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  1. The Necronomicon moves horror directly to Daisy, you can't put it on other assets. Unless you just mean you can use the other assets while the book loads her up?
  2. It could also just be that someone seems to really like Daisy She was the one included as the promo with the first Invocation event a few years ago too.
  3. Agreed with the above - needing two tomes just to get back to even seems like a bad trade. The only plus I can see to the new one is that she's much more open on the deckbuilding requirements. Could be some interesting potential there but it'll take some work to find it.
  4. When you add for the full campaign you have the "for the remainder of the campaign" clause in there. Lacking that, agree with the others above that the bag will reset at the beginning of each scenario.
  5. Generally speaking, yes, although there are a few abilities or cards which will do it - Quantum Flux and Patrice's elder sign ability are the only two I can think of. Thanks for that, I was being lazy about it
  6. 1. a. You do as much as you can, so if there are less than X cards you just search X. 2. b. It doesn't miss the timing, your deck is never actually empty. Cards you're searching are still in your deck.
  7. Definitely. You should look at the standalone scenarios too (Curse of the Rougarou, Murder at the Excelsior Hotel, etc). They're generally pretty good and far better for one-offs than trying to deal with partial chunks of a campaign.
  8. Every scenario can be played in standalone mode. There's not anything that strictly requires you to play everything in a campaign (your game, etc etc) but skipping around will likely cause balance issues as you don't complete scenarios to earn XP or rewards, but the later ones still ramp the difficulty. If you have access to it, Tabletop Simulator is a good option even for solo play until life gets back to normal.
  9. I've never understood it this way. Advancing is a fast ability, which by definition makes it optional. Objective text doesn't change this unless it says so. There are a fair number which do say you must advance immediately, which points pretty strongly to it not being required otherwise. Edit: The distinction here in some cases is that you can't spend clues. In those cases it's a constant ability which triggers whether you want to or not. But if you have an objective on an act which requires you to spend clues, doing so is a fast and optional ability even if there's no "may".
  10. These boxes are not optional, they're basically requirements at this point. They're requirements because they weren't in the initial design. They easily COULD have been - it would be what, two paragraphs to have added Rookie and Heroic to the rules? They weren't, because they didn't have a good grasp of their own difficulty curves. So unless they waited for the next release to add something more - which would be impossible to retrofit into the existing product without forcing everyone to buy it - there was very little for them to do. Basically, they painted themselves into a corner and you're complimenting them for making the edges straight. Sure, boost cards add variability. But they don't do so consistently or honestly even that much. Upgrading to Expert adds a 2/2/3 to the deck. What is the impact of that on boosts? I'm not going to dig through and do the math but it's over the curve for Rhino (so some impact) but less for Klaw, who has a higher average. Heck, depending on the set adding in Expert could REDUCE the overall boost (unlikely, it would be a pretty insane set, but not impossible). Personally I find Shadows of the Past to be a worse-feeling mechanic, but maybe that's me. This has been discussed ad nauseum in other venues so not going to go into it here, but it's not really relevant. The point is that the bag provides a very consistent, very reliable, very smooth difficulty scale where Champions most definitely does not. What Hyperjayman says above, and you say in your reply, covers it nicely. When there are so many variables that interact so strongly that the result is "Nobody can really say what the difficulty of this set is" then something is pretty wrong with how the difficulty was designed.
  11. It's an option during a specific interlude, not a generally available thing. But if you're looking for a cost measure, there's the official implementation
  12. Forgotten Age prices it at 5 per trauma. I don't think that's unreasonable, the benefit of healing a trauma is going to be highly variable.
  13. I can appreciate the idea, but I'm not entirely sure that sharing around a nice big stack of hard-to-clean cards is the best idea right now. Nor is encouraging people to go to the post office to ship things.
  14. Those are because they're special rules for swarms though. And Victory is addressed specifically on Page 21 of the Dream Eaters campaign guide (only the host card counts). I'm in the "Zoey gets one for each" camp.
  15. I'm not sure about this. Defeat specifically says it goes to the owner's (scenario's) discard. And while not necessarily conclusive there are a number of scenario assets with "When this is defeated, remove it from the game".
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