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  1. I can imagine the note on the cockpit windows: "You crossed me for the last time! I... tried to intimidate you in person, but you weren't here. Hence the note. So... be aware. Filthy scum. -Love, Villain P.S.: Sorry I dented the starboard exhaust vents when I parked out. But I'm not going to leave my insurance information. THAT's how evil I am"
  2. Get a clearer picture on the villain first. Who is he? Or she? What's their name, species, proficiency? Are they Force sensitive? What motivates them? What success did they have, what regrets?
  3. A house rule is a standing change to the rules. A ruling (like those mentioned in this podcast) as decisions you are making when you run and not necessarily a standing rule. Rulings do no affect someone's ability to use the rules as written. You are getting the two mixed up. But I'm done with you. Like I said, you asked people for their advice on this matter and then shot everything and flipped out because of their responses. Your replies to me are extremely and personally offensive, as I assume are your responses to other. I wish you no luck in dealing with your game. If you cannot take comments from people when you ask for their, I don't know what you are doing here. If you're going to throw everything back at people, may this player continue to abuse your game. Scooter, from my point of view, you are the one who's insulting and condescending. If you're really done, maybe you should just stop posting in this thread.
  4. Make it about the characters. * One of the characters finds out how cool glitterstim is (hint: it's really pretty cool) and must get more or face withdrawal symptons. Too bad there's only the load available they're smuggling. He should steal from it, yes. Who'll notice it's only 99 of 100 doses? Well, the Hutt crime lord and his pissed off henchmen, that's who. * Character's sister starts doing the drugs because her brother is so cool and she wants to be like him. Falls in with the wrong crowd, needs to get rescued. Still won't see the light. If you feel a little bit dark, toss in her getting ganked in a dark alleyway because she was high and pissed of the wrong Gran. Maybe her brother sees it but is just this second too late - maybe just that inch fast enough to hear her whisper how she wants more of the stuff * Character's aunt/niece/dad get's hold up in another dark alleyway by guys who need money for the next fix. PCs find the drugs they've been smuggling. Bonus points for Uncle Ben-ing the family member. * Empire moves in on them, catches them, makes them responsible for other drug smuggling operations they have nothing to do with. If you want to go dark, execute one of the characters (or have them being tortured with the permanent loss of a limb - cybernetic hands are all the rage in the Outer Rim). Make. It. Personal.
  5. I have some difficulties following your train of thought, so I will simply answer your question: If he wanted to create another character after the old one fell to the Dark side, that would be okay with me. Another Force Sensitive Character? Don't know. My aim would be to clearly lay out the idea of the Force and warn him about the challenging roleplaying aspects (including upping the difficulty for the entire group as they will be hunted by Dark Jedi). If he wants to take them on, I'd be happy to oblige. And no, I would not try to find a reason every session to railroad him into the Dark Side. I would be just as happy if he could resist the temptation and eventually arrive at the conclusion that the Force and Force powers in Edge of the Empire are a way to unlock a whole new level of roleplay - not ensure easier victories over your enemies.
  6. Kudos for "boyo". Feels just like a 50s Police Precinct. ^^ Nar Shaddaa Nine Nine. XD I like that, though. I'm certain the other swill sell him out very fast.
  7. Also, there are no stop signs, speed limits. And last I heard, also nobody's going to slow you down.
  8. That's another very good angle I haven't thought about yet, Ghostofman. I like that. Are you speaking from experience? And how would you deal with the rest of the group, presumably still "good guys"?
  9. I would appreciate this. Maybe I really need to talk it over with him and find out if he can recognize what a big roleplaying challenge this is - abstract it from dice and numbers. He is a numbers guy.
  10. I like the idea of going small and then ramping up. Let's say Benny kills the little kid. How much of a lenience would you give him in another, similar situation afterwards if the player conciously is about to decide to let the next one go because he fears the threat of the Dark Side? Discipline roll? How would you model the Dark Side already having a small (but noticeable?) grasp on him?
  11. Well, to be precise, I actually envision the latter situation. Benny is a player that is only vaguely familiar with the Star Wars university and sees the Force as a powerful character upgrade to do more damage and mind controller his enemies. He is not giving any thought to the metaphysical aspects of its duality. I would like to prevent a situation in which The Force is being simply being added to the character "because now he's a mage, too". But I would rather not have a four hour lecture of the nature of the Force until he reaches an understanding you can only have once you've memorized all of the important EU novels and all movies. So, yes, I want to show him the Dangers of the Dark Side but fear he will try to game the system. I personally think the temptations of the Dark Side is one of the most interesting aspects in Star Wars RPG, so I would really like to have it in my campaign. But I don't want a munchkin ala "Hey, only costing a destiny points to use dark side pips - no harm done!" in conjunction with a roleplaying ability that could use some improvement. //edit: Knowing my player, those dreams will not influence his playing style. We were in a Supernatural group where his mom got eaten in front of him by a hell hound, and I had to remind him at the start of every session that - yeah - should maybe be a bit less cheerful at the moment. I also don't want to flat out tell him "I think your roleplaying is not good enough for a Force Sensitive" - because I think that's not true. I'd rather teach him about the Force through the game, its system and the backlash of his decisions.
  12. Okay, undderstood. How would you, as a GM, model the journey to the Dark Side for the player? Let's say it's Benny, the not-so-competent roleplayer having fun with his "wooo force powers!" Jedi. Say, he jumps the gun in those examples. How would you - as a GM - show Benny that he's driving more and more towards the Dark Side?
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