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  1. The point of the topic is: If I swap 5 and 6 on the D6 and 11 and 8 on the D12, do nothing else, does it mess with the mechanics? Then if I have roll20 setup where on the sheet, when you roll an approach, it lists the number of successes (i.e. x = 6 on the D6, and y > 8 on the D12), and then shows the rolled results. We can argue all day about rp approaches, but I doubt I can convince my GM (I am not the one GMing the group). I don't think I can change his style, he likes to run scenes where we get ourselves caught in traps by missing a detail. Like the old man who starts insulting the brash Yoritomo, who misses the heraldry roll, but our Scorpion passes it.... so when the Yoritomo insults back and gets arrested because "his papers are incorrect".... Or when our scorpion misses the fact that the woman making a pass at him is the daughter of the governor, and turning her down will eventually get him killed.
  2. One moment, how often do you do all this OUTSIDE of combat, and I include social combat. 80% of our rolls in 4e are Perception/Investigation, and Initiative. And AGAIN, I agreed that my first proposal would muck up the mechanics, hence all I am doing now is sorting the numbers of the die so all the successes w/o strife are near the top.
  3. Maybe you misunderstand, just because roll20 rolls the dice, and lists 2 successes, does not mean you can't see the full results, and tell the GM you'd rather keep a different set of die. I only want to switch things so its easy when in most cases I've found, you just want to count successes, and strife isn't worth it. Perhaps I want to give 5th edition a second try. Our first try ended up with spending too much time managing strife for simple perception / heraldry rolls. It's quite possible our GM likes perception rolls too much, I should point out.... in 4e he ignores movement, and readying weapons which also totally nerf the Matsu... and the Hare.
  4. Thanks, the main goal is so... unless a particular roll requires it, my group would rather not auto-keep any die that has strife on it. I could just swap 5 and 6 on the D6, this would keep the exploding success / strife, its just my group would almost never keep that die. And roll20 won't auto-explode on 5. On the D12 swap 8 and 11, this would again make it so I can have roll20 count rolls above 9. The end goal is the character sheet on roll20 would by default count successes without strife, to a maximum of kept die. Similar to how in 1-4th edition, it assumes you keep the highest die, but you can tell the GM if you want to change what dice are kept.
  5. I'm thinking of moving some of the dice values around to make deterring success without strife, i.e. simple rolls, go quickly. Roll20 lets people play online, but it also makes a game like L5R hard when in many cases all you want is a success/failure. So, the changes would be: D6: Blank, Opportunity / Strife, Opportunity / Strife, Success / Strife, Success, Exploding Success D12: 1-2 - Blank, 3 - 5: Opportunity / Strife, 6-8: Success / Strife, 9-11: Success / Opportunity, 12: Exploding Success / Opportunity Mainly this has the benefit of making a simple roll: 5 or 6 on a D6 and 9 or higher on a D12. And exploding behavior that roll20 can handle (highest die value).
  6. I would have figured the Sparrow would feature here.... Given the pattern.... Monastic Book] Dragon, Dragonfly [Military Book] Lion, ??? (Tiger?) [Spirt Book] Phoenix, Centipede [Ninja Book] Scorpion, Wasp [Exploration Book] Unicorn, Fox (or Hare or Ox?) We're gonna be missing out on some of them unless they make another book or include other supplements like the mantis one.
  7. A single player variant would be nice, the distant suns idea could work with that, along with that co-op idea. An option to simplify combat, at the very least every round should include casualties, it gets boring if you have 8+ rolls of misses on both sides. A reworked player sheet that includes the defaults that you can then override with technology.
  8. Just ban CSS and any other OP technique, at least in this version schools still function if a technique or two is banned. And any player that whines about it: ban them.
  9. If anyone is interested in err.... being the site's guinea pigs to help me work out any issues, and determine any additional data points, PM me.
  10. What stats usually get tracked (besides, faction and victory points earned?)
  11. Is there a site that could aggregate cross-meta data of these games already? (If not how useful would one be to the community?)
  12. I think he was saying that the group dynamic heavily influences game balance. An obvious example contrary to his group are players that all gang up on whomever starts weakest, eliminate them, then go to the next. Another group might consider holding Mercatol-Rex a bid for winning, so it leads to games where everyone is positioned around an empty planet and the agenda phase may never even happen in the game. In the former military races may be stronger than in the later group which might benefit from military prowess, but might also benefit from movement | technology.
  13. I think it would be mechanically simpler to just have composure, and allow insults, and other bits attack someone's composure using the same mechanics as normal combat damage. As well, "strife" if it exists, the player should have the choice of taking Physical wounds or lose composure to keep that die. Or even simpler, you just have wounds and they can come from any distressful source, and expand the table to include loss of face or running away as an applicable option when you go over wounds.
  14. Keep in mind, the core set is perennial, FFG MIGHT do a Scorpion Coup, but the next year Scorpion decks will still be legal. I could see them having a few big events to move the storyline forward, but in the RPG and CCG they will still mostly be handled via options like a ronin version of Totouri, not blocking the player from still using the Core Set version. I could also see FFG representing big events like a Day of Thunder via a challenge deck.
  15. That's the problem, unless the setting itself is changed; losing face can equal dishonor, an actual outburst can mean death. From a gameplay perspective, nobody likes losing control of their character. I certainly like the idea of the anxieties, but they're too strong. They should be roleplaying hints, strife should be something that might cause your character's on to break but in a more subtle way, like smiling at person you like, frowning, sweating, etc....
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