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  1. Can I play an non-ice card in the ice area just for bluffing purposes?
  2. After todays FFG panel…I'd say the answer is 'yes' :-)
  3. Hopefully this will become a thriving community and if so, it would be nice if FFG put sub-forums in the Dust Warefare sections. It would be nice to have a section for general discussion, rules questions, a sub section for each faction, etc.
  4. I got on the online Quest Log today to look at my question summary, and it's showing a Microsoft DB error in the quest summary section. Hopefully FFG knows about this.
  5. For multiplayer games, I wish their was a way to link the entry in your quest log with the entry in your friends quest log to show they were the same game.
  6. I've subscribed to FFGs RSS feed so I see the latest news on Google Reader every day
  7. I heard rumored on BGG that it will be available at GenCon. Any truth to that? I'm looking forward to see if FFG puts a new twist on deck building games
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