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  1. I guess this all makes sense, considering it's the Midway Station that is at the geo-synchronous orbit altitude (where you would be at the exact velocity needed to stay in stable orbit). Wouldn't that mean it makes more sense for ships to leave from Midway Station if they intend to stay in-orbit of earth? ie. Intending to get to Luna?
  2. Absolutely. Despite being based primarily in a universe made for FFG games, the world of android has a very rich background and unique elements that make it both different and exciting compared to other Cyberpunk universes. Personally, I find it a much more compelling setting for Genesys than the Realms of Terrinoth setting. Pick it up! You won't be disappointed. Also, the World of Android book fleshes out the world in much more detail. Both books are available in pdf format too at drivethrurpg.com.
  3. "After you use crypsis" indicates the triggering event - the moment after you use it. It is at that time you need to spend the maneuver or it gets damaged. If you have no maneuvers remaining, you either take 2 strain to buy a maneuver (unless you've already used two maneuvers this round) or it is immediately damaged.
  4. There IS a use for combat skills that does not result in killing or even harming humans. I've noticed that almost all starting equipment lists for the Careers have a lethal and a non-lethal choice, at least all but Soldier. In my campaign, the Bioroid character is a bounty hunter who started his life as a NAPD/Haas-Bioroid experiment in non-lethal cops designed to make arrests without risking lives. I guess it really comes down to: Does shooting someone with a synap pistol constitute "harm" to a human if it only results in knocking them out due to strain damage. I'm of a mind to say, as long as wounds aren't incurred, the bioroid is staying well within it's programming limits.
  5. I should clarify that the mis-displayed dates are only in the forum topic lists, not the posts themselves, the correct dates are shown there.
  6. I just noticed that dates in forum posts today are showing up as January 12, 2008. It seems there's something that is converting the shorthand 12/01/2008 into the twelfth day of the first month or something like that. In noticing this, I also noticed that posts from last month are all dated "11, 2008". It seems as if there is a function that is trying to convert the day part of the date into a long-hand month and returning blank if the day is 13+.
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