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  1. ok there was alot of long posts and my attention couldnt hold up, so this may have been mentioned. im gonna keep this short for other people that have short attention spans too. foremost ffg needs to bring back the events location finder thing we once had. you could look for the closest place that had sanctioned games, which was nice. second im sure they have a good idea of where the game is selling well, there has to be some kind of record keeping for that. states or sections of states with larger than normal coc sales should be pumped up with events, that way less people have to travel, and possibly a bigger turn out. and lastly, advertise in the asylum packs!!! let the casual players know that there are tourneys happening. an example if boston has been selling the best on the east coast include something in there with a list of all other cities that will host one of the major events. the stuff is planned in advanced so put the flyers in the box!! wouldnt hurt to inform them of the event finder, if ffg ever has something like that online again either.
  2. blind submission a cultist then trigger this guy could be alot of fun.
  3. since i use the deckbuilder program i keep all my cards in numerical order, makes it easier to find the cards when i need them.
  4. miskatonic has some stuff that can restore/ready characters. wait until after they commit to stories on their turn set off things and restore/ready your new characters. hastur has thing from the stars which would take care of any AO brought into play this way too.
  5. path of blood and agoraphobia will work. and in a yog deck path of blood could easily be recycled so you could wipe the board many times, but cost 6 is pretty late in the game. shub would help reduce the cost with ghoulsih worshipper. does seem a wasted spot since there has to be a more useful character they could have reprinted....
  6. seems deep one rising is leaning more towards its original wording rather than the 1.5 errata...
  7. On the back of Machen's Red Hand and White People book it mentions that The White People was Lovecraft's second favorite horror story. So I'm wondering what is favorite is, probably something by Poe??? Anyone know?
  8. Amante said: If those stars are supposed to denote new cards, "The Greatest Fear" and "Terrors In The Dark" are reprints and yet still have stars. Again, can someone post the text of the reprinted stories please? the deckbuilder has them, if you have that. if not i can export the text later, or tomorrow.
  9. The_Big_Show said: I'd have liked a few more new cards included in the set, but that's just me. ditto. they should have atleast split it 50/50 with new to the reprints. good card selection. but nothing really 'secret' here since most of these are well known.....
  10. here is a deck i built using the silver key. the decked worked surprisingly well when i played it but since it hasnt played against many different decks no idea how good it really is. it did play alot better than i thought it would. the idea here is just go for the one silver key story and pagan hall a success token and save them to grab other stories. early rush sorta to get 2 or 3 on the other stories and let pagan hall take it frome there. guardian of the key really does double duties and the loyal factor makes resourcing pretty restrictive, but since every thing is cheap it hasnt hurt me, yet. 3x AAH F4 Cafeteria Lady 3x ASL F3 •Dr. Carson, Fringe Psychologist 3x ADN F43 Dreamlands Scholar 3x AMD F24 Obsessive Insomniac 3x CS F28 Strange Librarian 3x CS F105 Fishers from Outside 3x AMM F12 Forgotten Shoggoth 3x ASK F71 Guardian of the Key 3x AMM F13 Reawakened Elder Thing 3x APY F116 Old Sea Dog 3x CS F36 Binding 3x CS F38 Restless and Wary 3x ATT F72 Path of Blood 3x ATH F12 Twilight Gate 3x AAD F44 Academic Obfuscation 3x ATT F64 •Pagan Hall, Science Department 3x ASK F72 •The Silver Key, Unlocking the way… Total 51
  11. i think youre completely right, book of eibon is a constant effect, and the 'until' does seem to imply you check whether condition is met with every card. in the spirit of the game id assume that eibon should only trigger after all 8 cards are drawn. i do see an errata coming for book of eibon as being a forced response....
  12. TheProfessor said: I sent in an email to the rules link last week - still waiting a response. I don't know what the expected wait time is on rules questions... There are several cards that need this resolution. Parallel Universe is another, and I'm sure there are more... im stilling waiting for a response on stuff from the first league run.....
  13. infernal is unique which limits you to permanent control of only one character. the necronomicon can be used over and over again. it is possible to get that character wounded or driven insane, or even sac it, so then they dont get it back but you still made use of it. small price to pay and that book would be a nice combo too, before end of phase. with shub, ancient guardian could really wreck their day, but two domains with 3 resources is alot and all 3 drained is alot to invest.
  14. well our small play group did lose a player, and i think some of it had to do with the way ffg has handled coc lately... and to think a delay wont hurt sales seems alittle off. they spend time and money (most likely) to advertise this stuff, and the non-diehards will save up money or whatever then when months go buy and they still cant buy they just give up. blizzard doesnt release advance release dates cause they really dont have any. they have always taken the stance 'the game will be released when it is perfect.' so maybe ffg shouldnt announce dates until they can 100% promise its release. because of this delay i probably wont be getting the expansion until way later. or if at all. my summer classes start up in june and i wont be able to run CoC for like 3 months, and since the other guy has stopped playing already, that may freeze our small play group until end of summer and by then who knows..........but this is ffg so maybe the set will only just be coming out in the fall. i was planning on getting 2 sets so ill have a playset of cards, but if the play group dies ill only need one for my collection. if release dates dont matter why does the video game and movie business work so hard to make it happen? most people have budgets and they wanna have some fun.....they wont wait forever for something, they will spend the money on taking their girlfriend to the movies, buy some tv show season, or whatever.
  15. i think its well known that ffg is a company that makes great games but otherwise seems to suck at everything else. maybe its the norm with board game companies but it really seems they dont care about their customers. its like 100% product, 0% customer. the funny thing is i dont seem to get the impression that ffg has anything close to 'apple' fanboys. might be because of the treatment of customers that they dont have any fanboys....
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