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  1. First off, Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I had no luck finding it. My question is mainly in reference to "Shadow warriors" if I'm not mistaken (don't have cards in front of me) but the card reads something like "at the start of your turn opponent assigns 1 damage to a unit in their battlefield" (or something to that effect). If I have multiples of that card in play and my opponent has 1 unit with Toughness 1 is he able to cancel both due to the fact that they are dealt from different sources/2 separate effects or does this in fact create a pool of damage to be assigned similar to combat in the battlefield phase and thus allow him to only cancel 1 of the 2 points being assigned to the unit. Thanks for your responses.
  2. I was hoping that FF would have used the Lovecraftian theme when thay announced years ago that they were moving into the collectible minis based game genre and was sadly disappointed to find out it was Mutant Chronicles instead. Now I'm overjoyed that they have finally decided to do a game that includes minis and if they are very smart they will have already work in a way for them to be usable for both of their games. From the looks of it the monster bases have a slot to fit some sort of card insert, I only hope it allows for the AH tiles to be iserted and visible as well. I sitll think that FF has an amazing opportunity to put out the moster figures in a new distribution format. I have been so burned out on buying collectible minis games but I would gladly buy some prepainted monster boosters as long as they are packaged with the needed tile or stat info for both games. Players could really come up with some great custom monster selections for AH, FF could introduce new monsters without having to put out full expansions and depending on how MoM rules work they could be used with new scenarios (maybe even a new scenario book alla Decent). The market wouldn't be limited to FF board game players either. Call of Cthulu rpg players could find the figs useful as well. Having multiple markets for the sale of figs could only help the potential success of such an endeavor. Now if they decided not to do them in random boosters that would be fine as well I guess but then you run the risk of putting out packs that are more popular than others and get stuck w/ peg warmers much like what D&D minis recently went through. Anyway, just my two cents
  3. Harliquine said: In that case as long as a single damage is recorded then sadistic mutation would kick in. Unless, of course, you have a way to reduce that particular unit's power to 0 in which case its obvious it did not deal any damage.
  4. If a unit w/ Sadistic Mutation attacks and fails to deal any damage due to cancelation effects such as Toughness or contested stronghold will the mutation still trigger or would it react the same way as if the mutation were attached to a unit with power 0.
  5. My intent was initially about deck building and I'm sorry if things went in an "everyone thinks I'm bashing FFG" path. I'm really not, I love just about everything I've ever played from them. I'm sure I will enjoy this as well but just because I enjoy a game that doesn't mean I can't comment critically on it. I do have to thank you for pointing out the alternative formats of play and ultimately that was the kind of info I was hoping to receive. I was not aware that there was a "one of each set" format and I find that heartening. I honestly wasn't looking forward to having 2 extra sets of capital boards and stacks of unplayable extra cards, that's part of the reasons why I have limited my involvement in other collectable games. In that type of format 1 copy of a card doesn't bother me as the playing field is leveled for all players. Thank you for the info and I'm sorry everyone felt I was being unreasonably harsh.
  6. This is a game , right? A game no different than any other FFG that they produce w/ a caore game and expansions. I buy the core boardgame of Runebound and decide I want to buy the expansion card packs. Do I know what I'm getting? Do I have to buy multiples of the same expansion? In fact would buying multiples do me any good? Are the profits on the Runebound Core game and expansion suffering because players only have to ever buy one of each and FFG only really ever has to print one copy of each expansion per every Core ever produced at the most. There are many card games out there w/ expansions that contain card list that are set, this is nothing new, Munchkin, Gloom, Chez Geek, Flux. What set the LCG apart was that the game is designed to play like a TCG but sold as a standard boardgame w/ expansions that emphasized talent in deckbuilding and play. To make comparisons to other TCGs misses the point, its not one. The forefather to this system from a FFG standpoint could be drawn to Blue Moon. Each faction deck gives you all you need to customize and play that faction, I don't hear anyone at all comparing that game to a TCG. There is nothing prohibitive, from a production standpoint, for FFG producing these games just as they would any of their other stand alone games, any arguement to the contrary to me sounds like an excuse. The business models for collectable games and non collectables are not equatable.
  7. vermillian, Honestly putting out packs of 3x each of a 20 card set should not be cost prohibitive at all. That is 60 cards, a standard starter pack for any game out there, and even for the best quality printed cards will cost a player well under $20 dollars. No one is saying that you have to have a full playset for any one deck, the emphasis is on the creativity. If you have the full playset you may be more inclined to try a deck building strategy that may not seem to be obvious but ends up working great for you or quickly scrap one that doesn't pan out and try something else fresh. You may not be able to play more than 1 King Kazador at a time or need more than 1 Nurgle Sorcerer but if your strategy relies on that card being played at all during the game your going to want to limit the laws of chance from 1 in 50 to at least 1 in 25 or even 1 in 16.7. I just really wanted this format to put a noticable dent in the Collectible market and make a statement about the stupidity of rareness in game systems.
  8. I don't doubt that it will be very entertaining and a well thought out game. I will surely play the copy I have and will most likely enjoy it. The hopes I speak of are that I saw the LCG system as a response from those out there like myself who love games that allow for creative options but hate the chase of seeking out collectible playsets, where competion in a game is too often dictated by how much you are willing to shell out for a playset of rare/powerful cards/figures and then get stuck w/ masses of useless extras (in excess of playset numbers). From a stand alone, out of the box view I'm sure it's plenty balanced and boat loads of fun but I do recall reading something about the games being sold as playsets when FFG announced the LCGs to emphasize deck building skills and strategy not card singles hunting. Perhaps they were refering to the Boosters but I don't even know if those are full playsets either. I'm sure your not going to need 3 of every card but deck building strategy revolves around many factors and consistancy is a huge one. I may play a deck multiple time and never see a 1 off card that really links my strategy together. And because that card is a loner in the set, regardless of whether a rarity icon is assigned to it or not, it is a rare. To get extra copies I have to buy a $40 Booster (core) box that I know will contain another one, as well many other extra cards I won't need. This, in my opinion, makes it marginaly better than just buying 2 starter decks of any CCG to play w/ a friend. I had just hoped that FFG would have stayed closer to the Stated Model when the promotional literature was announced for the LCG systems, that's the source of the disappointment.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong here but I thought the fundamental building block of the LCG systems was that you purchased the game and received everything you needed to build your decks sans the new booster sets which themselves would contain 3 copies of all cards in that subset hence doing away w/ the need to chase after cards in random boosters. This concept is the major aspect that has drawn me to this game yet when I just purchased my core set I was very surprised to find that some cards have only 2 or even 1 copy provided. Were the other 2 LCG games like this? Are the cards that only have one copy considered "rare" or are you only allowed to have one copy in your deck? Will the remaining cardsbe provided in a future supplement? If not then I would have to say that I am already disappointed as the "no rarity" aspect was a huge boon in my mind, relying heavily on the idea that a good deck was built out of skill not out of the ability to buy 3 $40 Booster(core) boxes. Pleases enlighten me and tell me and tel me something to ease my concerns or I fear I may need to cease this game before I truly begin as I cannot afford yet another collectible game by another name. I had such huge hopes for this system to help reshape the gaming community.
  10. So since the site has changed I have noticed some content that was previously available is no longer there. Any chance that all of this extra content will become available in the future (for example the Penny Arcade Characters for AH). Thanks
  11. I was so surprised that FF decided to go w/ Mutant Chronicles as their big debut into minis games. I would have thought that Arkham would have been a no brainer. They would have had multiple markets built in right from the start, the base minis game it would be designed around, the AH board game and even Call of Cthulu RPG gamers. I can tell you that I would love to have minis for the investigators and the uglies populating my AH board. I really think they missed the boat on this one. Part of the success for minis games is the flexibility for mulitple uses and this was a line that already had them.
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