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  1. We too find it a little bit hard to play the high cost characters, except Shub, so most of the time we stick to 3- cards.
  2. If you want to build a competitive deck you should aim for 50 cards.
  3. If you control 2 Bringers it shouldn´t be a problem, but with only one Bringer under your control it won´t work. On the other hand if your opponent´s Bringer isn´t exhausted you couldn´t trigger the effect because you can´t exhaust characters not under your control (besides special card effects)
  4. To return a card legally to your hand it must be yours so only option one will work.
  5. If i play Blind Submission on my opponents committed Vicoria Glasser, is she still committed to the story but now on my side of the story? and Can i take control of her if i ´ve had my 'own' Victoria?
  6. Ah ok, thanks. Otherwise it would be too powerfull i guess.
  7. Thanks for the list, love this pack already, lots of usefull cards in there. Now all i need is some nice looking scans.
  8. If you just own the core set then you probalbly play a lot of highlander games and no faction will be superior. So you can mix whatever you like.
  9. Can I play Endless Interrogation three times after i succeeded at a story if i have three undrained domains?
  10. Congrats to the winner and many thanks for the decklists and the soon to appear article!
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