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  1. Hey Gang, For those are interested, I have made up Runebound Character cards for the Descent 2nd edition characters. They are posted in the Runebound File section of Boardgamegeek.com. Enjoy! Judd
  2. I think we will see more support for Runebound in the future, but I'm sure a lot of it depends upon sales and fan interest. That said, there is a lot of great fan content, and I'd draw your attention to both the Fantastic Diversions website, and the Boardgamegeek website. Judd
  3. Hey gang, I just started playing Dust Tactics and am really enjoying it. That said, I'm also a fan of Tannhausser, and I'm surprised that no one (that I have seen anyways) has made conversions for the hero miniatures from that game. Seems like they would be the right scale and similar theme. Of course, if someone has made the stat cards for these models already, I'd love to know where to find them. If not, I'll probably begin tinkering with the idea, and post some cards once I get more experienced with the game system. Judd
  4. All of the cards and rules to play are now posted in a zip file over at the files section at boardgamegeek: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/65955/the-ice-king-frozen-wastes-adventure-variant As always, comments welcome. Judd
  5. The first "very rough" version of the rules is actually posted on bgg in the Frozen Wastes file section. The other files (including a revised version of the rules), 12 dungeon cards, 4 reference cards, and six new ally cards, plus new card backs for the dungeon deck... should all be appearing over the next few days with a little luck. Like all my dungeon variants its meant to be an EPIC experience which requires the heroes to do more strategizing and maximizing of their equipment in order to have a chance at beating the main bad guys. In addition to fighting a wickedly powerful white dragon, this variant offers the chance to both fight Warduke (a classic D&D mercenary type villian) and/or potentially hire him as an ally. I think people should have a lot of fun with it. Judd
  6. Just to clarify the above is a "Teaser Trailer" to my next adventure variant which should be getting posted over on bgg sometime in the next week or so. I've already submitted all the files so its just a matter of them getting approved. I'll post a link once everything is posted. Judd
  7. The white dragon Acessiwal is an ancient villain, well versed in the ways of evil and a growing bane to humankind. For more than a millenia, he has grown in power and his wars against the frost giant clans ended thirty years ago with his total dominion of the great glacier that covers the crown of the world. With wealth and power to rival kingdoms, Acessiwal has finally turned his attention south to the weak and divided lands of men. Thousands of lives will be lost unless a band of heroes can venture half way across a continent to the dragon’s lair at Coldheart Keep to put a stop to the beast once and for all. Cunning and ferocious, the self titled Ice King has already been the end of hundreds of would be dragonslayers and his lair may prove deadly once again unless the heroes can gain the trust of some unlikely allies, the dragons own traitorous henchmen and the witch Baba Yaga...
  8. My understanding of the vorpal sword is this: 1) In melee, you must declare that your hero is attacking. 2) You activate the vorpal sword. 3) You roll your 2 attack dice. 4) If you rolled greater than the enemies defense (but not double zeros) you hit and wound normally. If you rolled double zeros you kill your enemy instantly by snipping off their head with the vorpal sword. Hope that helps, Judd
  9. Great job JC! Of all the work I've done on Runebound stuff, I'm probably most proud of how the CoA came out for Isle of Dread. In my (not always so humble) opinion the CoA rules do a good job of working together some of the more disparate story and rule elements of the expansion and make it feel more like a collective whole. I won't say it make Dread the best expansion, but I think it goes a ways to making it a shorter, more enjoyable game experience. Your artwork on the cards is equally awesome, and my favorite to date. Thanks again, Judd
  10. Hey gang, Just to let everyone know, I finally got around to finishing all my work on converting all 21 of the Cadwallon: City of Thieves miniatures into Runebound heroes. The files for all the cards have been uploaded in the Runebound file section at boardgamegeek: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/62412/cadwallon-heroes-for... If you have any feedback, good or bad, please let me know. Thanks, Judd
  11. JC, As you know I am huge Runebound fan, and own all the expansions. That said, I have to say that Relics of Legend was a missed opportunity, as it has a lot of great ideas, but many of them are a bit dicey on the execution. Its one of the few Runebound expansions which I think could have used some more play testing, and would benefit from a revised edition. The banners being the biggest "miss" of any of the item cards to date.. That said, I think the set as a whole does have some pretty cool cards in the mix, and I am glad to have it mixed in with my base set. So... long story short, I wouldn't spend a fortune to acquire it, but if you can buy it for its retail price, I think its worth picking up. Judd
  12. JC, Having played CCG for years, I'm used to having multiple card variants for the same character. As such, I think I'm as excited about your new versions of the Descent characters as I was when I originally made my own versions. It just gives me a whole new set of heroes to play around with, and even better, I already have the miniatures painted up. Win, win. Seeing your versions also got me inspired to finish up some of the work I did at converting the Cadwallon: City of Thieves heroes into Runeobound hero cards. The first three heroes have been submitted to the files section on boardgamegeek, and should hopefully get posted sometime late this week or early next week, depending upon how much things get slowed down for the holidays. For those who worry about such things, it should be noted that the Cadwallon heroes aren't to scale with the Runebound heroes, but they are close enough that I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over it. Judd
  13. JC, I really like your version of the Descent characters. Very cool. That said, I did make a whole bunch of new Runebound characters a while back and posted them on boardgamegeek. This includes the 6 Descent characters in addition to the other heroes from the Runebound box art. Fort those who want to compare, go to: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/422408/new-runebound-heroes_from-the-cover-art Judd
  14. One of the designers answered this question over on boardgamegeek. He said they just block the exit, not the actual space so a ganger can walk through that area, he just can't leave the board from that space. Judd
  15. As someone with a huge boardgame collection and many, many titles from FFG, let me give you some recommendations for different types of games. Runebound: A great race/adventure game which plays wonderful solo, and is very enjoyable with 2-3 players. It also has a LOT of expansions which means you have a wide variety of stories to play through. Its been my favorite game for a long time, but thats probably because it lets an old DM (me) get a chance to play around at being the hero and I find it very fun to play solo. Its sister games; Descent, Dungeonquest, and Runewars are set in the same universe and utilize the "hero" mechanic in very different ways. If you have a game store where you can try each of them out (and Cadwallon for that matter) I would recommend playing a game with each of them before spending your money. I'd also recommend checking out the website boardgamegeek for reviews on all the games on this list, plus session reports, fan made content, etc. The more you research the games, the more likely your going to spend your money wisely. Arkham Horror: If you looking for a purely cooperative style game, and enjoy the Cthulhu mythos... this could be right for you. That said, its a lot of rules and its a game I would recommend playing before buying as most people either love it or hate it, and there is no guarantee which camp you'll fall into. Battlestar Galactica: If you a fan of the tv show and enjoy semi-cooperative games then this is about as good as it gets. Lots of excitement, hidden cylons, and just a really fun, fun game. Its biggest weakness is probably that it you need 4+ players in order to play. One weakness of the above game is they take longer to play than Cadwallon, with Arkham being by far the longest typically. Some shorter games with some action/adventure/excitement would be: Death Angel: The Space Hulk Card Game: If your a fan of the 40k universe or the Aliens movies, and your looking for a great game that plays solo or cooperative... this is a game you will enjoy. Citadels: Another card game where players compete at building the best medieval city. Through the Desert: Its an abstract game involving caravans and camels, but its also a lot of fun. Judd
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