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  1. Wow... I really should read the news pages more carefully. I'm in Australia and had to pay $15 Aus for the deluxe book which I bought at the same time as the game from the same store. To add insult to injury, both the included 'Learn to Play' book and the 'Deluxe Book' Component lists have different errors. If anyone is curious: I sent this to FFG with a request to give us a correct page for the deluxe book on matching glossy paper in a future expansion, or at the very least a PDF.
  2. Bruce's accounting of the situation here is accurate. As I mentioned earlier, it seems that the pricing envelope is being pushed to see how far they can go before revenue starts to drop off. Well they hit the high water mark for me with this expansion. I will be sending a polite email to FFG telling them why I won't be purchasing.
  3. If Asmodee hadn’t strangled the online distribution of their products, I might agree with you. As it stands, IF you can find a retailer that ships to Australia and NZ, you pay about the same (or more in some cases) compared to the Aussie retail price once the shipping is added in. Someone along the distribution chain is pushing the envelope to see what the market will bear in the way of retail cost and shipping. Similar behaviour damaged Games Workshop’s reputation severely in recent years. If Asmodee aren’t careful, they could end up in the same boat. If its the logistics companies, then FFG/Asmodee should be acting to protect their interests and reputation I don’t like not buying the games. Its only this year that I’ve stopped buying everything in the AH Files range that FFG have released. If they won’t act to equalise retail prices, they will have to deal with lost revenue.
  4. I've been a staunch supporter of FFGs Arkham Horror Files games up until the news of this release. After the figure base debacle with the core game and the dismissive responses from FFG customer service, my enthusiasm for 2e was severely diminished. The cost of this expansion, and the seemingly minimal physical content, has me voting with my wallet. Landed cost here in Australia is nearly $100 Aus. That is blatant price gouging and I refuse to be a victim. The $7.99 Aus DLC price is steep enough, but they are now trying to charge core game prices for expansions. This is me, voting with my wallet, and FFG, I'm not alone... I am VERY disappointed at this apparent change in FFGs customer service, and pricing models.
  5. A technical note for those of you using clear plastic bases. Superglue (Cyanoacrylate) does tend to fog clear acrylic. and application of Future, a floor polish in the US (Pledge One-Go in Australia) willl remove the fogging effect. Apply it by dipping the entire base into a container large enough to accommodate it, then hang it to allow the excess to drip off. It should leave the clear acrylic, bright and shiny and fog free. It can also be sprayed on with an Airbrush, or painted on manually. Future is a polyester type floor polish and dries clear and extremely shiny. It is particularly good for giving your Mythos creatures a slimy looking protective coat! *WARNING* Future is a dust magnet. Make sure your workspace is clean and if possible, cover the models with a plastic container or similar while they hang to dry.
  6. Up the cost??? How about lowering it! So, do we have to buy it on each platform we might be using? It's $7.99 on the Australian iOS App Store, and I'm sure as hell not going to pay for it twice to have access to it on my PC tablet as well. I'm giving serious thought to not buying it at all. That's very expensive for one scenario, and it looks like it doesn't use the expansion tiles or monsters either! shake Disappointing cash grab from FFG/Asmodee.
  7. Given that the game is entirely app driven, there is really no excuse for FFG NOT to include tiles and monsters from ANY expansion or tile/monster pack. You specify which products you own in the app before you do anything else. Allocation of resources simply becomes a question of if/then. OK, that's probably an oversimplification, but the point remains the same. If the app can't manage any or all of the products at the same time, there is something wrong with the way it has been written. It is sounding to me like FFG are taking shortcuts to lower development time, thereby cutting costs. I would bet that if the app cant handle more than the base game and Beyond the Threshold, at the time of release, then it won't be modified to include the previously released expansions or 1e product later. That would serve no profitable purpose, and FFG have been becoming less and less interested in customer satisfaction of late.
  8. I was quite enthusiastic when I first read of this book. I bought FFGs other Cthulhu hardcover and was well pleased with it. Then I saw the shipping cost!!! $69.84 for Priority International shipping to Australia, seriously?!? Needless to say, thoughts of buying this went out the window immediately. I am not prepared to pay more for shipping than the cost of the product...
  9. As much as I enjoy the gameplay, I won't spend another cent on this game line unless they fix the bases, which as of this moment don't have a problem as far as FFG is concerned...
  10. Thanks for the replies. Good to know it is actually designed for solo play too. I'm still on the fence about buying in though. I'm not sure if a deckbuilding game is going to scratch the Mythos itch for me.
  11. Title says it all. I've never bought into a LCG before, so this is unclear for me. I understand that up to two players will be able to build decks from a single box. Is the 1 player listing just included to indicate that you can build a playable deck for multiplayer games?
  12. @tsuma534 No worries at all Sometimes my important factoids get buried by my walls of text... @Polda Well spotted!
  13. Let your inner cynic be comforted my friend. I received an email this morning from FFG/Asmodee CS saying they have shipped replacement bases to me! Now, to see if I receive more of the new castings or 1e bases. I'm hoping for 1e, but i don't like my chances, unless they have received a lot of mail on this issue. With regard to the clear acrylic bases; I agree that they do look boss on the board. Litko did an investigator base that held the miniature and the Standee vertically in a slot at the back of the base. I wonder if they might be prepared to give monster bases a whirl in clear acrylic with the same design principle...
  14. Gluing the figures to the bases is a necessity along with a boiling water dip. This will remove about 90% of the problems people are having. The rest is related to the Deep One and Star Spawn mounting holes being molded in a position that the figure obscures the windows in the base. The figures also have a lot of flash around the mold lines that has to be trimmed away if you are painting them.
  15. Wow! Beautiful work everyone. Definitely an inspiration for me. I just started work on my figures last night. Interesting that the strap for Agatha's Optical device is sculpted. but the device isn't. I guess the expectation is to just paint it on (Like Prince Vigo's Carpathian kitten )
  16. I have had the same problem with the Star Spawn wings. You're competing with mass and gravity. The 'stem' that the wings are attached to is not thick enough to support the weight of the wing. The only way to fix the existing wings properly would be to replace that section with more rigid plastic (or green stuff coated wire) and then pin the wing to the new piece. I think the alternative wings shown above look awesome! There will surely be a set that suit the figure and save all the mucking about trying to put the wings right. NOTE: I tried the hot dip method to move the wings back to where the FFG photos show them positioned and they don't stay there for more than an hour or so...
  17. I find it really odd that FFG would retool the mold for the bases when the first mold worked perfectly! That strikes me as unnecessary (and possibly large) expense. I actually played around with a few of my painted and based 1e figures with the 2e chits inserted. Yes, the chits slide in and out quite easily, but none of the bases lost it's chit until I literally shook it like was in a hardware store paint mixer (even then it didn't fall right out). Subject to normal use, I cant see that happening. I have been a huge fan of MoM since 1e, and 2e for me is wonderful as so many of the issues with 1e are resolved, and I don't currently have a regular gaming group but I can still play as often as I like thanks to the app. I may be sounding hypercritical, but this problem with the bases, and some poor quality molding on the figures themselves, are the only negatives I can raise regarding 2e. I hope it becomes a long-standing success for FFG and we might look forward to the entire range of miniatures being released with future expansions. I feel it's important that this basing issue gets resolved sooner rather than later as it will affect ongoing use of the figure range. There are many people on BGG who are already saying they just use the chits rather than mess about with the figures. I can't imagine playing the game without the figures... and I don't want to try!
  18. So, not totally random (granted of course that there are some plot constraints on rooms)... That's a shame, considering the huge pile of tiles you end up with after combining 1e and 2e. Hopefully FFG might make better use of the whole catalogue now the collection packs have been released.
  19. Thanks for the replies. Dulcaoin, you are very observant! I hadn't noticed the change in the mold. I had just assumed it was a bad batch. On comparison, the 'feet' you mentioned are indeed different, and the hook has a totally different profile, going from thick at the bottom to thin at the top on the contact edge. The 1e base hooks are of a uniform thickness on the contact edge and bevelled on the outside instead. I wouldn't have raised this with customer service if it hadn't affected all 18 small bases. I'm not prepared to waste my time and money chewing through x-acto blades and sanding sticks to fix something systemic. That's time I could be using to paint the miniatures or be playing the game! The biggest issue of all is that I want to use these figures across the Arkham Horror Files range. I own all the games (except the card game) and want to be able to swap the chits easily without damaging them. That's what they were designed for!
  20. I've had my game just over a week now. I've been cleaning up the miniatures to paint. I own all of 1e so I could use the conversion kit chits for the monsters. The new, smallest size bases just can't take the chit in the slot. I've filled, scraped and sanded, but it still won't go in. By comparison the conversion kit chits slid into the 1e bases with no resistance at all. Has anybody else found this problem? The medium and large bases are fine, but all of the small bases have this problem. I've emailed CS about the issue. Hopefully they can provide functional replacements, as I like to use the miniatures on the board.
  21. Great job on the paint! If you are having difficulty with white and yellow, I heartily recommend the Army Painter range of paints. They are extremely pigment rich and the white covers darker colours with a single coat. If I'm painting yellow and want it to be bright, I always apply a coat of white first. It makes the yellow really pop!
  22. It's my understanding that the "Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath" are actually Sandy Petersen's own creation for the CoC RPG. Extrapolating on that fact, Shubby looks a little pig like, as represented by the Cthulhu Wars art and miniature (Sandy's design notes brought to artistic life by Richard Luong). I hadn't made the pig snout connection until I read it here, but I guess they could be interpreted as such. I painted my Dark Young black, dry brushed with grey. Details (including the 'snouts') were painted green except for the tongues, which I painted a pink flesh colour. I've bought quite a few Dark Young miniatures since 1981, and this is the first model that has that snout shape on it.
  23. Signed with gusto! With 2e being app driven, it seems to me a lost opportunity to not include a scenario creation utility for UCG. If you're going to embrace new technology, do it across the board (pun intended).
  24. Having bought their wonderful Mythos art book, I'd be jumping at the chance of more novels and art collections from their Mythos games.
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