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  1. The minis always look great when they are digitally rendered, but what you end up with isn't always great. Also I wanted to get on board with app driven games which is something we are seeing more and more with in board games. Its obvious that they do have a market in the hobby as so many are popping up here and there. But are they necessary to create a functional fun game? I'm no fan, but something that will work both ways would appeal to me. I think a massive market is being missed by designers and developers who make games that are useless with out an app, because there are so many gamers who will just skip these games by and look elsewhere for another game that doesn't. I wasn't long ago interviewed about the important of a solo option in one of my games and I answered with: that a game should be given as much audience as it can, a game that can be played solo is appealing to the who hobby, but one that can't is missing out on a whole other audience. I would add the same to app driven games. Give us an option to play the game with or with an app and your market has grown significantly.
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