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  1. So way back when, I was a very active Twilight Imperium player, active on the forums and a GM for several online games. Some may remember I GMed the "Imperium Gloriosum" game, which pitted the 6 finest players on the internet against each other (I know Mike_Evans was one, I forget the rest I'm afraid). Some may remember me from the old old TI3 forums (back when it was still FFG-run), my first post was probably in about 2003. I know I joined the same week as SigmaZero13 - how times have changed! But, now I haven't played a game of TI3 in over a year (maybe even 2), and it seems unlikely I'll ever play again, so this is a fond goodbye to the game I loved. If you recognise me, then it was good posting with you. If you don't recognise me, I'm sure it would have been. Either way, all the best for the future. Signing out, possumman
  2. There's no official ruling on this, but I'd be inclined to follow precedent and say you can't use the ability before the 'Claim Objectives' step.
  3. Indeed, this is confirmed in the FAQ: Q: For “elect two planets” cards, does each player elect two planets, or does each player vote for one planet and the planets with the highest and second-highest number of votes are chosen? A: Each player gets one vote for a group of two planets. The group of two planets that gets the most votes wins.
  4. Saar finished LAST? Wow, that's a big error on my part! Unfortunately I haven't been able to play a game in about 6 months, meaning I can't comment on the Winnu or any of the new races. I think "If I'm playing Yssaril, I expect to win" is a direct quote. I'm about 90% sure they were his exact words.
  5. From my memory of the extensive series of ti3wiki polls, the order went: Yssaril, Winnu*, L1z1x, Hacan, Jol-Nar, Naalu, Saar, Muaat, Sol, Letnev, Yin, Mentak, N'orr, Xxcha *Pre FAQ to alter their racial tech. If it wasn't that exactly, it was pretty dang close to it. I know for a fact that I have the top 6 in the top 6, and the bottom 6 in the bottom 6 (thanks to some PBFs I ran).
  6. Steve-O said: If the rulebook doesn't explicitly say to put a flag on it, then that's a very common house rule in my experience. If it doesn't explicitly say that (which I think it does), then it's the most common house rule of all time! In fact, I'd wager every single game uses it. How else are you meant to keep track of which objectives you've claimed?
  7. On a technical point, needing one less VP to win is very slightly better than gaining a VP. VPs can be lost through occasional political agendas, whereas this cannot. However, it's almost completely identical.
  8. I''m pretty sure 'empty' just means 'empty'. No stuff on it.
  9. I'm currently deciding whether to cancel an order and wait for September - definitely not worth it then?
  10. It's worth noting, however, that you do not lose the fighters until the end of the battle. Even if a carrier is destroyed during battle, its support capacity remains in the system until the end of the battle.
  11. Good races for new players are N'orr, Sol, Letnev, L1z1x, Mentak, Xxcha, Hacan.
  12. Dogma's question has been submitted for FAQ-age. I'd agree, they'll probably say no.
  13. Well no, I think the point is that 4 definitely isn't enough. They're a great value unit, and you're need to think about where you place them. The game's no fun is everyone can build as many warsuns as they want.
  14. Not heard discussion on SOs for a while - I think Regulator is generally acknowledged as being the hardest SO. I don't remember any mods though.
  15. Responses in bold. ragamoffyn said: Hi. I have a bunch of questions resulting from my first attempt to play this game. I searched the FAQ and rules, but couldn't find what I needed, so I'm hoping one of you can help. 1) When a carrier enters an activated system containing 2 neutral planets, can it unload ground forces onto both of those planets at once (assuming it is carrying at least two ground forces)? Yes, you can. 2) Does the fleet supply limit apply to a player's home system? For example, I start out with three command counters in the Fleet Supply area, but at the beginning of the game, I start out with quite a few ships in my home system. My assumption was that that system must not be limited. I s that correct? Fleet supply applies to all systems, including homesystems. No races start out with more ships than they are allowed to. Remember, fighters don't count. (Also Letnev and Mentak have special abilities, check out their race sheets). 3) Do players gain command counters only from the status phase, the Logistics Strategy card, and maybe a couple of other cards? I ask because although I was able to play only a couple of turns, I kept losing counters after each one. I would generally spend, say, 3 command counters during a turn on tactical actions, but I would only get two back during the status phase. I'm wondering if that is the way things are supposed to work, meaning resources will dwindle each turn if a player spends more than two counters (making the Logistics card much more valuable). You're absolutely right. You get 2 per round, plus any from logistics, and that's pretty much it. 4) I understand that ships within an activated system can't leave until it is deactivated (unless they return to it within the same round). But if I activate a system one round, can I continue to move ships INTO that system in subsequent rounds, while it is activated? No. You can only move ships into a system right the second after you activate it. To move more ships in, you'd have to activate it again - but that's not allowed. 5) Say during one round, I activate a system and move a ship into it. During my next round, I use the Warfare card to deactivate that system. During my third round, then, can I activate an adjacent system and have that same ship move there? Basically, I'm wondering if the ship's movement rate gets refreshed when the system is deactivated via Warfare. Yes, the movement is 'refreshed', as you put it. Once you deactivate a system, for all intents and purposes treat the system like the CC was never even there. That's about it. Thanks much for any help. Hope that helps!
  16. 1. It's one Command Counter for one tactical action. 2. You can move and build with one tactical action. If you activate a system containing one of your spacedocks, you can move ships into that system, and then produce units there. 3. Once you have activated a system, you can't activate it again until the Command Counters are removed in the status phase. Any units in an activated system can't leave it. 4. Spacedocks can't produce in the same round they are made. You can't wait until the status phase to activate it, because you're not allowed to activate systems during the status phase. 5. When you get a planet it is always exhausted, you need to wait before you can use it. 6. Let's say I have 2 systems next to each other (A and B). I want to move some ships from A to B, and some ships from B to A. I activate system A, and move in the ships from B. But then (next turn) if I activate B, I can't move in the ships from A, because they are in an activated system (and so can't leave). The transfer action lets you overcome this. I think the important thing to remember during games is to follow the part of the race sheets called "The Tactical Action", because if you follow it step by step then there's not too much that can go wrong. Hope that helped!
  17. Your first action of the round is 'moved' to before everyone else, not duplicated. So the turn order of a 4-player game might go: Production (with First strike) Leadership Diplomacy Technology Leadership Diplomacy Production Technology Leadership... etc
  18. Not to over-generalise, but Steve-O's time requirements seem a little excessive - we have played many games to completion within reasonable time frame. 8 player games do take ages, and frankly I wouldn't recommend them. Max out at 6 and you'll be fine.
  19. Twilight Imperium is definitely a great game. It combines space expansion, warfare, diplomacy and politics. There is variety between games as the galaxy you play in changes every time (player created, in fact) as well as various other standard components (cards, races, etc). Twilight is definitely a longer game. In your very first session, it'll take hours and you probably won't even finish (it's one of those games where the first time you play teaches you the rules), but a standard 6-player game will take around 7 hours. A length I've heard quoted is "1 hour per player, plus one hour, plus one hour per brand-new player" which is a reasonable estimate. It's quite long, but well worth it. My two pieces of advice before starting your first game - make sure a few people have read the rules, and buy the expansion ASAP. It doesn't change the mechanic of the game, but if you like Twilight Imperium the expansion does nothing but enhance the game, so you may as well buy it sooner rather than later. For better (and probably more convincing) opinions, be sure to check out www.ti3wiki.org/forum/YaBB.pl
  20. I second that. the expansion is an EXCELLENT investment. Don't delay, buy today!
  21. I would say use the SE strategies. That's not because of game balance, or good/bad - in your first game, that's not really important anyway. I say it because if you plan on moving onto them at some point, well they're no more complex to use than the vanilla ones, so you might as well. There's no sense in starting on one set, and just as you're getting used to them changing over. One thing I would say: - Follow LIKE GOSPEL the section on the race sheets titled "tactical action". It's a 7-part step-by-step guide which if you follow, answers 90% of questions about 90% of the game. Enjoy!
  22. The only options which are limited to you are "Pass" and "Strategic Action". They can only be done once. You can perform as many tactical and transfer actions as you like during a round of play (although obviously only one at a time, until you pass).
  23. No, anyone else can still claim the objective. The only restriction is that YOU can't claim the objective again. (Don't worry about questions, I asked enough when I first started out!)
  24. Our games also contain bluffs and half-truths, and we definitely play by the "you can say what you want" rule. Unless you turn the card over, your SO is protected.
  25. Definitely not. You may spend a PC as if you were spending a TG. Other than that, they are not the same as a TG (and so are not a tradeable commodity).
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