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  1. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2214677/who-wins-combat This is the answer During a combat, the current player is the attacker. The patrol, contact, encounter card, job card or other player that the attacker is having a combat with is the defender ( P4 Rules Reference )
  2. Quick question, in combat against a patrol ship that is encountered because my rep is negative. Who is deemed the attacker, for purpose of determining who wins combat when the damage results in a draw? I can’t find it in the rules, who is the attacker? If you know the answer, where is it in the rules? EDITED \This has now been answered on BGG forum, thanks.
  3. I was pleased with the components I received, I’m on my third game and nothing has caused a problem for me so far, the card art is great and everything was clear for the rules. All cardboard pieces punched well without tearing. I had an issue where cutting in the past, it wasn’t done well at the factory and the top layer tore from the counter and I have to work some magic glueing it all back in place. However, nothing like that here so I was pleased.
  4. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, I played my first game (solo) today using the tutorial game as instructed and things were going great until turn 4 and I accidentally hit the done button on a section that I hadn't actually DONE, I didn't get a chance to even acknowledge what it was, I couldn’t find a way of returning to it, what happens? is the game screwed or is there a way I can get back to the previous screen? I've scrapped this current game but any help would be appreciated for future.
  5. I have never used music with decent but a few years ago I used conan the barbarian soundtrack, well some of the tracks anyway while playing advanced heroquest, played low volume it added a lot of atmosphere.
  6. If an ability or card stats that it ignore cover or cover is ignored it means a figure that would normally be able to claim cover, now cannot, so only one card can be drawn for defence. I can't even imagine how it could be interpreted to allow line of sight through walls. If so wouldn't that be an ability that ignores all terrain and walls?
  7. Hi, I would like to see development of an online Operations and missions editor, similar to descent. So we can share some home-brewed content easily and add to the two operations and 12 mission from the base game. Extra dice sets would be good. The extra demons already mentioned and along with them some extra counters like some more stun and portal counters, med packs etc.
  8. Thanks for the info, I have almost been playing it correct but forgot about needing 2 movement points to move into the demons space and claim the glory kill.
  9. Hi, can anyone confirm this for me I wonder if a marine takes out an invader that has been dealt enough damage equal to its current stagger value or more and manages to kill it, can that marine with enough movement points left, move into its space can he claim a glory kill? thanks
  10. I just noticed on UK Games Workshop "Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Bundle" at £105.40 ($131.6) - includes 47 Citadel miniatures, glue, clippers, brush and 13 paints, and undercoat. The figures are stunning. Perhaps FFG could also support the other side of the minature gaming hobby, with some paints/tools ect and look at the level of detail against GW or reflect this in costs. Just a thought, if players are returning to minature games of this nature from a long break (like me) or just starting out they will need a game and also the tools/paints. GW looks like they are offering this and at a great cost with their starter bundle. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/AOS-Starter-Bundle-ENG-2016
  11. I wonder where gw is going with this. Will they strike up a deal with another company to make games in their universe or start making games themselves or do nothing. Since gw and ffg they have made two of their own games. New edition of space hulk and warhammer quest.
  12. Are you sure about that??? Some friends I have in the business industry say otherwise because 10 years ago they did that only to close the same stores a couple of years later and give priority to online sales. I had read online that GW had moved stores into smaller shop that were cheaper and had a single manager running entire stores on their own to save on running costs. Maybe these changes were specific to certain countries, I am not sure. from http://www.iii.co.uk/news-opinion/richard-beddard/games-workshop%3A-denial "It’s just completed a multi-year store rationalisation program, relocating to smaller, cheaper premises, and converting stores into low-cost one-man operations. The strategy was a response to a period of expansion when higher costs almost completely stymied profit, and it successfully restored profitability at Games Workshop."
  13. I m not bothered about games having apps. I can usually design some way to play solo or coop with out the digital age. One aspect of software is at some point it will stop being supported and get left behind. If your enjoyment is relying entirely on the support of a app it will have a life span. Where as I have games over 25 year's old that I can still play with equal enjoyment from the first day I started playing them. I don't buy games that require apps to play for this reason, but welcome apps that enhance game play as long as they are either free or have a reasonable price.
  14. Thanks for the clarification, I missed the importance of the arrow and hadn't realised it counted towards the two actions per turn. Now rage is just a good card and not utterly sick as it first appeared.
  15. Just a quick question and I oppologise if this has been asked before I just finished playing 1st edition decent and now moved on to 2nd edition. Can I activate the berserker rage skill as many times as I can pay the fatigue cost in one turn and I have targets. If so, I pressume I can spend unused surges rolled during the attack to recover fatigue?
  16. It's really not like building a model at all. You don't have to line anything up or hold anything in place while the glue dries. They're made to plug in only one way, so just like they said in the video, you put a drop of glue on the peg, plug it into the hole, and you're done. You maybe have 4 pieces that just plug in together, I'm guessing. In the BattleLore core, the Chaos Lord needs one arm and the tail plugged in -- that's it. The Roc Warrior is in two halves that just fit together (unless you count its clear stand and base, similar to an X-Wing ship). If what they said on the video is true, assembly will be very trivial. I would be prepared for this and give the game a green light for me.
  17. I was hoping they would be like most decent miniatures and needing nothing doing at all. I have done the rounds with assembling and painting and if they have no assembly on small figures and limited on larger ones I might give this a go unpainted at first and see if I like the mechanics and can enjoy the game, which from what I have seen so far, looks interesting enough to try out, but will greatly depend on assembling. I have the skills to assemble and paint to a good standard, but have been at it for a long time now and I can't afford the time or get up the enthusiasm to start painting another army of figures, plus I can't spare the storage space for more figure boxes. I know a lot of you guys will embrace this full on and all the best to you, however I will need a game that I can put back in the back after each play, so I might be out on this one.
  18. I noticed from one of the videos released on the forum recentely that it was mentioned assembly would be required for the figures. https://youtu.be/snqXF9QoKLc?t=141 I am wondering How much assembly will be needed? and if anyone has any firm info on this. I have posted the video so it will link to the time frame when it is mentioned about the assembly cheers
  19. I am dreading if the minatures are going to need a lot of assemble, I bought Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins recentely and for a type of board game I was horrified to find I had tons of glueing to perform before I could start a game. I don't know of FFG ever releasing a game that required that amount of assemby and I hope that this one isn't going into that trend.
  20. Ok cheers for the info, looks like they did come in stock at my dealer in the UK and sold out within the week I happened to be on holiday. Hopefully they will restock soon. I will check every day from now on.
  21. Prior to the released app road to legend some lieutenants were on the reprint list and I believe was marked up as on the boat. Since the app release they have disappeared and I was wondering if that is it for them. Can Anyone confirm their status?
  22. I have reached an age now where I just can't afford the time to paint tons of models. I can can paint well, but I am slow and so I am one of those also looking for games straight out of the box. The more detail they put into these miniatures, the more they cost and the more time I have to spend getting the paint job just right, or I will feel I have wasted my money rushing. I guess these days my hobby is to play games instead of a hobby painting. If I decide to play this I will probably play it unpainted, but it will depend on assembly of the models. If it follows the trend of multiple parts that need removing from spruces and lots of cleaning and glueing I will have to pass. If it follows a trend of the small figures being fully assembled and just the larger ones needing limited assembly I might be interested. I started war gaming with WFB 3rd Edition, the models were lead and tin, no plastic in sight, we just glued to a base and tickled the mold flashing off with a small file and you was good to go, ready for the prime. Your lead army was heavy and solid, but no where near as detailed as the plastic kits that are around now. If on the other hand FFG released a deluxe version with the models already to go, painted and all, would be a better option for an old git like me, who has painted one model too many over the last 30 years. My last thoughts on this is a hope that FFG is not venturing into miniatures the same way GW and making their games portfolio all about miniatures. At this moment in time it does not seem that it is, but there used to be a time (many years ago now) that GW was more about the games and less about the miniatures. Long live the FFG empire as we know it today.
  23. I stopped painting miniatures a couple of years ago, but these look absolutely stunning enough to start painting again.
  24. Thanks for all the advice, I have started reading Beorn's Path and will try out some custom decks
  25. HI, Just started playing with the core set and have had a number of solo games, I've not played two player yet. I started with the first introduction quest and found it easy so moved on to the second quest. Not had much luck with this one and after 4 games I have failed each time, on all occasions the staging area gets overrun with location cards, and I don't have enough willpower amongst characters to be able to beat the threat. I've had a mooch over the forum and seen a few posts from peeps having the very same issue. Most advice is that solo play is more challenging and some will play with two decks (imitating a two player game) and some advise to build decks around this problem. I don't think I can cope running two decks, or like the idea of a deck tailored to beat the location overspill, it might be over focused on adding cards with lots of willpower, or those that add progress but I was thinking along the lines that the problem exists because in a two player game you have 3 extra heroes that provide a big amount of willpower to the game and when a quest is attempted you are only adding 1 extra card to the staging area. which is like 6 heroes combined willpower of 9-12 points of willpower against 3-5 average threat. and in a solo game willpower of 4-6 verses average threat of 1-3 just from the drawn cards. I was thinking of ways to try and keep the deck building element for solo play in line with the two player games and thought for my next game I play, to give my questing a little more chance when playing solo, I would try adding a hero from a sphere that I don't have any matching cards in my deck and not give it any resources during the resource phase. In that case the hero could quest,attack and defend but its sphere would have no input in the game, it would be like a neutral ally that you just happen to begin the game with and give attachments to. What do you reckon, would this be a fair house rule to try and correct the balance? or am I just completely missing something? I have very little experience with the game and this is all based upon my 5 games played so far, however if I don't do something positive I can see me losing interest in this game and moving on. Look forward to any constructive feedback Thanks in advance
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