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  1. ok, wow, so I had a bunch of work to do over the last couple weeks and dropped off the radar for a bit, I didn't think to look back at this forum. In response to ZombieLenin, in terms of setting stuff, I played DoW, so from that i have a little knowledge, and recently I started the tabletop game, but I only have a couple codexes, so my knowledge is limited. However. I also have a friend who is a 40k fanatic. He is honestly a walking 40k encyclopedia, I mentioned the Rogue Trader RPG, unaware that they were more than a title for a book, and he gave me a speech on who they were, what they did, and their history in the tabletop game. So I have access to the information if I need help with setting/story. I did get OW, and partially because of the setting, I liked the idea that the players aren't super soldiers who can take down armies but regulars (as close to as possible in 40k) fighting in a horrifiic war. The second, probably more important reason was rules. I am a relatively new GM, and I was looking for a system that wasn't cluttered and bulky within the 40k universe, and from what most people around the forums said this system tended to be the most clean cut. This doesn't mean I don't plan to get any of the other books. On the contrary I do plan to get RT at the very least, the setting of that one is really appealing to me. Dark Heresy and Deathwatch I also am looking into, but right now I am a college student with a limited amount of funds, and at this time am only willing to put the money and time into one book. What it really hindered on was as a new GM I wanted a rulebook that wasn't overly complicated, I tend to lose motivation to run a game if that happens. I've run a session of a RPG, very little experience, and OW fit the bill in terms of ease of use primarily. I also liked the characters/setting, maybe not as much as RT but still very interested in it. I definitely plan to get RT in the future, but for now I will start with OW. Again I was suprised by the amount of replies after I had disappeared for awhile, but thanks everybody for the feedback! It answered all of my questions.
  2. Ok then, I'm gonna do an order of OW/GM Kit/Dice in the next week or so, and hopefully soon i can get a game running. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks for the tips, definitely leaning towards to Only War now. On a side note, Gaius, after watching your videos on Only War - which by the way were a great help, thanks - I noticed that you mentioned needing a d5 for damage. I knew that d10's and d100's are needed, but nothing else. I am a little new to GMing, so I don't have a a lot of dice right now. What kinds of dice are needed for OW? and how many dice would be a good amount?
  4. So, I am looking at getting either Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, or Only War. I've heard that DH is mission-based, RT is sandbox, and OW is well rounded. The group I was thinking of doing a campaign for would want just a little more story/adventuring than fighting. Right now RT is the one I am most interested in getting, because it can involve lots of different locations and stories, diplomacy and politics, but I am unsure because I haven't actually seen any of the 40k rpg's played. Any suggestions on which one would fit that type of group? Also if you think one of the other rpgs fits that group type feel free to suggest it, from the tidbits I saw about each of the games one of these three seems like the best choice.
  5. New article about leadership cards! http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=295
  6. Hius said: That's my question. Where do those pages go? what do you mean where do the pages go? the scenario pages? if you are talking about those they probably haven't finished them.
  7. here is link to new rule set http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/StarCraft/sc_bw_rules.pdf has pages 1-12, 18 & 19.(13-16 is scenarios, but I don't know what 17 is.)
  8. for those of you who haven't seen the SC:BG brood war article, here is the link http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=284
  9. Stefan said: Amazon always lables as they want to. If they have no information, it's all the same - the spaces have to be filled out. Don't trust them. oh ok, thx
  10. their isn't much new info, and the only place I can find selling it is amazon. my only question is why does amazon lable it as hardcover? shouldn't it be a box?(or is that what hardcover means?)
  11. errrr... its not me who painted it, I just saw the pictures a while ago and thought I should post them. I am thinking of trying, just need the right paint silvery paint.
  12. silenceindigo said: And are solo games feasible with this game? Any ideas how? solo meaning no other people? if so I have done it before. Many times. they will probably have you set out some units before the game starts if its just you, preset units.
  13. they will probably make a few co-op and a few solo scenarios
  14. here are some pictures of what some people did. If I knew how to change the image size I would, trust me.
  15. catch8088 said: Where can I read about the expansion? here is a small tidbit about it http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/38796
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