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  1. I prefer the FFG game over Saga, mainly because Saga was a rule system originally developed for medieval gaming into which the Star Wars universe was shoe-horned. FFG's system was instead designed around Star Wars (though, yes, I realize it borrows a great deal from the latest version of WFRP).
  2. I'm working on a character right now and toying with a two shoto fighter. I like the idea of it offering either Accurate 1 or Defensive 1 depending on how you use it, but I'm not sure I could get the GM to agree.
  3. Well, Brawn doesn't add to the damage value of Lightsaber weapons like it does for Melee weapons. True, it doesn't add to the damage, but the higher the Brawn stat is, in conjunction with the number of ranks in Lightsaber skill, the more dice and upgraded dice the character will be rolling, correct?
  4. Looking through the rules, I understand that you cannot permanently increase a stat above 6 (Brawn, for example), but can you increase it above 6 temporarily through the use of Talents or Force Powers?
  5. Sorry, I should have been more clear. Starting out at Knight level.
  6. I'm building a character for a friend who wants a lightsaber duelist. I've got some ideas, but I don't want to overlook anything. He wants raw damage output. What would you build for a starting character and what direction would you go from there. All species, all Force Powers, all careers, and all specializations are open. The lightsaber at least for a good while will be a basic lightsaber.
  7. Are there any benefits to the Melee dice pool of a character when attacking from a ridden beast? If there are, I'm not seeing where in any book they are listed.
  8. Then why do they still show up in the Products page?
  9. Seems like these have been in limbo for like a year.
  10. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/99621-dangerous-covenants-off-the-boat-and-shipping/page-10 Scroll down to about the third or so post on this page.
  11. Are there any new weapon or armor attachments in the book? I guess if I have to I can wait until tomorrow when my copy is supposed to show up, but I'm just curious now after listening to the most recent Order 66 podcast.
  12. Okay, Demolitionist seems pretty straightforward, but what make the Enforcer and Heavy unique? I'm kinda hoping that the Heavy is a heavy weapons specialist.
  13. Is there a new Specialization in the book, and if so, what is it?
  14. yeah for sure... give me the name, career, species (male or female) and if you want a specific picture (character or background), otherwise i'll just track down a cool pic to use PM'd you Kainrath.
  15. Yes. It's time now to adapt the EotE rules engine to a fantasy setting and this is a good candidate.
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