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  1. I think that the main reason that travel times are not discussed in detail is because the lay of the land is mutable. Most things in the Grimmlands do not stay in the same place forever. I think most kingdoms move round in the land like the Stray kingdom as discribed in the book but just not as often. In this setting travel times (as well as maps of the kingdoms) would become obsolite quickly. As an aside, if you are not going to make starvation a likely issue then keeping track of food seems to be more of a compliction than is nessicary and may detract of the game. This is just my oppinion as it is your game. Hope the game works out for you.
  2. It depends on the need of the story. If the story needs this much detail then yes, if not then no. For example when I ran Midnight because of the nature of the setting I had the players keep track of food. This is the only time in any game I have done this. In anouther game set in a modern time you do not roleplay cheacking into the hotel. As for travel, give as much detail as is needed for the story. If you just want the players to get to where they are going then just tell them how long it takes to get to where they are going with some minor details to give them an idea of the terrian they are traveling though. If you have something interesting planed then spice up the details. Hope this helps.
  3. I was thinking along the lines of having the first game start in the real world about like the introductury story in the Grimm book. Take the intro to the old DandD cartoon. If I were using this as my start I would have the game start when the PCs are standing on the loading dock watching their rollercoaster car pulling up or about an hour earlyer while the PCs were making their way though the park seperatly or together. My problem is the age of the PCs. Most parents now a days do not let their 9 to 12 year old childern on their own for very long ( that is if they are good parents). I do not want to copy the intro to the book but want to do something like it but I am at a loss as to how it should play out. It would allow the players to really think about the childrens first reactions to being trapped in a strange unkown land.
  4. My games with four to eight people with one expantion usually takes about four hours. That does not include setup or take down. Since we usually play at a store on game day I do the card seperation at home to save time.
  5. I have never played with all of the expantions at once because those that I play with do not want to because they think it will take to long. Could anyone inform me as to how long a game like this lasts? Our usual is about 3 to four hours with four to eight players with one board expantion.
  6. I am thinking of running a Grimm campaign along the lines of the old D and D cartoon, kids trapped in a strange land trying to get back home while fighting dark forces along the way. The primary goal may be in reminding Jack who he is. Unfortunetly I am at a loss of how to start such a campaign. I want to do the first story starts as how the kids got to the Grimm lands but I can not think of a way to start this. I would appreceate any advice in this regard.
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