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  1. Buhallin

    Location circles in Dunwich Legacy

    I submitted a day or so before I posted this - still waiting as well.
  2. Putting together my campaign box for Dunwich Legacy last night, I noticed an issue with the new locations. The various mix-and-hide locations like Train Car, Diverging Path, etc, have no circle icons in the upper corner. My versions of the original have an empty circle there. This obviously causes some issues with the "-and-hide" part. I've submitted something to FFG, but wanted to ask here too. Is this a printing thing? Did later reprints get rid of the circles on the base cards? The online resources (which basically means CardGameDB, since I think everyone takes the images from there) are mixed - Exhibit Halls and Altered/Divergent Path show the circle, Train/Engine Car don't. What's everyone else got?
  3. Buhallin

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    I would too, but can you really blame them for not? The more vague plans they share, the more likely things are to change or just not happen, and they'd get crucified for every little thing.
  4. Buhallin

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    This just isn't something FFG does. Assuming they did the first set as a trial run, they probably wouldn't have even commissioned the next to be written until after they saw how these did. It's been about 14 months since the first one was released. A year to write, publish, etc is pretty short. With as fast as these sell I expect we will see more, but the timeline will be out a bit.
  5. Buhallin

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    Not lasting long, but they are indeed back in stock in the FFG store. I'm sure the humble mea culpa will come soon. Or some moving goalposts, more likely.
  6. Investigators are like Cthulhu's Dorito's: Crunch all you want, we'll make more.
  7. Buhallin

    Return of the Awkward Shaped Box

    Straight into the recycle bin, sadly.
  8. This was probably my only complaint. It honestly felt like two completely separate scenarios jammed together, which wasn't bad in itself but made for a VERY long scenario, especially if you were trying to handle new players.
  9. They didn't put Curse or Carnevale up, but they also didn't have rules books - just the card inserts. Labyrinths they did, though it was the same. Guardians had an actual (if small) book for the campaign guide. I'm hoping it makes it up soon. At least we're not LOTR. They stopped putting up the PDFs for that about a year and a half ago.
  10. Buhallin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    It will let you bury an investigator's weakness. Especially in tandem with the upgraded Scrying, that's a fairly unique ability. Not sure it's 3 XP good, but it's not nuthin'.
  11. Buhallin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    The problem with this is that there are plenty of cards where the L0 is great as well as the upgraded version. You end up discounting those as well - think Peter, Beat Cop, Shriveling, heck, Strange Solution or Archaic Glyphs. You won't encourage the use of underwhelming L0 cards - you'll make good upgradeable L0 cards even better.
  12. Buhallin

    Worse than I Thought

    This would be a valid consideration if it had always been like this, but it's a new thing. LOTR managed monthly cycles for a good long time. It's certainly possible that something happened to dramatically increase approval time, but there are far more likely explanations.
  13. Buhallin

    Frustrating (looooooooooooong!)

    I disagree with this. A good example for me was the difference when Privateer Press first introduced Hordes. Warmachine is a resource management game. Hordes was described as "risk management", which is what Arkham is. You have to balance the resources you're willing to commit vs. the odds of success, which can rarely (though no longer never) be guaranteed. Is it worth burning another card or resource to cover one more token? Is it worth committing your entire hand to a test, knowing that you could still fail on that one red tentacle? Or is it better to conserve your resources knowing that you can try again with your next action, or next turn? When you have guaranteed success, all those decisions go away. You may not like those decisions, but that doesn't make them a bad game. I disagree with this pretty emphatically, at least for this specific example. Spoiler tagging just in case. (Note: Doesn't seem to like multiple spoiler tags, open to read more )
  14. Buhallin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    In any given fight between a pampered rich dude and a streat-smart orphan girl, I'd take the orphan any day. Wendy would totally stab him in the kidney and spit on his bleeding corpse
  15. Buhallin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    This seems backwards to me. Making them more capable in combat than their character suggests they should be, just because they need to function in the game, feels more game-y to me. Within the typical bounds of what does and doesn't make sense in Arkham and what you use resources for, Preston being someone who relies on his money rather than his own skills makes perfect sense.