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  1. I don't believe there is any plan to change the ships in the expansions. I'm also not really able to wrap my head around why folks seem to think having some translucent ships in one color, and non-translucent in a different color means they don't work together. They're meant to be different from one another- before now just in color. Frankly, I'd love it if they were more different from each other set.
  2. It won't be a larger box, but FFG has heard a few people are interested in a larger box. So make more noise about that. It will be compatible with all the current (and hopefully future) expansions.
  3. No expansion aliens in the combo cards. I think it's unlikely we'll see any more combo cards- they are specifically designed to get new players into a game quickly. But, who knows- they might to a POD version of expansion combo cards.
  4. At the con, they talked about the 1976 Parker Brothers edition, which would have been the first, but they pulled the plug saying "space doesn't sell". 42 years later....
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/cosmic-encounter/
  6. It is a different version. You have the power to Possess. As a main player, before allies are invited, you may use this power to take possession of the hand of any other player except your opponent. Place those cards facedown on this sheet. They are not part of your hand, but you may use cards from here as though they were in your hand. If a card played from this sheet would return to your hand after use, return it to its previous owner instead. At the end of the encounter, return any cards remaining on this sheet to their previous owner. History: Hailing from deep within the core of a molten planet, a race of Demons was exiled from their original galaxy for unprincipled opportunism. Knowing their mere presence saps others’ will to win, they now seek Cosmic vengeance. Wild: As a main player, before allies are invited, you may possess any one other player except your opponent in order to force that player to ally with you when it is his or her turn to do so. That player must send as many ships as possible, up to the number of ships you have in the encounter, but he or she is not required to abandon any colonies to do so. Super: When using your power, you may draw six cards from the deck to possess instead of another player's hand. If a possessed card would return to your hand after use, it does so. At the end of the encounter, returnany remaining possessed cards to the top of the deck in any order.
  7. Wow, what a post! I'd love to be able to participate in one of your tournaments one day.
  8. Reward deck(s) should quickly be your must-play variant from now on.
  9. FFG means its origin is having been published by FFG. FFGfo refers to aliens first shares on this FFG forum.
  10. Wondering if there is any movement on this?
  11. I suggest you can only use the effect if the ship marker is on a ship involved in the encounter. Furthermore, someone else's ship in the encounter with a marker could zap another ships's zap. This forces players to put those ships at risk, and their involvement can be a deterrent to card use.
  12. I'm with you. Bring on the moons!
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