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  1. It was really good to see the guys from NYC and DC. I'm really disappointed at how my deck played all day. I'm not sure if I just got lucky in the 2 weeks I playtested with it leading up to the event or if I just had bad luck Saturday. But thanks to all my opponents for a good time. All 3 games were enjoyable experiences, even if I didn't win.
  2. Apologies. I accidedentally hit report instead of post. Congrats to Shives on winning the Joust. Nice to see 2 Targ in the top 4, neither KotHH.
  3. My plan is to blog updates throughout the event as time allows over at cardgamedb.
  4. Thanks for the TR. Congrats to you and Widowmaker on the deck. Seems very interesting. Are you taking a contest deck to Kubla or one of your own creations?
  5. Good to see Lannister making the cut and acquitting itself well. Congratulations on taking what is perceived by many to be a 2nd tier deck and making top 4 in such a distinguished field. Thanks for the TR.
  6. Congrats on finishing 2nd in such a distinguished field. Great TR. very entertaining and informative. Thank you.
  7. Congrats on winning the Regional! Fantastic TR, both detailed and entertaining. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Wish I was going to be there. Would love to play some commander. Any plans to return to Commandercast? Miss you on there. Will, why not some pauper commander?
  9. Awesome. May have to order a signed print.
  10. While I am personally a more libertarian guy in principle and thus appreciate Deathjester's philosophy of TO'ing, I believe a TO functions like a referee at a sporting event. He should be responsible to enforce the following of rules. If he sees a violation of the rules(passives being forgotten or ignored, key words forgotten ignored, etc) he should correct it. Now I know 1 judge cannot catch every infraction, but that doesn't excuse ignoring violations you do catch. As to other participants pointing out violations they observe in games they spectate, I completely oppose any observers influencing game play.
  11. A couple of the players from Claymont are expecting to make the trip, and we're both fairly comfortable with the rules and have experience TO'ing events. You should be ok.
  12. I hadn't played since GenCon, so I may not have been the ideal player to make definitive statements about the strength of the Val, TLS combo in a rush deck, but I don't think Bara/Rush is gonna be taking over the environment because TLS is no longer Restricted. As to Greg's point that other Bara builds can abuse TLS/Val, while any build that breaks the environment needs to be monitored, I'm not sure those other Bara builds are there yet, either.
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