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  1. I used to visit the FFG website daily, expecting news on my favorite board games, or on new games, or new ideas for games. Now every time I visit the website, it's only about star wars. I don't like Star Wars anymore. I used to be a fan. I used to love playing rebellion, but the recent movies unmade all the love I had for this universe. Now I just can't. Sorry. Is this company only about Star Wars forever and ever? Is this going to be Star Wars board games company, or Fantasy Flight Games? Where are the expansions for Twilight Imperium 4th edition? Where are the stand alone board games set in a universe that YOU invented ? Do you still have any creative power at all? Now when I visit your website, all I can see is Luke Skywalker milking an alien.
  2. signed. This is where capitalism ultimately leads, all the time. However good their intention might have been in the beginning, FFG has become the same monster that capitalism makes out of every company. They have to grow more forever all the time, and that is bound to destroy the things that makes sense for them in the start. Let's look for the next small company that does things with the heart and leave this one behind.
  3. Yeeeesssss! This FAQ will be such a blessing!
  4. The misprint is in both... Does anyone knows about an upcoming FAQ/errata or something?
  5. I would say Yes, to me it doesn't seem like these rerolls are making your 10s unnatural. I mean, you could still roll less, so I guess it's just like rolling for normal attack, again. I wouldn't count rerolling as a modifier.
  6. Does anyone have access to the objectives descriptions for the Castle Ksiaz? There is an error on page 80 of the new rulebook, it's the crypt's objectives descriptions instead... I emailed FFG about this, but no answer yet...
  7. I have to admit I am really upset about the matriarchy in the revised rules... this used to be my team you know... now, Irina's Martyr ends up resurrecting her, how is that supposed to be any Martyr-ish? Even the flavor text goes against the idea of Irina coming back: "When one of their number falls in battle, the loss transforms the fallen into a martyr, galvanizing those who remain." Presence and Awakening do not combine, how mental is that pack if you can't Awaken, and how is the idea of being mental-less any compatible with the idea of an imposing Presence. Worse is the tesla coils. They are the most useless piece of equipment ever. How is a free retaliation of 1 automatic attack success to a melee attack suppose to do anything, since you get a shock roll against it? I mean, in the new rules, it's not rare to prevent 2 or 3 attack successes with a standard shock roll. 1 single attack success is in no manner a threat. Why not bring the old "cancel an attack success from an opponent's attack" thing? Too powerful? Maybe, but at least it's not totally useless. Tell me if I'm wrong...
  8. I went to the black sheep archive to download the vassal module, but the link seems broken, the page just keeps reloading. Have an idea what's happening?
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