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  1. Been using Yorick for a while, and he's a lot of fun. Tends to get resource-constrained very quickly, and I think ends up playing far more as a Guardian than Survivor (at least as I run him) but his recursion is almost silly.
  2. If you're going to consider comparative strengths of cards (which is really what's important) common factors vanish. Survival Gear is a pretty awful 2-cost upgrade. Is it any better or worse than Vibroknife because it's also vulnerable to Inspection? No, because it's equal. You factor it out and ignore it. If you want to compare Vibroknife to a 3-cost upgrade, then "Vulnerable to Inspection" becomes a factor, because it's a difference between the cards and you now have to consider it. No card in the game exists in a vacuum. Every card you put into your deck is taking a slot away from another card, so every choice has an opportunity cost. Sure, there are ways to deal with Vibroknife, just like there are any other upgrade. But if you're trying to use any of the defensive options in the game, is there a question of what you'd Inspect, or Disarm? I run Confiscation SOLELY to handle Vibroknife. I know lots of other people who make similar deck design decisions. Nobody's going to burn a Disarm on Survival Gear, but I've had more than a few games turn entirely on when Vibroknife shows up, and whether I could get rid of it. There's not another upgrade in the game that carries that level of threat.
  3. I suspect there will be at some point, but nothing for now. Therapy: Permanent, Exceptional, Level 1. You may only select this upgrade if you have at least one mental trauma. Gain +1 Sanity. That'd fit the bill nicely, I think.
  4. This is all irrelevant. Everything that can counter Vibroknife will also counter any other upgrade in a similar class, so it does nothing to change Vibroknife's comparative calculation. Only working for half the damage in the game also isn't much of a limitation, since decks will use it or not based on design and by the time it hits the table it's not a limitation at all.
  5. This is exactly what happens. You can actually end up with 4 upgrades, you just immediately choose one to discard. There is no rule that prevents you from playing a fourth upgrade on a character. Uniqueness is not a play restriction. Page 19: Play restrictions sometimes appear on a card and are marked by the word “only.” A player cannot play the card unless the play restriction is met. This matters for cards like Finn which bypass play restrictions.
  6. My apologies for misunderstanding your point. This sort of glosses the point, doesn't it? Go For the Kill "affects ranged damage", so does that mean they're equal effects?
  7. Our area has seen a decline of Poe/Maz not because it's any easier to deal with, but because players are sick of it. It's a dull deck to play, and play against, and as the season has gotten later and people have gotten their goodies they've been more willing to try other decks. Nobody has any illusions that it's somehow less capable than it used to be though.
  8. ...and pedantic max-extreme straw man arguments are the order of the day. Nobody expects that every possible card will be exactly equal for its cost. But that doesn't mean that there is not a desirable expected range of cost:benefit that should be adhered to.
  9. This is actually my definition of "broken". A lot of people think a card isn't broken until/unless it single-handedly dominates the entire meta. IMHO, the trigger arrives earlier than that. When a card has an influence on the game which is completely outsized for its costs/drawbacks, then it is a broken card. This is actually easy to see by comparing Vibroknife to other similar effects. Put another way, I don't believe a card has to completely break the game to be broken, it just has to be completely off the scale compared to everything else in terms of cost/benefit. Vibroknife does exactly this. Its cost is on par with other upgrades with similar dice. Its "limiting" condition is trivial. It has no drawbacks beyond opportunity cost, and it's close enough that that doesn't really count. Its effect is massive, making not only shields but literally every other damage-stopping effect in the game irrelevant.
  10. Red only vs. everyone gray is irrelevant once you're in a game. Each deck which is going to make use of it will have the prerequisites for it, so the color restrictions are irrelevant by that point. Yes, support dice are generally stronger than character dice. But if that's a compelling reason, why haven't we already seen supports taking off? They're equivalently stronger today, so a single action to activate a character should be equal to a single action to activate a support. But they're not, because upgrades. I honestly haven't seen any of the supports from EaW which break this, but if they do, then they should be a better choice to get into your pool than a character whether Lead by Example exists or not. I don't think Imperial Inspection will matter either. Lead by Example is going to be at the bottom of the priority list for things to bounce.
  11. Lead by Example is rather underwhelming compared to what we already have. If you compare it to Wingman, it costs 2 instead of 0, does nothing until you can get a support on the table, and then activates one extra die instead of 1-5. In return you get a die that would be considered binder fodder at 2 cost otherwise. Sure, the ability was obvious, but it's still a very expensive upgrade to do nothing but save you an action for rolling a single die.
  12. Remember when it took an event to resolve a single damage die to bypass shields? Yeah, those were the good old days. Vibroknife is an idiotic design choice, plain and simple. It shuts down every defensive option in the game just by existing. Yes, there are ways to deal with it, because there are cards that affect dice. Are they uniquely good against Vibroknife? No, they're general options that you'd be forced to put Vibroknife at the top of the target list for. That right there tells you that it's broken.
  13. https://www.gencon.com/events/113656 https://www.gencon.com/events/113676
  14. I'll be the first to say that my opinion of FFG's testing, both internal and external, is pretty low. But even I have a hard time thinking that they don't test cycles with cards from earlier sets. You can pretty clearly see this in LOTR, as a number of mechanics are pretty clearly aimed at certain early power cards. Going back to test every cycle with the new cards... probably less so. If nothing else, gotta have a little power creep to keep people buying cards But that's what difficulty levels are for, right?
  15. We hit exactly this, and this is how we played it.