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  1. Wonderdraft - like any cartography software, it's got its quirks. I was up and running quite quickly, and now that I know a few of the quirks (like how to quickly/easily get some variegated trees in a forest), I am enjoying using. I might also try Inkarnate too.
  2. I use something that makes zero sense, but it's been part of my design workflow for years. I use Curio on OS X. it's essentially a whiteboarding/brainstorming app for Mac. But it allows you to layer and create shapes, etc. I've been using it so long, I can quickly work these things up, rather that learn Photoshop or some specific art program.
  3. I've added my map of the northern part of the continent of Folenn. A teaser image:
  4. PS. Most content (like PDFs, etc.) are optimized for my tablet which I have handy at the table. a few folks on other threads have asked what my GM workflow is, so I thought I would share here. Everything here is for the fantasy game I am running, but I also have a workup for the sci-fi setting I run friends through (think cowboy bebop meets the expanse with splashes of mass effect & shadowrun). I work up sessions using Trello (awesome tool - especially for people who think visually), and I leverage the 35 Min Prep concepts in the awesome Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master. Essentially each area covered in the 35 min prep guide is a column or stack, with entries in cards. Here's an example of my Folenn Trello Board The great thing I've come to love about using Trello at the table, is I can click on an NPC card, or Monster card, or Location, or Encounter card and have the details right at my fingertips. For example, in a latest scenario they squared off mobs of Zombies and Skeletons and a Nemesis Necromancer. Since the monster cards I created are pngs (see below), and you can attach any number of images or pdfs to a single card, I can click on the 1 Encounter Card (say Necromancer) and have all the undead beasts as my finger tip.
  5. Hey gaming friends! Creating this as ground zero for sharing my content for my home brew setting—Folenn. It's a relatively generic fantasy setting. The genesis (ha!) is I started my kids with D&D 5e some time ago, but I've always preferred the narrative dice system, and after playing some Star Wars, they agreed it would be fun to switch. Anyway, this world is a cobbled together mish-mash of D&D tropes and peppered liberally with content and characters from some of their favorite fantasy books/stories. Anyway, I'll start adding links here to content that could be useful to other fantasy folks. Feedback is welcome! Note: All the art in screenshots I share are inspirational/springboards for my kids, and will not be part of the documents I share as I obviously don't own the rights General NPC sheet Continent of Folenn (North part of the Continent)
  6. Thank you! This is fantastic! I am in the process of moving my kids' game over from D&D and this has been very valuable
  7. Yeah! I saw that the other week! So glad it found a home and hoping we get much more in the way of settings & mechanics and other things to play with. I'm in the (very slow) process of working up two setting (one pretty generic fantasy, the other cowboy bebop meets shadow run meets the expanse) and will share when I have some good assets to pass along. I've been thinking of rejiggering the GM sheets for a v4.0 with some of the layout a bit more logical. Happy to take in feedback from folks if they have any.
  8. I've updated them to 3.1. Some minor fixes (Shield Bash, added magical implements that were missing, etc.)
  9. I really hope this isn't the only route; cards (for me) have very limited uses. I vastly prefer a textual document for this info, even if it's PDF and not print. I was an early adopter to WFRP v3 and initially loved the cards, but designing sessions and campaigns using the cards was a nightmare; it wasn't until their collected bestiary came out that things got easier. Cards work okay if I pre-stage a few of them for that session, but in terms of developing or writing content, it's so much easier to have a textual document. Even if it's Terrinoth where those stats are scattered everywhere (which I also found frustrating from a design/development POV, but it was still better than thumbing through cards and flipping back and forth). That said, I would LOVE to have a Tannhauser sourcebook/material. Stuff on setting, vehicles, gear, and a plethora of thematic minions/rivals/nemesis!
  10. Just a note that I've updated my sheets. Cleaned up the layout a bit, standardized a few things, fixed some errors etc. Grab it up in the OP. Sad as I am to hear the news they're closing down their RPG line and this likely means the demise of Genesys, I love the mechanics and plan to keep writing for this system.
  11. Yeah, I never got around to actually running anything with it. I also really dug the House Creation stuff. I also appreciated that you could start with various level of experience through tradeoffs, so you could have a very learned maester or skilled swordsman at the outset, but their fate was less... flexible. That, and I liked the outline of their mass combat system; the leadership actions and the veterancy model.
  12. Finally getting around to running a force heavy group, and this has saved me a ton of work. THANK YOU!
  13. I've been toying with converting the system from ASOIAF RPG green ronin put out years ago. It's fantasy-medieval based, but it accounts for leadership, formation, tactics and unit veterancy quite nicely. I imagine it could also be adapted to fit modern & sci-fi combat as well. As I recall, it also had a decent mechanism for zooming in on the battle to focus on a specific PC's actions/heroics/leadership and then zoom out to the unit level.
  14. Just updated the sheets with Terrinoth + Beanstalk talents, and Beanstalk hacking.
  15. That's my reading as well; though it starts at Short range. But it seems odd to use Coercion in the middle of a fight to cause strain from what I assume is a verbal threat (since I assume use of the talent is to threaten the adversary).
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