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  1. I'd love to play this online, but would prefer some other format.
  2. reapersaurus

    A board game?

    Royaldoy said: Give the board game a go. In my experience it's ton better than the card game. The board game is actually one of the more fun games we play. The card game is one of our least favorite games to play. We feel the boardgame is superior, as well.
  3. As far as I'm aware, in the extended game group, it's something like 4 Cyclon victories, vs 1 Human victory. In my (1) experience, the Cylons seem to have to reveal on the early side and then start hammering the humans, since the actions in human disguise are simply not that effective compared to after they reveal.
  4. If every FF game is not going to have a forum, then please may we have a catch-all forum to post about all the other unlisted ones? (Perikles, Quicksand, Arena Maximus, etc etc etc )
  5. I think you can get to your profile thru this link (replacing the last numbers with your account number, hover over your avatar to find it) http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_comunidad_perfil.asp?ecoid=535
  6. willco said: I entered it at the Geek, and when I checked the queue after submitting it, it had been submitted *several* times. That's why ya check the queue before submitting anything (especially timely entries like this one).I've got the submittal queue as an entry somewhere in my Quickbar....
  7. ColtsFan76 said: I have a custom avatar that I use at everye other site. i would like to see them here as well. Seconded! (Or is it 3rd or 4th'd?)
  8. Here's hoping Andrea and Luca (designers) can give us their thoughts on these forums from time to time.... To collect what information we have on the expansion, post what you can here (sneak info, details, release dates, price, etc). Here's the BGG page with the AI with the 2 extra buildings. I can't find the post where they described the Heroes and Events, etc.
  9. Sicher said: BoardGameNews is saying December 2008. Not used to this quick turnaround time on unveiling to release. Quoted for truth. I'm surprised how this came flew in with the winter wind. I'm also surprised at the length - did it say 2-4 hours?! Sounds pretty roleplay-ish, which would be interesting.
  10. Royaldoy said: While I am a fan of the BattleLore system, I am hoping that future expansions will lean towards the fantastical side of things. I'm not a fan of historical events from foreign countries and while I'm sure this puts me in the minority, I hope to see more trolls than the French with pointy weapons. Seconded!!! I, for one, welcome our heroic fantasy overlords.
  11. I'd say it's both. The gameplay is solid - I think it's actually underappreciated. The components are the initial draw, I'll be honest. You can get kids and even non-gamers attracted by the pastel camels with riders.
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