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  1. Phew... it's been an AGE! Thanks @adairhammer & @RamMegiddo both for the corrections! Apologies that it took so long to get around to updating.
  2. I work these up with a few tools, the raw details are in a licensed Curio file type, which isn't supported by any other text editor that I am aware of. Your best bet would be to capture the text via PDF and format in your own tool.
  3. I just realized I never posted the updated sheet... which I've just done. No more writing animals.
  4. Shoooooot! Will update soon. Thanks for catching!
  5. Good catch! Will update. Yeah; I am not sold on the cost, but while multiple criticals allow you to add +10 to results, Precise allows you to move in either direction towards a specific effect. I don't see why it couldn't, but as "designed" it was tailored for a "fast draw" style combat encounter against a single opponent, and not to magically get the drop in any combat encounter no matter how prepared or numerous the enemies are. I cribbed them both from WFRP v3, so they aren't perfectly applicable in Genesys is my guess.
  6. HAHAHA! SHOOT! Thanks for spotting ? I'll update shortly.
  7. Updated! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qJ68EjAgJfqikpT1B_5f2UV7QHasxRj0
  8. Good catch! Will update this week.
  9. Friends! I finally got around to adding the critical injury chart. As always, you can find the file here.
  10. Since you failed the sneak, you were spotted/detected. But in his haste to attack he suffers a stress (and possibly a setback if the circumstances warrant it). I also like 2P51's idea of giving a partner a boost.
  11. One mechanically fun thing to do in group checks, is parcel the dice out to each player. A) rolling dice is fun! and B) you get to know which PC fouled up the sneak test.
  12. Just a wee update; I've been slammed at work, but plan on updating with the critical injury chart. Noodling creating a Terrinoth specific set of sheets too, to cover feats and related things. I don't think I want to rejigger the entire GM sheets to include that info.
  13. I ordered through FFG, and received my book yesterday. (In CA)
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