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  1. I'd say that it doesn't affect melee. Those attacks don't involve range at all while a ranged attack from an adjacent square still needs to roll at least 1 range to hit.
  2. He appears in the third part of the Haarlock's Legacy trilogy of adventures, Dead Stars. The passage of time has not been kind to the man.
  3. A weapon that can inflict 1d10+5 Pen 2 shots is pretty **** good. It certainly overcomes the complaint that a guardsman equivalent is far too good at absorbing lasfire. That it drops the weapon's effective ammo count from 60 to 15 is a fair trade, I say. If it were any more powerful there's be far less incentive to use more powerful weapons. As it is the boltgun only gets +2 Pen and Tearing over an overcharged M36.
  4. You shot them? That sounds like a terrible waste of ammunition and, more importantly, you probably damaged valuable components you could sell later. Inefficiency is detestable, but I don't think it's a moral failing. Really though, you should have killed the lot of them at the same time. Do you lack storage facilities for harvested organs? Was it a question of limited demand? I get the feeling that your cell was being needlessly morbid, unless you felt the Emperor-given need to put fear into the hearts of those criminals. The real sin here is that you deprived the Adeptus Arbites, a branch of the Most Holy Adeptus Terra, of some quality target practice, possibly illegally, for personal profit.
  5. Good update this week. My only possible complaint is that bullpup lasguns are now pretty much pointless. With the carbines you can one hand-them more easily, but bullpups have nothing to make them more desirable than the M36. The Medicae changes still need a look over, in my opinion. First Aid is far too useful as it is, given that it can be used repeatedly over a long period of time (reducing the desirability of Extended Care) and that it's barely effected by the patient being Heavily Injured. Before being Heavily Injured was a big deal as it drastically reduced your ability to be patched up. Now it only imposes a -10 modifier to the roll which means one less wound healed if the medic passes their test.
  6. Lightly Wounded - 1 wound per day normally, Toughness Bonus in wounds per day if resting properly. Heavily Wounded - No healing normally, 1 wound per day if resting properly. Critically Wounded - No healing normally, 1 wound per day if resting properly and they pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness test.
  7. No need to treat each individual wound, just keep track of when the patient was last treated and how much damage they've taken since then. Example: Parker gets shot in the chest twice with a lasgun, the shots dealing 2 and 3 damage respectively for a total of 5 points of damage. Jericho attempts to patch him up but fails; those wounds remain. Later on Parker is struck by a piece of shrapnel from a frag grenade that deals 2 damage to him. This time Jericho passes his First Aid test when he treats Parker's injures and heals those two wounds. Even though Jericho's Intelligence Bonus is 4 he can't recover the wounds he failed to treat earlier. He'll have to resort to Extended Care to mend those injuries.
  8. I've got to say, the medicae changes are puzzling. First Aid being almost equally effective unless the patient is deep into the criticals and the 24 hour cooldown totally changes its utility. Why would anyone bother with Extended Rest now unless they're outright crippled, given that First Aid takes a few minutes to perform at most and can be used every day? There's a lower chance of success, sure, but even a vaguely experienced medicae can potentially get someone back on their feet in a day or two. After two sessions of play my group's medic has an effective Medicae skill of 68 (Int 48, Medicae +10, Master Chirurgeon) which is boosted up to 88 if the Medi-Kit is used. Why heal 1 wound a day (or 2 with a Master Chirurgeon watching over you) when you can recover much quicker with a good First Aid roll or two? The medi-kit itself needs to be addressed as well. As is it provides a flat +20 bonus to all medicae tests. I've personally been only allowing this bonus for First Aid, but if it affects extended care then the aforementioned medic will be unable to fail an extended care test unless he rolls a critical failure (or I impose situational penalties). Furthermore, once he picks up the Medica Auxilia comrade talent he can treat a potentially unlimited number of patients without penalty. That last issue has been in there since the beta first came out and the matter of when the Medica-Kit's bonus applies has been a bugbear since Dark Heresy but as it is Medicae is very, very powerful now. I'm not sure why these changes were needed. First Aid was already very useful to begin with, allowing minor wounds to be patched up with relative ease while being unable to completely remedy heavy and critical injuries. Some form of clear limit on First Aid's usage was definitely needed, but the 24 hour cooldown seems artificial and impedes Extended Care's utility. The system I was using is that any individual can only have First Aid performed on them once until they're wounded again, and even then First Aid can only mend the wounds caused by that new source of damage. The utility of Master Chirurgeon has also been impacted, though it's still a useful talent, though Hardy is now far less useful. While the squad is out in the field becoming Heavily Injured is simply no longer that big a deal.
  9. I've given comrades a less powerful version of the standard IG soldier statline with regimental modifications though, in game, they usually work as they're written in the rules, following their buddy/PC unless specifically told to do otherwise. If they ever have to act alone I'll use the stat block and when one of them ends up getting hit I think I'll use mook rules; they can take two wounding hits, a single dose of 10+ damage will kill them instantly and any critical hits will take them out instantly as well, though depending on the critical result they might recover into a wounded state after combat is over, need medical attention to be saved or outright killed. I've also given each a little personality to tie them to their corresponding PC and make them seems specifically like their buddy to tie into the mechanics. The weapon spec's comrade banters with him and is an even more violent person than the PC himself, the operator's one is a composed chap who responds with barely suppressed panic when the lunatic gets her hands on a vehicle, the traumatised veteran sergeant gets an naive youngster with a go-get'em attitude who he needs to look out for, etc. They largely shut up when the players are talking between themselves, though I do occasionally use them to make observations about a situation, probe a PC for a reaction or, rarely, directly question them.
  10. Where does it say that? That's insane.
  11. Sounds good to me too. 300xp isn't an small amount, and with the TBx2 limit in place for how many times you can take Sound Constitution you won't get weedy specialities bulking out unless they sink even more XP into boosting their Toughness.
  12. I suspect the outrage and disbelief in this thread are the exact reactions that House Gibrahan wished to provoke when it acquired all those lovely Land Raiders.
  13. I've been thinking the same thing. Even taking an initial +5 boost in a characteristic you've not got both aptitudes for is hideously expensive. The only reason I can see for the costs to be the way they are is to advocate hyper specialisation since the double aptitude advances are so cheap in comparison, which will surely make characters from the same speciality quite homogenous.
  14. I imagine most GMs will rule that certain weapons destroy cover more thoroughly than just punching a single hole through it. That said, some rules may be nice. Maybe if an attack does double a piece of cover's AP after reduction it's totally destroyed? That way fragile stuff will get shredded by a solid hit, wheras plasteel will hold up well for the first few hits but be susceptible to instant destruction once it's been weakened. Talking of cover, I noticed that characters taking cover get a bonus to their Dodge tests. Is this meant to be the case, stacking with the usual benefits cover provides?
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