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  1. Totally unrelated to anything anyone else has said, but I don't understand why it's necessary for Bleeder Rounds to have their own unique set of rules. Why no just give them something like Crippling (2) or causes Blood Loss.
  2. I'm guessing you meant "playing a non-AAT Sanctioned Psyker without houserules", right? All I can really do is repeat what I've said about all Sanctionees being members of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, and then possibly make an analogy to a Deathwatch player wanting to be a Black Templar Librarian, but I get the feeling that isn't really going to help either of us come to any sort of agreement on this subject. Agree to disagree for now?
  3. I understand where you're coming from, but I just can't agree with you here; ignoring (or even contradicting) the setting when creating mechanics just leads to a generic system with no real ties to its source material. In the end it doesn't really matter because individual GMs have free reign to do whatever they want regardless of what FFG publishes, but I feel if someone's going to pay money for a 40k RPG then it should at least reflect established 40k lore.
  4. I just want to throw this out there, but as far as the fluff goes all Sanctioned Psykers operating in the Imperium are members of the AAT. Heck, the AAT are the ones responsible for the recruitment, sanctioning, and training of Psykers, no other organisation is authorised by the High Lords of Terra to do this. The often quoted example of Imperial Guard Psykers are just members of the Astra Telepathica attached to a guardsman regiment. In the 40k setting there is no such thing as a Sanctioned Psyker that doesn't work for (or in the case of those now belonging to the Inquisition; used to work for) the Adeptus Astra Telepathica.
  5. On the subject of the Untouchable Elite Advance Package not making much sense; unless I'm missing something it costs 300xp and gives you nothing except future access to those talents. I wouldn't quite say it's crippling for a starting character, but it doesn't really seem like an effective trade off.
  6. The Memorance Implant on page 145 makes reference to the Total Recall talent, which no longer exists.
  7. I'd like them to keep the whole Wound Conditions stuff. I felt it gave combat a bit more mechanical flavour than just taking a wound. Then again my game group usually play on a white board so it was pretty easy to keep track of the different Conditions characters accumulated. Skills on being bound to a single Characteristic also made me happy. And, the omission of Unnatural Characteristics was definitely something I approved of. I really hope they done add it back in for backwards compatibility. I've never really understood why unnaturally strong characters weren't just give higher strength characteristics. As far a Characteristic cap goes; personally I didn't mind there not being one. Even if you wanted to min/max your way to 90 it'd still take 28000 exp (six-ish sessions?) to get you from a starting value of 45. And honestly, if your having trouble with players chasing a single characteristic and nothing else then I'm inclined to say the problems with they player and not the system. edit: Weapon stats being semi-reliant on Characteristics was also pretty nifty! Also, I did like they way RoF (and by extension Action Points) were handled. I think it's main failing though was when it was used in conjunction with the Wound system. Don't get me wrong, I liked the idea of how wounds were handled, but any system where being grazed by five consecutive unarmed attacks is more deadly than being hit with a rocket propelled .75 caliber explosive round probably has a few kinks that need working out. It'd be nice (although highly unlikely) if for DH2.1 Fantasy Flight tested it out on a different wound system, and if that failed fall back completely on Only War.
  8. B-b-but I already use Only War for my Dark Heresying. Oh well. I'll try to keep an open mind for when DH2.1 (1.5?) gets here.
  9. Completely different from the issues in original post, but still related to unarmed combat: In a system where the number of hits generally has a more detrimental effect than a single attack with high damage, doesn't giving unarmed strikes a Rate of Fire equal to someone's Agility Bonus seem a little crazy? For most starter characters, and human NPCs that gives them the same RoF as a Heavy Stubber. I know this is a pretty extreme example, but in my last game one of the PCs was all but killed by an unarmed novice Thug after he landed a lucky hit and dealt five wounds in a single round.
  10. My favourite thing about this update is how a non-Mystic psyker could still be a member of the Astra Telepathica, and yet remain completely unsanctioned. Hell, if you wanted to play something similar to a Templar Calix then you'd have to be running around completely unsanctioned. Regardless of what happens with the Mystic special rules, Sanctioning needs to be a part of the AAT background. Personally, it's my opinion that a psyker should be made to go through the Astra Telepathica if they want to be sanctioned. All psykers, even those stationed in the Imperial Guard, have to be trained by the ATT before they get assigned to active duty, so it only makes sense for that to be their background. Obviously there are exceptions, but these are rare, and the rules should reflect the how psykers would be commonly encountered, with perhaps a sidebar option on unorthodox sanctioning. I know these points have already been made, but I feel really strongly about them, okay?
  11. Sweet, thanks for the feedback! Yeah Agility based Medicae is definitely a little off if you ask me; I understand the reasoning, but mechanically it just doesn't seem right. And at the risk of sounding obstinate Perception/Evasion is still something I want to test out/house rule after the beta's finished. Yeah, that's what we ended up ruling it as, I just wanted to check with what all you guys thought. Definitely feel like it should be reworded a little though.
  12. So I've just ran our groups first game using the new system, and we're all in agreement that the new system seems pretty slick. However, we did come come across something that kind of got us stuck; the wording on Overwatch states that a character can declare that if anyone within their kill zone moves Overwatch will activate. So if there were multiple moving targets with the kill zone does this mean the Overwatcher would get their full Overwatch AP to attack each target? If yes would I be right in saying it's entirely within the realm of possibility for an Acolyte with a Heavy Stubber to empty it's full clip in one turn of reactionary fire (Overwatch for 4 AP against 5 unfortunate NPCs caught out in the open). Also, entirely unrelated, but I've noticed a few people on here commenting on the over-use of Agility when it comes to skill tests, and was wondering what people though to possibly using Perception as the Evasion characteristic against ranged attacks. I know Warhammer 40,000 isn't the most realistic of settings, but being able to dodge bullets never really settled quite right with me, well, not as a level 1 character at least.
  13. Drhoz said: How would you devise Endeavors? "Go stomp sum 'umie gitz, take dere stuf'? Yes.
  14. Targetlock said: Now as the head of the rebellion this messiah i'm thinking of using a traitor marine (renegade rogue most likely), for a group of lvl 5's will this be too powerful? otherwise i may have to use something else any suggestions? Well that entirely depends on what equipment the group have. I put my group of 4 level 5 PC's and some NPC guardsmen against three Space Marines (using the DW quick start rules thing), a group of mutants and an arch heretic. Of the four of them, only two were concentrating on the Marines; the guardsman with a heavy stubber, and the psyker with a Great Axe, one shot melta, a Krak Grenade and regeneration (and perhaps the greatest single feat of Epic to have ever graced one of my games). The others were too busy elsewhere: the teams tech priest did loose a few bolt pistol rounds at the trio, but to minimal effect, the NPC Guardsmen were facing off against the mutants (so no real advantage to either side there), and the assassin was too busy dueling against the Arch-Heretic to be any help. Fate Points were burnt, but the look of acomplishment on the players faces after they defeated the Marines told me it was totally worth it. So like I said it depends a lot on group conposition, equipment, and how often they are to actually use tactics...
  15. I hope I'm not too late to the party to chip in a few ideas. I don't really know all to much about the Dusk Hag or the Saynay cannibals, so I wont pretend to know what I'm going on about, but a thought occurs; Bladehate said: Well, the Dusk Hag could quite possibly be one of the Seven Devils of Calixis. Radical's Handbook, page 97. ... As the godhead of the Saynay, fighting her would probably involve destroying numerous altars and temples to loosen her grip on Dusk, before a final, climactic confrontation as the characters cleanse her final unholy sites of Worship. ... Bladehate said: And as a major warp power, I doubt she's constrained to one planet...unless of course she was bound there somehow... A twist on these two ideas; What if said temples weren't originally intended as a place of reverence towards the Hag, but instead a way of binding her to Dusk, put in place by either a Inquisitor gone radical and using his blashpemous knowledge to seal her there, or a darker power seeking to exploit her for their own ends... OR perhaps temples could originally have been a place of good, but over time the Hag has slowly corrupted their followers, the Saynay, in an attempt to free herself (possibly in a huge Xanatos Gambit, hoping that someday someone would come along and destroy the 'cursed' temples). The only reason I'm suggesting this is that I enjoy mind ******* the PCs; "Yay you succeeded in destroying the last templum, the Dusk Hag thanks you for freeing her, and says that because of this devotion she will be sure to spare your souls until last, before promptly disappearing..." Of course you'd have to hints as to what is really going on, which might be more trouble that its worth.. Well thats my two cents anyway... Hopefully I haven't screwed up the established cannon too much
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