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  1. I would have figured the Sparrow would feature here.... Given the pattern.... Monastic Book] Dragon, Dragonfly [Military Book] Lion, ??? (Tiger?) [Spirt Book] Phoenix, Centipede [Ninja Book] Scorpion, Wasp [Exploration Book] Unicorn, Fox (or Hare or Ox?) We're gonna be missing out on some of them unless they make another book or include other supplements like the mantis one.
  2. A single player variant would be nice, the distant suns idea could work with that, along with that co-op idea. An option to simplify combat, at the very least every round should include casualties, it gets boring if you have 8+ rolls of misses on both sides. A reworked player sheet that includes the defaults that you can then override with technology.
  3. Just ban CSS and any other OP technique, at least in this version schools still function if a technique or two is banned. And any player that whines about it: ban them.
  4. If anyone is interested in err.... being the site's guinea pigs to help me work out any issues, and determine any additional data points, PM me.
  5. What stats usually get tracked (besides, faction and victory points earned?)
  6. Is there a site that could aggregate cross-meta data of these games already? (If not how useful would one be to the community?)
  7. I think he was saying that the group dynamic heavily influences game balance. An obvious example contrary to his group are players that all gang up on whomever starts weakest, eliminate them, then go to the next. Another group might consider holding Mercatol-Rex a bid for winning, so it leads to games where everyone is positioned around an empty planet and the agenda phase may never even happen in the game. In the former military races may be stronger than in the later group which might benefit from military prowess, but might also benefit from movement | technology.
  8. I think it would be mechanically simpler to just have composure, and allow insults, and other bits attack someone's composure using the same mechanics as normal combat damage. As well, "strife" if it exists, the player should have the choice of taking Physical wounds or lose composure to keep that die. Or even simpler, you just have wounds and they can come from any distressful source, and expand the table to include loss of face or running away as an applicable option when you go over wounds.
  9. Keep in mind, the core set is perennial, FFG MIGHT do a Scorpion Coup, but the next year Scorpion decks will still be legal. I could see them having a few big events to move the storyline forward, but in the RPG and CCG they will still mostly be handled via options like a ronin version of Totouri, not blocking the player from still using the Core Set version. I could also see FFG representing big events like a Day of Thunder via a challenge deck.
  10. That's the problem, unless the setting itself is changed; losing face can equal dishonor, an actual outburst can mean death. From a gameplay perspective, nobody likes losing control of their character. I certainly like the idea of the anxieties, but they're too strong. They should be roleplaying hints, strife should be something that might cause your character's on to break but in a more subtle way, like smiling at person you like, frowning, sweating, etc....
  11. I'm mostly coming from the perspective of the cost/benefit of providing mechanics for the GM and players of the old RPG. The fact that they made a clear statement to assuage the worries of a player's favorite school not being in the RPG, it suggests its something FFG is putting thought to. Does it mean every school/faction/alt path/dojo will make it in? Probably not, but the likelihood that the original minor clans are included is stronger than say the Spider Clan; due to the earlier inclusion in the old canon. I could see Yoritomo's Alliance become a thing, mostly because the Mantis are very popular; I can't see why FFG wont eventually include them as a playable faction in some manner in the CCG. On the other hand, I'm not sure if the actual plot will happen in the same manner.
  12. Considering the fact that schools have significantly less unique mechanics than 4e, putting in a few sidebars and an appendix for the former timeline support is reasonable. - The core Mantis families existed as minor clans in 1E, (even the Wasp). - The Bat, Monkey, Oriole, and Ox were added by the CCG. - The falcon in the CCG joined the Crab, again maybe a sidebar if that changes mechanics. - The Agasha split into Tamori and Agasha (Pheonix). - The Hitomi/Hoshi schools. - .... and the Spider. So minimum support would be: - Including the non cannonical minor clans as GM options to put in a game. - Any rules needed for when a minor clan joins a great clan. - Rules for the Spider. Again presented as a GM option of "What if a bunch of lost form their own 'Clan'" - Rules for the Hitomi/Hoshi schools. - Agasha/Tamori could be handled by simply allowing the Pheonix to also access the Agasha family, and in the Dragon they are called Tamori.
  13. 1. Why not just have each family with the glory bit, and only have the rings/skills defined in each school? 2. I like how Rituals can be done by anyone, and the book makes it clear that most priests are not shugenja. 3. I like how spells are essentially just the same as kata|kiho|etc. And that some are specific to a school or clan. 4. I feel the need to want to test this with mid-tier and higher level characters, too many systems are built around selling the first adventure, but the real problems crop up in how it scales upward. 5. I dislike the soak roll. 6. There should be a narrative combat option, especially for games where less than half will be able to fight. Like something where the bushi roll tactics, the other players might assist. Strife in this sense might deal critical damage to the players. But the entire combat is handled in one roll. 7. I dislike the fitness (cough soak) roll. Combat in general can just bog a game down. 8. I'd half the thresholds for the critical wounds table, L5R was meant to be lethal, a single attack should be able to kill anyone. (Let the GM decide on scaling it back if they want to)
  14. Well, base TN to hit is 2. Some techniques raise that TN, as does Air Stance (to 3). You can also guard someone else, raising their TN per success. One suggestion I would make which I think would allow for some better scaling is if using Air approach for any action, you may spend opportunities to raise your TN for the round.
  15. I'm playing in a 4e game now.... katana's have that useful 1k1 void trick, but outside of dueling they are too weak, you always want to go for higher keep weapons. Though, I may be biased because only one of us has a school (Duelist) that really makes effective use of a katana. But techniques making katana use more effective.... is IMHO thematic to rokugan, BUT a Tsuruchi Archer or Hida with a tetsubo (or an Ono) is going to do a LOT more damage.
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