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  1. Gaffophone said: Thanks a lot. With the french edition we often had tokens online due to the great activity of the community on the official website of Take On You. If tokens are now automatically included in the expansions, this is a really good news I was stoked when I got the McNeil winter pack last week. I'm very happy they put most of the TOY TofM in the expansions.
  2. Katsuyori said: This is very bad, indeed. But one could see it coming. It never sold well, right? I just SCORED about 13 unit expansions the other week for under $60 total. I knew then the end was near.
  3. I do not understand why they do not make the event cost $40, and the includes your starter set of the game and the share to GenCon? It saves people standing in line and missing out in the event or not getting the product.
  4. @Sundance IMO they aren't worth the $20 pack.....no that's not right...I don't think they will add that much to game play. I will pick them up online @ cheaper cost. My buddy Rod won (1) of the prepainted sets they gave away. They do look awesome painted.
  5. Well I played Tactics @ GenCon and let me tell you Tannhauser has nothing to fear. They had the new squad packs for sale but I'm a cheap bastard and I wasn't willing to pay $40 to grab them The good news is the troopers all come with new power items.
  6. I posted this in the news thread but this game ROCKS! The first thing I did on Thurs was to buy it then go play a demo. Just because it's a card game does not make it a push over. Every end game we played was close. It took us 3 plays before we finally beat the game. After I recover I might try a solo game this week.
  7. FYI...boardgamenews.com just posted some hi res pics of both trooper packs.
  8. spacemonkeymafia said: Well, if people did get their hands on the new rules, that might mean the full release can't be far away. Anything interesting in the new preview pages? The first 6 pages had the back ground speech From Gen Patton. It then went on to list Tannhauser and all of the expansions and what comes in them.
  9. StormKnight said: One of the local game stores has the rules in stock, another has them on the way and arriving next Monday. I just got a tweet from Myriad Games. They have them in stock and ready to ship.
  10. No they were the new ones. The had 6 new preview pages that were available for preview. I was going to buy them but when I got the link early that morning. I was still drinking coffee and getting ready to take the kids to school. I'm curious how many copies were sold before the plug was pulled.
  11. Well they were there this morning around 8 AM when I got the link but it looks like the file has been pulled. Hmmmmmmmmm
  12. FYI the new rules are available now for $5 in PDF from RPGNOW.com.
  13. I don't recall reading anything about the equipment changing. I also forgo that the tokens of the month are included in Novgorod. BONUS!
  14. I know we would all prefer to have the new rules by now but HELL I think it's better than the alternative. No game support at all. IMO we lucked out. The last time I checked the Take on You site it was DOA. I'm so excited that I went and picked up Novgorod last night. The fact that it was marked as clearance for $32 @ my FLGS helped too!
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