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  1. They're both great scenarios. I use them regularly for event days and as a way to warm up new players and test decks before jumping into a full campaign.
  2. Promo Characters

    They kind of did though, just in a different way. Lola takes it in her health stats, which are lower than anyone but Pete. If you consider Duke in his health/sanity, he starts at 16. That makes Lola unique at 12, which is 2 lower than anyone else (and 3 lower than Carolyn).
  3. Promo Characters

    This could actually be in response to her wide deckbuilding options. With solid access to three different classes she's going to have access to more stat boosts than most characters, so the lower stat line may be to account for that.
  4. Promo Characters

    You can't play a unique card if one is already in play, so you could only swap if one of them went down. Still, would be an interesting bit of flexibility for Pete, but it might actually do too much to cover his big weakness (losing Duke).
  5. Promo Characters

    I could see a different version of Duke with different abilities.
  6. Total Escape games colorado regional

    On the issue of cut to top 8/16 - there are guidelines, but organizers have discretion to change that as it works for them. There have been numerous cases where regionals have had both round counts and cuts which diverged from the guidelines. Whether you think that level if discretion is good or bad is up to you, but it is what it is, and you need to take it up with FFG if you have a problem with it. The rest of the incident... well, not sure that much more needs to be said there. Sounds like the OP didn't understand how the scoring worked, and rather than trying to look at the results tried to start a fight over it.
  7. Promo Characters

    And I'm sure that if Marie dropped in Carcosa two months after the book, the people who paid the $60 would be highly upset. If you care about play, it's really not hard to proxy - the images are all available, and you don't even have to make actual cards, just use someone else's signature/weakness and keep a printed copy of the actuals nearby. If you just care about having the actual card... <shrug> Sorry. If you care about play but aren't willing to proxy, then you're pretty much just punishing yourself for the sake of it.
  8. Question about Ursula Downs

    It's in the FAQ, 1.6, Additional Costs. Orne Library isn't the same as something like Searching For Izzie though. It's a text-based additional cost, while Izzie has a cost of two actions. Ursula says you may take an investigate action - this isn't any different than Daisy's free action, except in its timing bounds (and what you can use it for, obviously). You get one free action. If the cost requires you to pay two, I don't believe you can pay it.
  9. Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!

    https://arkhamdb.com/find?q=x%3Aheal+x%3Ahorror&sort=name&view=list&decks=player Also, a response from Matt on the "heals horror" question:
  10. Everyone who thinks the Key of Ys is broken should think that Calvin is OP as all ****.
  11. I think the first half of the carry is right, but I worry that he doesn't live up to the second half. By the time he's really rolling, you've probably got 1 or at most 2 available damage or sanity. Even apart from the obvious bad draw that can take you out, it limits a lot of other options - many chaos tokens will give you a horror, or make something attack. You can't absorb an attack of opportunity. Most of this can be mitigated with assets, but that's far from guaranteed. And once that bad draw happens you're on your way out, and not carrying anything. Even up until then, your team will probably still be required to provide a lot of support. "Say, can you not move Brother Xavier away from me? Please??"
  12. I think that may be a bit of an overstatement. He does seem like LOTR's Valor mechanic on steroids. Very high risk, but potentially high reward. You'll have to build carefully and completely to keep him alive once he gets built up. I'd actually be more worried about how to do anything with him in the early game. Even with Survivors' bag of "I don't fail after all" tricks, it's going to be hard to get effectiveness out of him.
  13. Key of Ys vs Hypochondria

    +1 to all the above explaining the difference.
  14. The Boundary Beyond

    I thought the same. Not one of the most impressive bits of art we've gotten.
  15. Dim Carcosa Clue/Doom issue

    I use these for doom... Single pack should cover all your needs forever, and the theme is perfect (arguably better themed for AH than they were for the original game ) https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Others-7-Sins-Corruption-Pack-/152776298976?hash=item23922d51e0 I've got replacements for clues too, but they came from Russia