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  1. As pointed out earlier, the Dust figures are a bit bulkier than most model companies' 1/48 scale figures. I had some 1/48 equipment bits, but they looked too small on dust figures. Pistols especially looked out of place, like kids toys. I had better success with 1/35 equipment (pouches, holsters, etc.) items. And even then, a few things aren't "thick" enough. I bought some 1/35 .50 call guns from TASCA to swap out the .50 cals on my Allied tanks. (I didn't like that the ones that come with the tanks don't have grips on the back.) Length wise, they're about the same, but they look too thin and fragile compared to all of the other weapons, so I ended up adding grips and such to the Dust guns.
  2. Shinigami Ayl will be available as a blister in January/February.
  3. Mike Broadbent said: Now you have me confused Bexley; my Dark starter came with Cheshire and Shinigami Ayl. It orignally did; it now contains Bael instead of Shinigami Ayl.
  4. Nice work. I've never been able to sculpt, outside of the odd belt buckle or other doo-dad used to cover a joint. Mostly I don't have the patience for it. Plus, it takes away time from painitng, which is hard enough to come by these days.
  5. The only starter figure currently also available as a single figure is Bael, form the Dark Starter.
  6. 1. Go to the image in your photoalbum. Bring up the full sized one, not the thumbnail version. Right click on the image, and (this is for Windows; I can't help you if you're on a MAc) select "Copy Image Location." As an example, I selected your Astraega figure, which puts "http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp178/Mike-Broadbent/SaintAstraega001.jpg" into my Clipboard. 2. Go to the forum thread you want to post in, and when you're in the window where you type your post, you'll see a string of icons at the top. One of them (it should be the fourth icon from the right side) is a little mountain with a sun- this is the Insert/Edit Image icon. Put the cursor in the text editing window to where you want the photo to appear. Then click the Insert/Edit Image icon. (there are more advanced ways to determine where you want your photo placed so that text can flow around it, but they confuse me, and this way is easier.) 3. Clicking that icon should bring up a dialog box. Put the cursor in the field marked "URL" and press Ctrl+V. This will paste the copied URL of your image into the box. You can enter text into the "Alternative Text" field if you like; this is the text that appears if the image link gets broken (if you later delete the photo from Photobucket, for example.) For now, just move the cursor to the Alternative Text box. When you do, your photo should appear in the preview window. 4. The other boxes can be left blank- these are for advanced formatting, and for shrinking/enlarging the photo. You can ignor ethem, for the most part. One thing I have noticed is that the Lorem Ipsum placeholder text in the preview window can't be deleted. Don't worry, as it will not appear in your post. And that's it!
  7. And, to kick things off- a Derek Shezard I painted about a year and a half (or so) ago. I had said in another thread that I hadn't actually finished any Anima figures, but I'd forgotten I did a couple for demos in April 07. This was my first attempt at lighting effects. It turned out alright, and actually looks better in the photo than in person.
  8. I'm starting this thread for anybody and everybody to post pictures of their painted figures. Enjoy!
  9. Nice work. I hadn't even noticed that it was an original sculpt- I had assumed that just the ring of leaves/flowers was sculpted.
  10. Nice work! I really like the conversion work on Astraega. How was that done?
  11. Reaper's Master Series has a good range of reds and oranges. I use mostly P3 (Privateer Press), and with those, I would try a base of 50/50 Khador Red and Ember Orange. (This may require adjustment- I don't have the paints here in fornt of me to mix and be certain. It may require a slightly larger proportion of the Khador Red.) Add larger proportions of Ember Orange to the base mix for highlights. If you feel the shadows need to go a bit deeper, you might add a small amount of Skorne Red, or even maybe a little Sanguine Base to the base mix, but I would try to keep that to a minimum, as you don't want the red to overtake the orange too much.
  12. Well, if the trouble is posting them to your image host, then I can't really help you out. A lot of people like Flickr, but I don't use it (I just upload pictures to my own domain) so I can't really help you. If the trouble is getting them here, just clicking the "little mountain with sun" icon at the top of the post window will bring up a dialog where you can paste the URL for your photo.
  13. Even GW won't kick you out of a tournament for painting your miniatures in different colors. Though, they will do so if you use non-GW miniatures or parts of miniatures in your army. As for Anima, there are no "approved" colors for figures. I don't actually play (yet) and just paint figures, so it matters even less for me. However, I'm big on teams/armies looking cohesive on the table, so if I did paint up a force to play with, I'd likely give them all a similar color scheme.
  14. Referee said: Yep. Hope to get this and play it soon. An interpretation that might help with the shifts: To play a light card, you pay light, which means you have less light, which means you are darker, and thus you dark shift. To play a dark card, you pay darkness, which means you have less darkness, which means you are lighter, and thus you light shift. I think this is the way I'll explain this aspect. I was initially thinking something similar- you reap material gains by playing light cards, and thus you have spent some of the good grace you've earned for those material gains. Unfortunately, the reverse (converse?) doesn't hold up- you "gain good grace" by making other players' lives more difficult, which doesn't seem to fit that same idea. Though, I suspect it will all make more sense once I've actually played. I just read through the rules last night.
  15. Post a picture. Actually, I keep meaning to start a painting thread, but it would help if I had painted figures to show. I have many partially painted ones, but other things intrude. I am going to put in a concerted effort to finish my Alis Testarossa this weekend. Plus, the Celia CMON contest is coming soon, and so I will have a figure for that as well.
  16. Cipher Studios makes Anima, not FFG. Besides, it's fantasy. Maybe he's supposed to have two left hands. He could just be very very liberal.
  17. Yes... the figures come with their stat cards, and the cards for their abilities.
  18. Have you seen the new Celia? Best Anima figure ever.
  19. Critical Miss said: Sadly, we did have to kill JR to keep this whole thing authentic. Poor guy. Dibs on his parking spot! You could have at least waited until he paid me the five bucks he owes me. Now I will have to take it out of his corpse, and nobody wants that.
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