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  1. Eddie said: I should get some sleep. yep...
  2. MrsGamura said: <p>The only cards I have noticed that give Nightmarish x and Overwhelming x are...</p> <p>Madness Card ~<b>Necrophobia</b>, gives Undead Nightmarish 1</p> <p>Mythos Card ~<b>Strange Murders</b>, gives flying monsters Overwhelming 1</p> <p>Looks like the only monsters effected by these cards that already have Overwhelming and/or Nightmarish are the <b>Flying Polyp</b> and <b>Wraith</b>.</p> Guys, look at it from other side: for example, a wraith is Nightmarish 1 because it affects your brain or looks scary or whatever. If you have necrophobia, you fear all undead, so when you see an undead that already is Nightmarish, you are going to be twice as startled, therefore you will lose one sanity from the fact that it is a wraith and one sanity because you fear undead. So, I think the Nightmarish/Overwhelming values stack and the wraith has in that case Nightmarish 2, same with polyp and possibly other creatures.
  3. sooo......what 'bout this? Should we end it for good, or will we continue on these forums? or what? (for those that don't understand, it's from the old forum)
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