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  1. Not sure I agree with this. Reasons below, with spoilers from the first two scenarios.
  2. We've found FA to be fairly punishing on Standard, even after rolling through Carcosa with little difficulty. A split difficulty may be a good option to step it up. Keep the Standard bag, but use the Hard token effects. It's a good middle ground to add some more challenge without quite the big leap that comes from fully going from Standard to Hard.
  3. These are not design, though they are elements of it. These are actually good examples of what makes it worse - the game is dramatically simplified, with far fewer interesting decision points and moving parts. That may be more to your liking, but they're most certainly not improvements.
  4. Define "too much"? That line is highly subjective. For a mass-market game where the goal is to keep people playing (and paying microtransactions) as long as possible, going out of your way to pat the player on the head and make sure you never do anything they don't like can make sense. But as C2K mentioned, the idea that we're all doomed is baked into everything Lovecraft does. Arkham Files already goes a long way down the road of rewriting that, becoming more pulpy in allowing investigators to win against those impossibly vast horrors, albeit usually at great personal cost. Different games will cater to different preferences. AH (and LOTR) definitely skew towards games that tend to be harder and more punishing, for players who like that challenge. It's not uncommon for people to want to play even though they disagree with that - see all the discussions on people who want to remove the autofail token. But that doesn't mean that it's bad game design, it's just targeted to a different set of players.
  5. I... huh. If you prefer your games stripped down, dumbed down, and playable in 10 minutes while you're waiting for the bus then sure, I guess I can see where you're coming from. To each their own. But maybe let's see where the digital is 7 years from now...
  6. You mean compared to the physical game? Uhm... no, no it's not. At all. At best it's an entirely different game.
  7. The two views here are not mutually exclusive. You can applaud their willingness to change based on feedback while still faulting them for the initial lack of vision. The original design was painfully unoriginal - from the visual design to the gameplay changes to the monetization model, it was little more than copying a bunch of other games. Recognition of the limitations of that is good, but it doesn't make the original design decisions any less bad. Personally, the changes have me willing to buy into the game. Lump purchases with a set amount of gameplay is a lot more appealing to me than having to grind the same scenarios every day to fill my collection. My only concern at this point is whether there will be enough content to justify the cost. Designs like they started with cover for a lack of content by giving you a monetary motivation to play it repeatedly. Take that away, is there enough to make it worth the purchase cost? Remains to be seen, IMHO, but I'm at least interested now.
  8. This is about the only part of it that I like. Generally speaking, Arkham is easier with more players. But larger groups need more supplies, but have less overall. The end result is a balancing mechanic that punishes larger groups more. Specific elements still don't make a lot of sense, and there are undoubtedly gaps in how this gets applied, but overall I liked the idea.
  9. Had our first total fail and reset after Scenario 2 with TFA. 3 dead investigators. Ouch. In general I don't mind the increased difficulty. The one part I REALLY don't like so far is supplies. I don't mind them in concept, but you have to go into your choices completely blind. Some of them make fairly logical sense, but some make no sense at all, and the punishments are BRUTAL...
  10. I'll need to go back and re-read her story, but it seems like she's more opposing the cult than trying to get out. And it wouldn't be Lovecraft if people weren't making bad choices about the tools they'll use...
  11. I wouldn't have expected it from Father Mateo either, but...
  12. This is true for starting out, but gets a lot less so as you get the more expensive spells. They include large enough bonuses that you could reasonably start making tests at 2 WP, which is fairly automatic for her. I suppose this is possible, but I'd be really surprised. I don't think it would fit her character at all, or the Mystic class. It would also make her will ramp rather contradictory.
  13. Worth remembering her Elder Sign lets her pull a card back into her hand too. Obviously not something you want to rely on, but it does help the "Spend it early to gain WP or hold for that perfect cancel." Burn it early, build up WP with everything else, and get it back at some point THEN hold it for the perfect cancel.
  14. I actually like this, and expect that we'll start to see more investigators like this, Carolyn that theme to specific game effects. While it may annoy people who just want their favorite investigator to be all-around awesome, I think it's going to be good for the game that different investigators will reinforce different playstyles. The Willpower ramp will be interesting, but I think there are enough cancel options to power her up fairly quickly. It will depend a lot on her deck restrictions, as cancellation effects are rather broadly spread across the classes - Mystics only have 3, one of which is Level 2 only. But I also think it won't be a real hindrance even if the ramp is a bit slow. Her other stats are solid enough to contribute as an off-whatever until she gets ramped for her spells. Certainly faster and easier than Calvin.
  15. Gah, I did as well. I guess that's what happens when the poor guy spends so much time in the box.
  16. Payday also has an interesting use for everyone's least favorite Rogue. It effectively recovers most of the cost of Skids' extra actions - start a turn with 8 resources, you get 6 actions for a net 1 resource cost. Probably not enough to make Skids awesome all by itself, but it almost seems made for him as much as Slip Away is for Finn.
  17. I'm not sure why the timing on Payday is an issue. Is Jenny's extra resource less valuable because you can only use it next turn? How many times do you have a card you want to play early in your turn (like Emergency Cache) but can't because you drew an enemy? Isn't it nice to have the money sitting around to pump a test during mythos? It seems to be a wash, at best. While I do agree that playing Payday for that 12-action turn is silly, bonus actions are a pretty core part of Rogue gameplay. You should be able to get 4 resources out of it pretty much all the time, and more should be common. It's also a card which will scale up as the rest of your deck does - when all you've got is Leo, or you're hoping for a Double or Nothing/Quick Thinking, it feels limited. But later in a campaign when you've added Ace in the Hole, Borrowed Time, and upgraded the .41s, it's far less combo-tastic. Seems solid enough for 1 XP.
  18. The number of copies given out at the various events is probably fairly small compared to the overall print run. When compared to the overhead of another SKU - both for FFG to produce and stores to stock on shelves - the duplicate purchase for some of us is pretty minor.
  19. Disappointing that the alt art cards are the same as the GenCon ones. The dividers... meh. At least with investigator cards you won't have the same issue you do with the encounter sets being too small, but the height won't work for anything but their stupidly oversized boxes. The mat's nice enough at least, if a little bright for my personal taste.
  20. I factored that into the XP cost The numbers are to show the level of the card. I started it to distinguish the version of the .41, and then just carried it through the rest.
  21. OK then. Still trying to unravel this. If I'm following, you're using: Key of Ys (5), Leo de Luca (1), two .41 Derringers (2), Ace in the Hole (3), Borrowed Time (3), 2x Quick Thinking, 2x Double or Nothing, True Survivor (3), 2x Will to Survive (3), Monstrous Transformation, and an Improvisation. That's a 12 card combo that requires 36 XP (40 if you want the second True Survivor and Leo to help the draw, although they're not used in the combo) to get into your deck, and 25 resources. Did I miss anything? Oh... you need a way to get three horror on her, and enemies with at least 8 total health engaged so you can get all 4 Derringer shots off. It will also take 8 actions just to play the various assets and events, leaving nothing to make the attacks with. So turn 3 you could start your banking, and turn 4 you'd have your twenty-whatever actions. And that's just Lola's half of it. Minh's half is fairly tame, requiring only double Guidance, one Eidetic Memory, and two Cryptic Research. So you ONLY need a perfect 5-card opening hand for her part, although I suppose there would be some flexibility with a second Eidetic Memory covering some part of that. So Lola's chance for the draw comes out somewhere below 0.0025169%, assuming that Minh manages to triple-Cryptic her. I have no idea where the resources come from to play it all, and at this point I'm afraid to ask. Although amusingly, you have about a 50% chance of drawing a Crisis of Identity in that mix, blowing the entire plan straight to ****. Entirely possible I missed something in there, I'll freely admit that I wasn't really putting a ton of effort into this bit of fantasy fluff.
  22. No. Just because cards you control in your play area are in play does not mean that it's the only way you can control a card, just as it doesn't mean it's the only way a card can be in play.
  23. https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/7066/minh-thi-phan-two-decks-that-can-win-the-game-in-one-round-w-1.0 https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/7065/lola-hayes-two-decks-that-can-win-the-game-in-one-round-with-1.0 I took a look. These decks are not optimistic. Thinking we can solve world hunger, achieve world peace, and colonize Mars by dinner time tonight is optimistic. These decks assume things will go better than that. The very first step is for Lola to succeed at two Double or Nothing'ed Quick Thinking attacks by 3+ - with no other cards in hand, because she used them all to set up the combo. They also just don't work. The "in two" combo plan requires 11 resources from Lola and ignores the storage limit on Borrowed Time. It's an interesting mental exercise in what can happen if everything goes beyond perfect. But not much more than that.
  24. The full Founder's Pack for $47 should get you everything, but you have to be smart with how you do certain things. Mainly the Palantirs - they give you a card you don't have, so you want to buy all as much of the cheap stuff as you can first.
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