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  1. I much prefer Blinding Light. Hypnotic Gaze is more expensive, and will only save you from one attack. Blinding Light gives you a chance to escape.
  2. From my understanding it was not the distributor, but rather the company responsible for the Polish translations. Destiny leaked the contents of the SoR set, but already in Polish. We were lucky enough to get the English versions at least.
  3. They certainly could have. I expect any worries about damaging anything were overblown, and loosing the lawyers rarely does much to endear a company to its customers.
  4. Well, I guess now we know what it actually takes to get a mod into the forums.
  5. This isn't what he said. He said that by December SoR was already in production. At no point is the decision to do so linked to the preorder numbers. And it honestly couldn't be. Assuming that April was always the target, production on SoR had to start even before November. This also matches what he said, that they were "deep in production" by the time the popularity was apparent in December. The math on this isn't hard. If they started trying to reprint Awakenings in December, and it arrives in June, that's six months. Maybe starting he second line was harder, but he does also say that production has gotten better, so if anything it's probably shorter than the SoR print time. That points to starting in October or even earlier.
  6. Such a lack of imagination for what this thing can do
  7. Despite some obvious inspiration for certain mechanics, I honestly don't feel like they're even similar games, much less the same. I'm definitely liking AH more at the moment, but that's mostly because I love persistent campaign games. Well, that and we've been playing Battle of Carn Dum, which is highlighting everything I don't like about LOTR. I do still enjoy both, but for very different reasons.
  8. When considering the future of the game? Certainly. If this is a random too-powerful card it's a problem. If it's the new standard for power level in this set then we won't be talking about power creep, we'll be talking about how SoR has instantly mothballed Awakenings.
  9. The potential for the rest of the set to make this look reasonable is even more terrifying.
  10. First, this only applies once you've hit the limit, and if you're concerned about it you can easily override it. More importantly though, it actually INCREASES your damage potential by allowing you to resolve dice without your opponent being able to do anything about them. Activate/resolve. Reroll/Resolve. Play Use the Force then resolve. Being able to get your dice resolved before your opponent does anything about them is what makes Jango so powerful, and it's going to be a much bigger benefit than you'll get out of one more potential damage die. Yeah - those would be hero decks. Seriously, who doesn't include Tactical Mastery if they can?
  11. It's not Boba. It's Boba getting his butt kicked by Luke. Totally blue card art.
  12. Not strictly pointless - it would basically combo with any other special to say "Take another action after this one". That wouldn't have been great, but also probably not unplayable. This thing is... Honestly, I've never had a lot of faith in FFG's sense of play balance, but this is going off the rails at an alarming rate.
  13. This is fake, right? Someone please tell me this is fake.
  14. He says absolutely nothing about the preorders affecting the reprint decision. At all. The decision to move to printing SoR was set. They thought they had enough. That didn't change until the actual sales numbers hit. There was not even a consideration of a reprint in November. If you want to argue that they would have reprinted it if the preorders reflected the actual sales - fine. That's speculation, and you're welcome to speculate whatever you want. But claiming that the low preorders affected anything is utterly without evidence. There is nothing logical about what you're claiming. It's a purely hypothetical which is based in nothing. Would they have ordered more if the preorders have been stronger? Possibly. But that's not the same as making a decision based on the low preorders. There was not even a consideration for a reprint before December, how could it have been affected by the preorder numbers?
  15. That's not even close to what he said, or what I responded to. I mean, it's not like this is a game of Telephone. His words are RIGHT THERE. I'm not sure if it's just a lack of reading comprehension skills, or if everything goes through a "make FFG awesome" filter on its way to your brain, but come on... Edit: Look, I'll admit I'm very frustrated by this. The low preorder numbers have always been held up as a sort of mystical boogeyman that shifted the blame from FFG. Originally it was because the low preorders caused them to print less. The GAMA presentation clarified that the original print run had nothing at all to do with the preorders. Now it's somehow the cause of the late reprint - that they totally would have started reprinting Awakenings earlier if it weren't for the low preorders. Except that the presentation doesn't even hint at that. It's nothing but the apologists continuing to hold onto their boogeyman because otherwise they'd have to admit that FFG screwed up. And I continue to think they did. The print run size points to them trying, and that's good. But at least in my area, the playerbase doesn't feel like it's working off their biggest print run ever. They designed a game with a massive chase element to it, and did so intentionally in order to push people to buy more. IMHO they underestimated what that chase element would mean for the supply of the game. We'll see if they fix it with SoR - the chase obviously isn't going away, but maybe they'll print enough to cover it. Maybe. But in the meantime, we know enough to deal with the reality, and I'm tired of apologists inventing things to fit their blame-shifting. The presentation actually lays out things that put FFG in a pretty reasonable light - that while they could and even should have done better, their choices were reasonable. That should be enough without inventing things that are clearly contradicted by the very open presentation.