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  1. RabidWookie said: ...only a few months later. I may be missing something but WFRP v3 has been out close to a year now, and the Guides and Vaults aren't yet released either. I generaly expect that for every market (housing being the exception) that if you wait you can get a better deal on something. Even new computer games you get the better copy due to patching only a short time after what you purchased. Even in role-playing games typically you have always had that if you are willing to wait you will eventually get the option of a packaged deal that is much more value for money. The wait is a risk though in that the game could stop being supported in the mean time.
  2. I'd kinda be careful with any agro style mechanics, because quite simply it's a way to give the players (and take away from the GM) control over how enemies react or behave. On a side note too the Dragon Age RPG doesnt have agro management stuff in it so far either
  3. You are unlikely to get a first career character in 2nd ed with a WS of 50, unless they are a dwarf. It's only a 1% chance of rolling a 20 for WS, otherwise you need a career with +15% advance to weapon skill and the only career that has that and +2 attack advance is the Estalian Diestro. Either way the character would still need to have spent 200 xp, effectivly 2 advances in 3rd ed.
  4. phobiandarkmoon said: Yes, halfling come from LOTR. So do elves, dwarfs, the concept of humans working with those species, the words for orcs and goblins if nothing else... Halflings are just as much a part of the setting as elves The terms orc and goblin come from long before Tolkien. As do dwarves and elves. Tolkien just used them but they are quite the staple of fantasy RPGs. Not that I'd go solely on the information in wikipedia, its a good starting place but there are many other references, legends and lore about as well.
  5. It would likely be worth it for you to look into the various online games that happen through things like maptool or play-by-post games. They have the advantage of being able to play with people all over the world while just being infront of your computer.
  6. Unicornicus said: Im curious as to why you are posting it here? this is for 3rd ed There is only one warhammer forum now.
  7. For arrows typically the quiver was for a dozen(12) or score (20) arrows. So having a 12/24 for a quiver isnt overly a problem. Do note a quiver could hold more (somewhere in the vicinity of double for storage capacity) but that made the arrows themselves alot harder to draw. Also a good rule of tumb for the length of an arrow is from finger tip to sholder (sometimes a tad longer but close enough) as that was the draw of a bow, so they are by no means a small thing.
  8. Armoks said: brumcg said: None of the careers are Advanced. All 10 are Basic. Wow... Now I feel a bit cheated. Like Necrozius mentioned I dont think its that big an issue, if I recall right all career advances stack in 3rd ed rather than the replacing maxmums in 2nd ed. Though if someone with the rules could confirm that it would be great.
  9. Rykaar said: Probably the most pressing question my group has regarding jumping aboard the WHFRP3 bus is what all will we truly need to get started? There are typically 4-7 of us sitting at the table, with as many as 8 including the GM. If we buy the base set plus this toolkit and extra dice, do we have enough stuff to make a go of it? Having to buy 2 core boxes is going to be prohibitive, especially since none of us have a way of really gaining much exposure to the game before one of us bites the $100 bullet. Also, does your career box you in for the life of your character the way classes do in D&D? I'm fond of more open systems where a starting "class" is really just boosted levels in certain traits, but otherwise the system is fairly open to freestyling your progression. I realize this question goes beyond the scope of the Toolkit discussion, but I figured I'd get both questions asked this way. Careers in Warhammer dont box you in you complete one and then can evolve into another, or even abandon the one you have and gain another. As far as I am aware 3rd ed is keeping this method in tact, but I cant say for certain as I dont have the rules.
  10. Boris Hochloff said: Loswaith said: Then why use that example of gameplay, as it portays a totaly different way to how you actually do it and is simply being derogatory for no reason other than to be derogatory. Since you were discussing actions not dice rolling, previous editions do have a series of actions you can use tactically as well, and you dont have to pay XP to use those. Well, I apologize then. Didn't mean to slam the old system as much as say how much better the new system is. I played the old systems for 22 years, and never thought they were bad. I wished for more tactical options with the first, got them with the second, and wanted more since A2+ meant over 95% of all remaining combat rounds consisted of Swift Attack. Anyway, in this version the dice pool used by a player attacking the same NPC with the same weapon will rarely be the same two rounds in a row, let alone 5 or 6. And this is HUGE. Always using swift attack is not realy an issue of the system so much as the player. Personaly I mix up my characters moves and often use feint and manoeuver to alot greater effect than just trying to whack something two or three times. The swift attack issues realy didnt start rearing their head enough to get into the forums for a a year or two after the game came out. To be honest the results will fade into oblivion and become the same once the newness wares off (once you have chalked up 100x the one effect it will become just as dull), however the cooldowns will force people to change actions round to round. Eventually players will set up a seemingly optimal pattern of actions anyway, and just loop them, causing the same effect as the swift attack issue, just over multiple rounds.
  11. I totally agree, and to play an RPG that way I think you miss alot of the richness and fun an RPG can provide. I just tend to think thats the way completly new people will aproach Warhammer 3rd ed, butthen its likely not too much of an issue since most of the time gamers breed (as in create through inroduction) new gamers.
  12. Then why use that example of gameplay, as it portays a totaly different way to how you actually do it and is simply being derogatory for no reason other than to be derogatory. Since you were discussing actions not dice rolling, previous editions do have a series of actions you can use tactically as well, and you dont have to pay XP to use those.
  13. 179 Listed locations Acording to the List. Though a couple had double listing with different webpages though same host location.
  14. It also gives them some additional tools for laying the smack down on the PCs. Or even tools allowing them to ignore the story telling. Its once again purely dependant on the GM. Simple fact a good GM will make a game look and feel good (reguardless of the quality of the system), a bad one can make a brilliant system look and feel crap.
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