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  1. Cards question : quick draw + ambush weapon

    Yeah, just caught that in the reply - got hung up on "multiple instances of Ambush" reply, applied it too liberally.
  2. Cards question : quick draw + ambush weapon

    There is. Page 18: A card cannot gain another copy of a keyword; it either has the keyword or does not have the keyword. So: No. The Holdout Blaster already has Ambush, so trying to give it Ambush does nothing. Untangling this one: Quick Draw: Play a weapon (Holdout Blaster) and Activate. Holdout Blaster grants an additional action. Activate Sabine: Play a weapon (X8) before activating. X8 grants an additional action. End result: Sabine activates, you have two extra actions. Remember that you can only overwrite once per turn. So in your last example you could play the Holdout Blaster to replace the X8, but then you'd have to pay full price for the X8 when you activate Sabine.
  3. Scrap Heap interaction with Gunray

    Based on our precedent from TIE Pilot, I think that Nute's ability won't trigger Scrap Heap.
  4. Rules: Mind Wipe

    Oh, blanking the additional health isn't something I'd considered. Probably not broadly applicable as most that do will be Elite (I'm honestly surprised the Broods aren't) but that's brilliant.
  5. Night of the Zealot Redux

    The other packs seem to refer to it by total count, not unique new cards (Among its sixty new cards, you'll find twenty-eight player cards, including four copies of a new weakness).
  6. Night of the Zealot Redux

    Unlikely. The player card count is probably going to be pretty limited, I don't think this will replace a second core.
  7. Night of the Zealot Redux

    Yes, the question was how many player cards.
  8. Night of the Zealot Redux

    It looks like the Arkham version of LOTR's Nightmare decks. You change out some of the cards and play mostly the same scenario over again, but typically harder. I don't think we have details yet on the other questions.
  9. Rules: Mind Wipe

    Bah, I was thinking it stuck. My bad on that. Still, disagree with some: The kind with a Guardian backing me up? Or that wants to keep the Athame? This can be a multiple-action swing. Sorry, Wizard of the Order - avoiding the Doom can be a big deal if you're struggling to kill. All depends on what else you have to deal with. Essex is usually tight either way, I've lost games to these things. Mystics are going to have a hard time handling 4 health if you don't have the right spell (and there aren't enough to guarantee you can always kill it). It's a decent option to get away and put some distance between you.
  10. Rules: Mind Wipe

    Not necessarily weighing in on the overall usefulness, but this isn't correct. Mind Wipe can be played at the beginning of any phase, so you can move to it during your turn and then play it at the beginning of the enemy phase. Generally, I think there are other uses: - Remove Hunter, which can often basically kill a monster - Remove Prey, enabling control - Specific opponents with annoying text that weren't mentioned yet: Conglomeration of Spheres, Avian Thrall, Wizard of Yog-Sothoth, Grappling Horror, Nightgaunts... If Mind Wipe suffers from anything, it's that enemies are generally easier (or better) to simply kill. But it's far from useless.
  11. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    That's not actually what the Golden Rule says. What it says is: If the text of a card directly contradicts the rules of the game, That "directly" is important.
  12. A thought: EMP and "Droid"

    "Can't beats can" rules are not the only ones which fall under this. They're an exception in that they will always win out over card abilities, but that doesn't mean the sort of implicit rules steamroller exists everywhere else.
  13. Rules: Mind Wipe

    The response from Matt linked above explicitly says it is.
  14. Question: Padawan + Blue Weapon + Destiny

    The problem with this is that the wording ended up more complex than what you're suggesting they wanted to do. If they wanted to make it everything, it's a simpler wording - "The cost of the card being played cannot be modified." or "Destiny refers only to the printed cost". Instead we get something that explicitly calls out only a certain type of ability. I think it's a stretch to say they meant for it to be all abilities, but then threw in an unnecessary reference to only a specific type of ability and completely forgot about every other ability in the process. For the reasoning, I think it's a timing issue - an ongoing ability is in effect at all times. So from the moment you pick that Lightsaber to play on the Padawan, it costs 2 instead of 3. But triggered abilities - even 'before' ones - don't go off until you play it, at which point you're past the "Select a card costing X..." part. But who knows? Timing is a little loose in Destiny, and FFG rarely gives us the nitty-gritty like this.
  15. Question: Padawan + Blue Weapon + Destiny

    Ongoing effects like the Padawan still seem to work. Triggered effects do not. Rather confusing, but it is what it is.