: Apologies for the long ass reply. Hmm your not trying to convert him to R.T are you Gregorius?
  5. You could perhaps go one step further, living in such a wonderful place could make them softer than the average acolyte: Sheltered life: A relaxed and sheltered life has left the acolyte more susceptible to the horrors of the universe, whenever the acolyte gains insanity from any source they gain an additional +1 IP. That might be a tad harsh though, some other skills could include: Peer (nobility), Evaluate, Gamble? I would be also tempted to increase the quality/craftsmanship of their starting equipment by one step. Finally who's to say you couldn't have a different background? A scum character from a pleasure world would make an interesting character.
  6. For starters why not head over to Dark Reign? Its "the" unnofical 40k role play site, its full of plot hooks, background info and home brewd rules. Deffinatly a good place to start. Are you completly new to the 40k setting? You may want to read Ravenor or Eisenhorn (by Dan Abnett) both are really great intoductions into the setting and the sort of things Inquisitors get up to as well as a good read. You should be able to pick most of the setting and feel up from the I.Q and R.T Rulebooks although if you have any hardcore 40k fans in your group you may want to discuss their perception of the 40K setting so as not to upset them when you turn around and tell them their inquisitor is an ork. Hmmm on the concept of the common man i don't really know what to say, try and focus instead on the enormity and scale of everything... this is an empire that actually has Cemitary worlds! The odd dead worker here or there isnt going to bother anybody...unless quotas start to drop. I'd say you can keep the grim and gritty of W.H just add a pinch more dispair and inhumanity (turning dead people into candy bars! Well corpse rations anyway). I dont know if your players would be intrested in what the average menial does...pretty much slave hours, slave wages and an early grave is all that most hivers get. Woah went on for a bit there...hope some of this helps answer a few of your questions if youd like to know anything more just give us a shout. Oh and while i remember Servants of the Imperium is a great little web-comic all about an inquisitor and his team well worth a hit.
  7. Wow this is really usefull... Have you considered uploading this on Dark reign? I'm sure the players there would find it extremly helpfull. Seriously great idea
  8. All hail the emporor! I still cant beleive people are going to be getting their books in the next couple of weeks!!!!! FFG we salute you!
  9. Sigh... i wish i knew the time they updated the site..is it the same time every day? stupid R.T
  10. Nice as it is for my first comment on the new forums to be negative I thought I would point out that FFG have given 2 missions the same name: -Wave of mutilation for both Scenario 2 and 4, Scenario 4 should actually be called: In the mean time. Can anyone spot any other mistakes? i thought that if we used this thread to write them all down we could send FFG one big email as opposed to loads of sporadic ones.
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